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  1. Hello Sascha, After testing AI Bridge thoroughly with FSC / FS9, sadly it's clear that AI Bridge cannot connect to a private server that has Login and Password requirements. As you said, something outside the FSC program is not running well - and it is AI Bridge that simply cannot successfully connect to the mutiplayer session because of the password protection. We have tested FSC / FS9 using AI Bridge when connected to a 'public' server without a password protection, and FSC displayed multiplayer traffic perfectly. Thank you very much for your suggestions, Regards, Dave
  2. Hi Sascha, Many thanks for the reply. I've just installed FSUIPC 3.9, and I have AI Bridge and the Readme. I'll make some tests again with my 'buddies' and let you know how it goes. Regards, Dave.
  3. Hi Guys, For some time now [at least the last six months] myself and a small group of Sim Enthusiasts have been trying to connect FSC to our Multiplayer Server which has a login / password in order to join. Unfortunately, after much studying of the FSC manual, none of us can successfully see each other on FSC when we are connected to the Server via FS9 Multiplayer [up to four of us has FSC and have been connected to the server]. We have tried using AI Bridge, but it cannot 'find' the IP for the server, it just repeatedly requests the IP for the remote session, even when the correct IP is entered. We can successfully connect to a 'public' server or 'peer to peer' session which requires no password and then use FSC to see other multiplayer pilots just fine. Has anyone successfully viewed multiplayer traffic on FSC whilst connected to a private [that is password protected] server? We have tested FSX with success - FSC displays all multiplayer pilots - but not when we're using FS9 . My system runs :- 1. (FS9) 2. FSUIPC version 3.82 3. FS Commander and Database Manager 8.4 4. Download version from your website 5. Operating System = Vista 64bit [Others joining the session use Vista 32bit or XP 32bit]
  4. Hello Volker, Thank you for your reply, I was mistaken regarding the functionality of FS Commander regarding multiplayer display. It was tested successfully last night on our server without the use of AI Bridge . Thanks for your hard work, Dave.
  5. Hi, Apologies in advance for making comparisons with FS Navigator, but one aspect of the FSNAV program was the ability to 'log on' to a private server with username and password. If this is possible to include in your FS Commander software then it would be an excellent feature in my opinion. Thank you, Dave.
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