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  1. I have two computers. One with FSX and XPlane 10 64 installed. I have a second computer that I use to run FSC 9.3.1 remotely using WideFS. This works fine. Recently I added a second monitor to the FSX/XPlane computer. I would like to have the ability to run FSC on that monitor or from the remote computer. Can I have FSC run this way with the one registered copy. If so how can I do this? Thank you. Bill FSC Version 9.3.HF_1 Build 06-September-2013 Operating System... Window 7 Ultimate 64 GEForce 660 ti FSUIPC/FSUIPC4 Version Number Simulator... FS X Deluxe with Acceleration Browser Type and Version MS Internet Explorer CPU(s) Speed Intel i7 CPU 2.67 GHz DRAM size 6GB
  2. Andreas, As we have all heard many times READ THE MANUAL. Just this morning I did and realized what you said above. That was my problem. I requested IAP approach before the vector approach and it continued to follow my flight plan. Thanks for your reply. Bill
  3. Update on previous post. FSC/RC plan loads but with no flight plan information. No departure or arrival information. I guess that's not an option. So I still need help on this issue. Am I doing something wrong? I noticed that I failed to mention that I am also running It's Your Plane using RC ATC. Does anyone know why theres a RC save option in FSC. What purpose does it play? Thanks. Bill
  4. I understand that. But flying into 4L at KJFK, approach tells me to expect vectors to 4L. I request I A P approach. Before the last waypoint I'm asked to turn to heading 135 until I capture the localizer. But with that heading I'll never capture it. I continue on that course with no more instructions. Away from the airport. I'ved tried this with both The Beech Baron 58 and B200 King Air. With the same results. I checked that the file size of the FSC/RC plan is larger than the FSC/FSX plan. I'm going to try again loading the FSC/RC plan into RC and loading the FSC/FSX plan into FSX. I don't know that this will make a difference. Bill .
  5. I created a flightplan in FSC and used it in FSX and Radar Contact. It doesn't appear that RC follows the flight plan. I am using the FP saved in FSX flight plan folder for RC. Not the one saved in the RC folder from FSC. I didn't think there was a difference since the both end with pln. This is most seen as I approach my last way point in the flight plan. RC vectors me off the flight plan. No where near the runway I was assigned to land. I have FSC running on a remote computer using widefs. RC is running on the FSX computer. Thanks in advance to all who reply. Bill Operating System... Window 7 Ultimate 64 GEForce 660 ti FSUIPC/FSUIPC4 Version Number Simulator... FS X Deluxe with Acceleration Browser Type and Version MS Internet Explorer CPU(s) Speed Intel i7 CPU 2.67 GHz DRAM size 6GB
  6. I found the problem. I forgot to share the FS drive on the new computer. I also added: Protocol=TCP to WideClient.ini I had the ServerIPAddr= already in there. But I think the problem was not sharing the FS drive. Thanks to all. Bill
  7. Yes, I just checked on the VISTA computer under network and they have the same name. Appreciate your help. Anything else that might be causing this? Thanks. Bill
  8. Pete, I have tried both opening the ports and turning off the firewall on the FSX VISTA 64 computer. Neither have worked. On the WideClient computer I get the message "Waiting for a connection". I have ServerIPAddr= with the IP address in the WideClient.ini file on the WideClient computer. I have done this before with XP OS with no problems. What might I be missing with VISTA 64. Thanks. Bill
  9. Peter, I found the problem. I had recently changed my email address. I ordered the new keys with the new email address. So I thought that was the email address the registration was looking for. It was looking for the old email address. Now all I have to do is get past VISTA 64 security issues to allow FSUIPC and WIDEFS to communicate. Thanks for all your help. Bill
  10. Ok Pete, I purchased a new set of registration keys yesterday. Tried to register FSUIPC4 and it tells me "Sorry this is not a valid 12-character key". I have had your products for many years. This is the first time I have had so much problem with keys. I reinstalled the FSUIPC that I downloaded from your site a few days ago. The version I was having trouble with at the beginning of this post. I am on VISA 64 new computer. Yesterday when I purchsed the keys there were no files offered to download. So I thought I could just use the previously downloaded files and reinstall. What am I doing wrong? Bill
  11. Peter, I'm sorry I upset you. You are right. I wasn't thinking. I'll just purchase another set of keys. My original problem was that the key for FSUPIC4 would not work with the current downloaded FSUPIC4. Thank You. Bill
  12. Peter, I'm confused. Below is the information on the order. It states that I ordered FSUIPC 4 and WIDEFS7. Not FSUIPC 3 and WIDEFS 6. What am I missing? Order Date: Monday 04 December, 2006 Products Ordered: 1 x PETE DOWSON - FSUIPC4 (2068) = EUR 36.00 Information/Your Registration Key: Name: Bill McCracken Email: wmccracken221622@comcast.net FSUIPC4 Key: WIDEFS7 Key: Thank You. Bill
  13. Today I downloaded the current versions of both products. I purchased the registration keys on 12/04/2006. Order number 294851. Are these keys no longer valid for the current version of these products? I installing them on a new computer I purchased with VISTA 64. Thank You. Bill
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