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  1. Thanks alot Pete for releasing the nice lua script that solve my issue through wideclient. It is nicely compatible with my panelbuilder cockpit which is great! Some basis lua question, I dont seem to be able to format the vas and fps numbers through string.format, or do I do something wrong? Would be nice to have a WND_DIGITAL_FONT (courier does the job though) Also can fsuipc read the cpu and gpu temperature? those would be nice to display too in a similar manner. Again, big thanks! Etienne
  2. Thanks for your answer, I will investigate if I can something with the offset you are giving. Etienne
  3. Hi, 1. First let me reiterate my profond respect and admiration from your backbone addon of fsx, without fsuipc there would not be any fsx simmer around. 2. as FSX OOM is sadly part of our daily simmer life, I am starting to fancy having a small gauge in fsx (and in my case either on my deportered GApanel cockpit or in a saitek fip) that would be displaying the fsx process memory usuage and blend nicely in the dashboard. A solution I would suggest is to have an option in fsuipc that would overrite a hardly ever used fsx data with the mem usuage, so the new value can be trap by normal instruments (not sure I am clear) and displayed in the VC/FIP/Panel. As fsuipc is alrealdy monitoring this value (cf the DING from incoming OOM's death), this shouldnot be to much extre coding, but I may be wrong. What do you think? Regards, Etienne
  4. Thanks for you help, will install on top of current install and pray then. I am sorry if you felt insulted, I am most admirative of your work. Etienne
  5. Hi, I just bought a licence for FSUIPC4 and WIDEFS so to use your software with the PEIXSOFT GA panel and Radio panel. As they say the require a licenced version of FSUIPC4 and WideFS to work across a network ( http://www.peixsoft.com/index.php?page=ga-panel ) I currently have FSUIPC4 4.40 installed, I guess by FSMap but I am not sure, FSMap works fine at the moment across my network (without the use of WIDEFS, god knows why http://www.aerosoft.com/cgi-local/fr/ibowd,,10650 ), I also use the M panel from VRI which use FSCUIP4 too I think (http://www.fspilotshop.com/product_infots_id=1899 ). I downloaded the version 4.50, the beta 4.58 as well as widefs. Now, I dont want to break my current setup by installing the new version of FSUIPC4 as I am not sure how robust is the installation process. I can see in my fsx/module folder FsInsider.dll, fsuipc4.ini, etc. I can see the following trusted line in my fsx.cfg C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\FSUIPC4.dll.qzbenhbunecukkrtaoqlinlitqbrlqhrbkizwbca=1 I can see the FSUIP menu in option when I run FSX basically it works. :wink: How do I install + register the version 4.58 without breaking my existing setup? :shock: Now that u have my mony plz help :D Great work!
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