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  1. Thank you very much for your fast answer! Following idea was behind my intention: If I could split the original A/P user interface from the underlying flight mode processing then I could make a generic (highly improved) autoflight processing that could be controlled from all available A/P's (that rely on the MS autoflight processing)! Existing autopilots and announciators would interwork fine with my autoflight processing. Is there a way at all to prevent the MS A/P from affecting the controls while stwitched on (incl. when fiddling various flightmodes)? Maybe as a future FSUIPC-feature? Thank you! Best regard Martin
  2. Hi, Many thanks for providing FSUIPC! I'm using the SDK and have following question: Using some offsets the controls can be decoupled from the joystick (310A, 3328-3337). 1) When doing this, is the autopilot also decoupled? (Can I have an activated autopilot that is prevented from making interactions by this decoupling?) 2) If yes: Is it possible to allow this decoupling also for the trim (pitch) axes because this would allow to decouple also the autopilot's vertical modes. 2) If no: Is it possible to provide such a decoupling? I would like to apply own autopilot control functionality thus requiring that the default autopilot stops interaction (while still being able to activate its modes). Thank you very much for your answers! Martin
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