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  1. Jean-Jacques, many thanks for the info. I read thru the forum you suggested and i think I'll leave DEP alone.

    I have FSC running now after turning UAC off. I did reinstall into a seperate location [not into FS].

    Not sure if you can answer this question but I'll ask; is there a way to have the IVAO/VATSIM traffic moving

    in real time like they do in FSNav? At the moment they are static until an update.

    Also, If my aircraft is positioned at Heathrow I can only centre the view on Heathrow? If I try to look at [for instance]

    Stansted by 'rubber banding' the view goes directly back to Heathrow?

    Thanks again. :D

    Peter Jackson

  2. Ok, further to my msg below. I turned off the UAC in the Vista control panel and reinstalled FSC8.5 and the connection to FS9

    was successful. After turning the UAC back on the error msg re appears [no process response].

    I am certain that the issue is not having the option when right clicking the FSC8.5.exe file to "run as administrator".

    I installed the program with the administrator box ticked but i still do not get the option "run as administrator" from the

    .exe file in the folder or from the Icon?

    Peter Jackson

  3. Flight Sim Version - FS9

    FSUIPC - Ver 3.9

    FSC 8.5 with Database Manager 8.5

    Download version from FSC website

    Operating system - Vista 32.

    I have, for some months, been trying to use FSC 8.5. I cannot get FSC to connect with FS9.

    I get the error message: FSC cannot connect to Flight Simulator. Msg# (No Process Response).

    I installed the program "as administrator" but I do not get the option from the desktop icon to

    start the program "as administrator" [just like I do with the other programs I have loaded]. I think

    this may be the problem. I've uninstalled FSC and reinstalled it several times and I still cannot

    get this solved. Do you think not being able to select "Run as administratior" from the Icon is

    causing this? if so, how do I get the option to do this from the .exe file?

    Appreciate any help you can give.

    Peter Jackson

  4. Thanks....party's over though I'm afraid. As soon as I registered I get the error msg again?

    Something is weird. I notice now that the small shield [Run as administrator] that was on my FS9 desktop icon is now gone. If I right click on it I can still choose "run as administrator" so I don't know if that's anything to do with the problem.

    Question: Should the program [FSC] be installed directly into FS9? At the moment I have FS9 in c:/program files/microsoft games/flightsimulator9. Should FSC go directly there? or c:/....../......flightsimulator9/FSC.

    Sorry for this. It's the first program I've ever had this rpoblem with.

    Peter Jackson

  5. Wow, quick response....thanks.

    Great. Thank you. [bit difficult to find and it's not mentioned where you have to do that in the manual]

    Question. In FANav 4 when I'm flying online with IVAO or VATSIM I can see other [not AI] aircraft that are also online moving around the airport and in flight.

    Is this also the case in FSC 8.5?

    Thanks again....great service/support.

    Peter Jackson

  6. Ok, I now have it connecting with FS2004. It appears that the installer was installing the program in a seperate folder. I installed into the FS9 folder and it works....simple but effective. Now I have an equally simple problem. Where do I put the registration key I have from SimMarket?

    Thanks to all for the replies/input.

    Peter Jackson

  7. Hi Volker. Ok I uninstalled FSC and reinstalled it without checking the compatibility mode option.

    FSC is installed under administrator.

    I have FSUIPC 3.9 for FS9.

    I start FS9 and then start FSC. I click the GPS option and pick connect to FS. Immediately I get:

    Cannot connect to flight simulator msg # (no process response).

    Very frustrating....something simple i'm sure but I don't know what to do next :?

    Peter Jackson

  8. I can't imagine it can be anything to do with FSUIPC as everything else [iVAO, VATSIM, FSNav 4.7 etc] are

    all working. I think it has something to do with the FSC.exe file not having an adminstrator option even

    though it was installed under that criteria.

    Happy holidays.....I'm also away in Europe at a wedding next week.

    I'll let you know if [when] I get it working.

    Peter J

  9. Hi Volker, Yes i run both programs under administrator?

    I installed FSC using the compatibility mode and installed it as administrator. I still get the "no process response"

    error msg.

    I contacted Pete Dawson and discussed the issue with him b/cause I thought it might be the FSUIPC but

    he tells me if it's installed in FS9 and I run FS9 as administrator then it can't be that.

    So, very strange. I have reinstalled FSNav 4.7 and that works fine?? :(

    The only thing I have noticed is that the FSC.exe [on the desk top] does not have the 'shield' attached

    to it and there is no option to run the program as administrator from the icon, however I have checked the security

    tab and administrator is authorised in the box.

    Peter Jackson

  10. Hi Pete..., no, still isn't working. Gone back to FSNav4 which works no problem.

    I understand [better] now the relationship between FSUICP and the program.

    If [when] I need to reinstall FS9 I'll go with your advice on location. Ironicaly I have FSX

    on a seperate disk but don't use it.

    Nevermind, 40 Euro's down the toilet if I can't get it working......not life threatening:)

    Thanks for the advice and swift response.

    Oh! forgot to mention....hope you're not a Stoke supporter.

    Peter Jackson


  11. Hi Pete, Oh dear...FS9 is in program files...I wasn't aware that that was a problem.

    I am running Vista and I did install FS9 under compatibility mode and I do start FS9 under administrator.

    I don't understand your last comment "But if you do this you must run EVERY FSUIPC - using accesory program "as administrator" too...."

    What does that mean?

    Thanks for the quick reply...much appreciated.


    Peter Jackson

  12. Hello Pete, I have a problem I hope you can help me with. I recently purchased F S Commander and I'm

    unable to get it to connect to FS2004. I get an error msg "no process response".

    I have the current FSUIPC version 3.9 in the modules folder of FS2004.

    I see in the SimFlight forum that they clearly state that you must install FSUIPC "as administrator" if

    you are using Vista [which I am]. I don't see a way to run/install FSUIPC "as administrator". I 'think'

    that you can only do that with .exe files not.dll files....or am I missing something?

    Would appreciate any assistance you may be able to give.

    [fyi] I was running FSNav4 previously with no problems.


    Peter Jackson

  13. I downloaded version 8.5 today from the FSCommander website. I am running FS2004 on a Dell 650i with Vista 32bit and I have the most current FSUIPC

    [also downloaded today]. I installed FSC using Admin rights but the program does not ask for admin rights when running it?

    I am having the same problem that Tim had where i cannot connect FSC with FS2004. I get the same msg "no process response".

    Any Ideas? :)

    Peter Jackson

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