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  1. Bill, I think if you use the 'always on top' option the GPS window will be displayed in FS. Dayle
  2. Eric, Try here for the scenery http://flightsim.com/file.php
  3. After a few days thought, another request would be the ability to have an intermediate airport shown in the flightplan with the mae ICAO for that airport,. i.e. Departing apt ABCD to MNOP, enroute you want to stop/T&G at apt EFGH and IJKL. The airports code for EFGH and IJKL should be shown in the Flipghplan instead of FIX 01 and FiX 02 Dayle
  4. Hi Eric, Was aware of this but is there any way to plot it on the map so that its shows intersecting lines from different VORs? Thanks Dayle
  5. Hey Guys, A great program that I enjoy using. One feature that I would like to see would be the ability to use VORs or NDBs as bearing points as I do not use FMCs. e.g. You are flying into KSFO and need to get to TROSE intercept. You know that TROSE int is 115nm from FMG VOR on the 182 radial and 27nm from MOD VOR on the 244 radial. The info from the two VORs can be set and displayed on the map. Sorry to mention FS Navigator but they had that feature and I found it very usefull. Thanks Dayle
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