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  1. Okay, so now I did a complete uninstall, and here I sit trying to re-install, but FSX will not allow me to install directly on the root directory, which is C\ drive. Anyone know a way to do this?
  2. Yes, I did. It is set up as noted except for the part about FSX needing to be under C drive and/or installed for everyone. I don't recall what FSX was installed under as far as only for me or for everyone, but it seems a shame that I didn't read this prior to buying. If the problem I have is indeed a case of needing to re-install all of my FSX stuff, then perhaps a warning should be put on the purchase page in the future that says something like "If you purchase this product, you will have to uninstall FSX, along with all of your add-ons, if it is in Program Files. If I would have known this, I may not have purchased it, as I don't enjoy paying someone money so that I have to do a complete re-install of my FSX stuff.
  3. Did a search and didn't see anything for this particular error, so here goes: While running the DBManager I get a Runtime error '75': Path/File access error. I have tried a re-install with all appropriate permissions (as admin) but am unable to get database to install. I am using Windows 7 x64 Home; FSC 9.0 (Build 2011-03-16); FSX is located in Program Files (x86), using FSUIPC4; program is only on this computer, not over a network.and when I run the DB MAnager it says I have chosen the correct path. Any ideas? Thanks, Tim
  4. Well, it was an admin rights thing. I re-installed with admin rights (could have swore I did the first time, but then again, age is making my mind slip more than it used to : )), and now everything works like a charm. Many thanks for your assistance. This is a great product, and I look forward to many flights with it! Tim Fox
  5. Hello, I have just purchased and installed ver 8.5 of FS Commander, and this is my first time ever using it. I like it so far, but have a few problems that I'm sure are the result of my overlooking something. First, I cannot get it to save PMDG or FSInn flightplans. I have the path for FSX set to c:\program files(x86)\microsoft games\microsoft flight simulator x in the options window, and the FSInn path is set to c:\program files(x86)\FSC\FSPlan\FSInn. I have tried saving several created flightplans, but with no success. Second, I am unable to connect ot FS. When I go into GPS - Connect to FS, I get the following error: "Unable to connect to Flight simulator Message # (no process response)." This happens when FSX is up and running. I have the Registered FSUIPC 4.4, and only use one computer/monitor (I do not use Wide FS). Last, I tried to create a flightplan via the "High Altitude Plan" button between LFPG and KJFK. I had the departure and arrival airports set, had the NATs downloaded and displayed, and inserted the NAT I wanted to use into the flightplan. I then pressed "High Altitude Plan" button to auto create the rest of the plan, but it erased the NAT and made a route across the Atlantic that was way south of any NATs. Do trans-Atlantic routes need to be created manually the whole way, or is there a way to auto create a route that will use a NAT of PACOT? Any help in this matter is much appreciated. You have created a fine product, and I look forward to using it to its maximum potential. Tim Fox FSX FSUIPC Registered 4.4 FS Commander and Database Manager version 8.5 download version from website Vista64
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