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  1. Hi Volker, Indeed, solved the problem. Happy now :razz: Thanks. Well, there are so many addons out there. I do like the live-tracking part of your program Personally I was very glad when you added Google Earth support to FSCom. 'Real time tracking of AC and AI in Google Earth' seems a nice extra. :idea: Regards John
  2. Hi Volker thanks. This does the trick. Changed the Region\format to US English and all is fine now -:) This makes sense because every client-PC here is lokalised. The game-PC not. By the way, I am John from Belgium. FSCommander is great program. Any news on future developments? Kind regards John
  3. Here is small update. Noticed today that there is an update available on the website of Aerosoft. So: FSCommander V9.6 Rev1 (Build 16feb 2015) FSUIPC (V3.999z8) fs9 FSUIPC4 (V4.938b) fsx Results are the same as described above Installed it on a second client PC today with Win Vista Ult 64b SP2 and all updates Results are the same. The program works well when installed on the same PC where the flightsim is installed. Keep thinking this is network related problem. How is this possible
  4. Always used FSCom on my PC where the flightsimulator (fs9 & fsx) is installed. No problems there -J Recently I decided to go networked and install and use FSCom on a second PC. Wideserver and client are set up properly. No problems with FSCDbManager except a warning that only the FSim-folder is shared and not the whole partition. The manual clearly states this is only a problem when there is scenery installed outside the fsim-folder. I do not have scenery installed outside de fsim-folder and choose to ignore this warning. After starting the program on the client-PC , the aircraft location box shows up, checking/unchecking the ‘Airport names only’ works. After connecting to the flightsim , AI-aircraft and own position show up. Everything seems to work normally, however: -The program always freezes when checking/unchecking some options: These options are: 1-In the Windows/Option Dialog-box every option is selectable when these options are surrounded by a rectangular that indicates a subdivisions. For example on the display-tab of the Windows/Option dialogbox there are some subdivisions (Latitude/Longitude Liners; Land area; Font size map; Aircraft size; FS2004/FSX/Prepair3D; Altitude display; Moving map). Every option in these subdivisions are selectable. However there are also some options not surrounded by a rectangular (Decimal seconds in coordinates; Distance arc for Autopilot; Direct Connection with FS; Remember windows position; Remember GPS window position;sound at waypoint change; Focus back to FS; Open GPS and Navdata together). Selecting/Unselecting any of these latter options freezes the entire program. 2-After selecting ‘Show plan’ in the Flight Plan menu there pops up a window. Docking/undocking this window works. Within this window there is an option to select/unselect ‘High Alt’ and/or ‘Low Alt’. Doing so results in a freeze of the entire program Server PC: Fs9 & FS Gold Win 7 Ult 64b Wideserver V6.9.9.5 Client PC: FSCommander V9.6 (Build 15 january 2015), Aerosoft Download Version. FSCommander installed under c:\aerosoft\FSC9 and run as Administrator FSCDbManager V9.6Net (Build:15 January'2015) WideClient V6.9.9.9 Win 8.1 Pro 64b Any advice in this matter is highly appreciated -J PS: unable to download the document 'Vista and Windows 7 or 8 users please read.pdf' ' . All other dokuments in that thread can be downloaded.
  5. Okay , here is an update Thanks to Volker's reply by mail the problem is solved. I'll post the solution for my specific problem here. As a matter of fact, it turned out to be quite simple :) My flightsimulater is installed on a seperate harddiskdrive , and not in the default location in the program-folder. It is MANDATORY that you share the whole drive , and NOT only the flightsimfolder. When you do this FSCDbManager has no problems updating the airports over a network Please pay special attention to the below picture , where "U" represents the mapped drive-letter of the ENTIRE shared drive on the server PC. Below this letter you see the name of the folder where flightsimulator is installed. If you share only the flightsimfolder this line is gone. FSCDbManager will tell you that you have choosen the correct path and start updating, however it will not find all airports (Thanks Volker :wink: ) Cherio
  6. Hi Volker , just finished complying to your instructions. Unfortunately results are the same. I've sent the email with the logs. Hope it can be sorted out. Am I correct that FSCDbManager uses Netframework V2 to function? Maybe a new install of NET framework will help. Just guessing :roll: Thanks for your time John
  7. Hi, After initially running FScommander locally (on the Flightsim-PC), I started using the program on my second PC, which is hookep up in a network through a router. Installation is straightforward and during flight, FSCommander tracks my A/C allright (Just to point that FSCommander is installed oke over the network , I think). However I recently discovered that there were some airports missing in FSCommander. So today I decided to reinstall FSCommander. V8 (FSCDbManager80.exe), which I have to install first before I run the update, installs all the airports in FSCommander oke. Problems start after installation of upgrade to V8.4 After some investigation I found that the FSCDbmanager (FSCDbManager.exe) of this upgrade reduces all the files in the \FSC\Database\FS09 to a fraction of its original size (For example Airportfsc.old =4MB and Airport.fsc = 318Kb) So a lot less airports, ndb's,VOR's in FSCommander. It does this with all the files in \FSC\Database\FS09 The strange thing is that when I run the same DBmanager locally (on the flightsim PC) it generates all the files in the \FSC\Database\FS09-directory correctly. All airports, NDB's, VOR's are there. So the same executable has different outcomes, depending whether it is run localy or in a network What could cause this? (Network issue, OS problems, I really have no clue :( ) Would appreciate any thoughts on this Thanks in advance PS: 1-as workaround I copy all the files from the \FSC\Database\FS09-folder of the local PC to the networked one , and all airports appear in FSCommander :D 2-I 'll post this on the aerosoft forum as well 3-Just noticed today:Updated versions of Wideserver/Client and FSUIPC.DLL can be found on Peter Dowsons homepage http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html My Configuration FScommander V8.4.2-Build:171208 Aerosoft Version FSCDbManager.exe Product Version 8.04; Copyright FSC Team-S.W. Felix - V. Heine; Date modified 11/09/2008 8:40 (Rightclick-Details) 336Kb FSCDbManager.exe Product Version 8.04; Copyright FSC Team-S.W. Felix - V. Heine; Date modified 01/09/2008 8:40 (Rightclick-Details) 328Kb FSUIPC V3.85 & FSUIPC4 V4.40 (Registered) Wideserver V6.75 Wideclient V6.7.6.8 Vista Premium on FLightsim PC & Vista Ultimate on second PC. Both accounts have full admin right, UAC disabled and everythinbg run "as Administrator" Oh yeh and ...FS2004 & FSX
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