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  1. Pete, After responding to your reply above, I was curuious about the revision; so, I re-read the installation doc included with the download and It does state to delete older FSIUPC files in the folder; however, when I first read it, I didn't think I had a FSUIPC file in the FSX Module. I should have checked it first. I did delete what was there for FSUIPC (except .key) and re-installed. I now have the latest manuals and the "Profiles" option is there. Regards, Martin
  2. Pete, Thanks for the prompt reply. At 70 yrs old it gets hard to remember were evryhing is at; I thought I had the latest manual. I always read manuals and look for my answers before posting a question. During my working years I too wrote many technical manuals and was frustrated when customers called for help that was clearly stated in the manual. So forgive me for taking your time. The FSUIPC version that I downloaded for FSX was verasion 4.8 (I downloaded it from http://www.schiratti.com/dowson). In the Installation manual it states: " and these in the Modules\FSUIPC Documents folder:" followed by the list of 8 docs. These were not there. My FSX is at C:\ProgramFiles\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X. The only files in the MODULES folder are FSUIPC4.DLL (version, FSUIPC4.Key, FSUIPC4.ini, FSUIPC4.log, WideServer0.log, and WideServer.log. Why version is there, I don't know. I loaded FSX and aircrafts many moons ago but never flew with FSX. I guess FSUIPC may have been loaded by one of the 3rd parties. I now think that the installation may have not over-ridden the old version. I will download again, delete all the FSUIPC files (Except .key) in the MODULE folder for FSX and re-install. I'll update this post with the results. Martin
  3. I have both the FS9 and now FSX registered version of FSUIPC. I have no issues with FSUIPC in FS9; however, in FSX the 'Profiles Specific' option does not show on FSX. I did add to the FSUIPC4.ini file the line "UseProfiles=Yes" but the "Aircraft Specific" option is still displayed. I did add the "UseProfiles=Yes" under the [General} topic, one was not previously there, I did save the file, and FSX was not running while making this change. In FS9 I have a profile for 2 eng prop, 4 eng prop, 2 eng jet, 3 eng jet, and 4 eng jet. I would like to have the same for FSX. What am I missing? The FSUIPC users manual that I printed many years ago, was in the FS9\Modules\Modules folder; however I can not find a users manual in the FSX modules. The Download of FSUIPC4 only provides a changes doc. Where can I download the full manual? Martin ipb.global.registerReputation( 'rep_post_440028', { domLikeStripId: 'like_post_440028', app: 'forums', type: 'pid', typeid: '440028' }, parseInt('0') ); Back to top
  4. Hi Volker, I followed your instructions; however, I think these exe files are for FSCommander version 9 because when executing FSC.exe an error is displayed about "file and structure incomplete....", and when executing the DBManager, it errors out with "sevCmd3.ocx not correctly registered, file missing or invalid....". I restored both FSC.exe and FSDBManager.exe. Now this might be a clue to what is happening, after restoring the exe I ran FSC and when I cliked on the SID select for KDFW, this time the runtime error did not happen, but no SIDS were listed, just all blank. Next, I ran the database manager and then FSC. This time when selecting the KDFW SID, the runtime error happened. Then, I reloaded the NAVIGRAPH Cycle 1104 and tried FSC again, but the runtime error remained. I feel like a ping-pong ball between NAVIGRAPH and FSCommander. Regards, Martin
  5. Hello, My System: FSC version 8.6 build 101 209 (Box version 8.2) Windows XP(SP3) PentiumĀ®4 - 3Ghz - 2GB RAM [DELL DIM9100] FSUIPC (Registered and latest version) FS9 Problem description: I get a runtime error whenever I click the Select option on the SID/STAR menue for KDFW. I posted this here before after loading AIRAC 1103 from Navigraph and you suggested to check with NAVIGRAPH. At that time, other users were also having the runtime error. NAVIGRAPH (Rich) descovered a corrupt file and corrected in 1103 rev 2. After downloading 1103 rev 2, I still had the problem and posted the issue again at NAVIGRAPH. Rich (NAVIGRAPH) suspects the large amount of SID/STARS for KDFW that might be causing the problem and requested for me to post the issue here. I decided to wait for AIRAC 1104, which I downloaded today, and I still get the runtime error when selecting the SID for KDFW. If I key in the waypoints as published in the SID, it finds them all and plots them correctly in the plan. What is frustrating about the error, is that it terminates FSC rather than leaving it up; however, you guys have done a great job developing this product, I use it all the time, I love it, and I'm contemplating Version 9 when I upgrade my hardware. Best Regards, Martin P.S. After submitting this isuue, I saw your reply to my last post; I should have continued that post instead of starting this one; sorry!
  6. Thank you Volker for the fast reply and recomendation. Martin
  7. Hi, I recently installed Airac Cycle 1103 from Navigraph and I get the following error when seleting the SELECT item from the SID option in the SID/STAR Menu: 'Runtime error 9. Subscript out of range'. and the program gets terminated. This only happens for the KDFW airport and it did not happen in previous Airac Cycles. I think the cause for the error is in the Airac data and I have posted the error on the Navuigraph forum; however, if possible, FSC should trap the error in the code rather than letting the system cancel the program after posting the error. My system consists of: Windows XP (SP3), FS9 simulator, registered FSUIPC, and FSCommander version 8.6 build 101209. I too am up in age, and instead of posting the error here, I sent an E-mail to you at the graphics address posted in the FSCommander web page. I had forgotten that many moons ago I had already registered for this forum. Sorry for the double report. Regards, Martin R Pettersson toconce@aol.com
  8. Thanks for the reply. I will purchase for FSX. :oops:
  9. I have both FS9 and recently I got FSX to work on my PC. I have registered FSUIPC for FS9, do I need to purchase another key for FSX? By the way, the registered version is excellent, I have been able to assign all my axis and buttons via FSUIPC and even wrote a VB program to retrieve FS flight data. Thankyou Peter.
  10. Hi, I have windows XP, latest registered FSUIPC , and FS9. My problem: 1) Some time ago I purchased the box version of FSComander. At that time it was version 8.2. 2) Installation, registration, and upgrades to 8.5 all worked fine. (Also FSC works great.) 3) My hard drive failed. Lost all data. Therfore I can't get to the copy of of the register.fsc and fsc.ini files. ( Next time, I will copy them to a CD) 4) Installed FSC on my new Hard drive, but when trying to register it, it gets rejected. 5) Tryed support from AeroSoft, but I don't think they understand my problem. Their reply is that they only supply the upgrades. So, who is the contact point for my problem, FScommander (which sends me to this forum) or AeroSoft? I have become dependent on FSC for all my flights with aircrafts that don't have an FMC. I paid for this product and I should be able to use it on a new hard Drive. Also, when I replace this old PC, I should be able to load FSC on it. How can I get this product t0 accept the provided registration key?
  11. Pete, Thanks for the quick response. I did read the instructions but prior to starting the Macro, I was trying to view the cockpit behind the FSUIPC window. Sorry to have bothered you with this question; at 67, it gets harder to remember. :oops:
  12. I have just registered FSUIPC and I regret I didn't do it years ago. I have been able to setup my sim like I want it, thanks to the excellent documentation; however, I am now trying to setup some Macros, but when I drag the FSUIPC window so that I can get to the cockpit button, the window leaves a trace and it never clears up. This does not happen with other windows from the Modules menu (like Squawkbox). Any clues on how to eliminate this window trace? I'm using FS9, Windows XP and two monitors hooked up to an Nvidia Gforce 6800. One Monitor is on the analog channel and the other on the digital channel.
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