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  1. Hallo Volker! Three questions. 1. When applying a SID in FSC at take off, the flight track starts from the airport center point and not from the runway. This causes the autopilot on autoheading to turn to align with the track instead of going straight to the first waypoint of the SID. This phenomenon also occurs if I i don't choose a SID in FSC but manually fly the INIT departure and then apply FSC's autoheading to fly to the first waypoint of the flight plan: The aircraft turns to align with the track from the airports center point to the first waypoint of the flightplan. I would prefer if FSC's autoheading would head the aircraft direct to the next waypoint instead of aligning with the track. Is that possible to implement in FSC, or do I need to chose the heading to the next waypoint manually? 2. Do you intend to make holdings possible to fly with autoheading? 3. Could the load flight plan window have a search function by entering the airport code like Windows library searches usually allow? REgards, Tommy Engman // Win 10 64 PRO 1909 18363.836 / FSC 10.6 Build 08.08.2019 Download from FSC/Simmarket / Navigraph AIRAC-2006 Rev.1 / FSUIPC 4.974 / FSC not in network / 3 monitors / Intel Core i5-9400F / GeForce GTX 1060 3Gb //
  2. Thank you again. Yes, I have the Simmarket version. Regards, Tommy
  3. Thank you for fast answer. About update: I tried the update 9.7.5, but had problems with the distance arc descending and climbing. Maybe that is because I have not installed all updates in between. Going from 9.6.8 to 9.7.5 might be to large a step? I have 9.7 but that needs 9.6.9 before install which I don't have. And there is no install read me with the 9.7.5 update so I am unclear what is needed from earlier versions. Started the 9.7.5 exe install file to check for info but that stopped when it recognized an earlier version, and no hints about what should be done. Tommy
  4. The focus shift (always back to FSX, or back to FSC) should not be a problem. To me, flying on Ivao on line, it very often is. When connected with the communication app IvAp and I use text, the waypoint shift of FSC makes the focus shift from IvAp to FSC to FSX (I assume). What happens is that when writing text (when there is no live ATC or when communicating with a fellow pilot) focus suddenly shifts to FSX, my next key presses that should´ve been a part of the message in the comm window of IvAp becomes key presses in FSX. An R or shift r may change the simualtion rate, the w changes the view, the t activates transponder and so on. Anyone but me disturbed by this? Can the focus switch be avoided by a command or is an FSC-update with that option in settings possible, Volker?? Regards, Tommy Engman /Win10 64 Pro, Intel Core I3 6100, Gigabyte GTX 1060, FSC 9.6 Rev 8/
  5. Hell. Frankly I never changed those settings at all in neither version of the FSC. Now that I (this morning) uninstalled FSC10 and reinstalled 9.6 rev 8 I look in the Miscellanous settings and there "Distance Arc > TOC TOD LVL based on Altitude setting" is ticked. Never checked if that changed automatically when installing FSC10. To claryfie what happens in the installs after 9.6 rev 8: When starting a climb or descent the arc is misplaced farther away than the actual point of reaching the set altitude. When coming closer to the set altitude and the aircraft starts to level off the arc moves fast still farther away from the set altitude point and aircraft until it disappears out of the FSC application frame. However, I am happy with this older version and I don't know what I am missing in the latest. Thanks for your time.
  6. Thank you. Obviously it is not the program that causes my problem. What happens is that the arc shows beyond the target altitude/point and so I reach my target altitude earlier than the FSC distance arc visualizes. I suppose I will have to live with this or reinstall the earlier version that worked for me. Thanks again. Tommy
  7. Hallo. When I descend in FSC 10 the distance arc shows beyond the actual FL that will be reached (shows a slower descent than the actual descent rate). I experienced the same thing with the 9.8 version of FSC, which made me go back and reinstall FSC 9.6 rev 8. This version showed the distance arc correctly. Now I took my chances with version 10. Can Volker explain this, and is there a way to fix it? I do'nt fly PMDG. Regards, Tommy Engman FSX-SE, FSC 10.0.5. FSCDB AMD FX4300 GeForce GTX660
  8. Hi Volker. Well. IvAp doesn't steal focus. It get's focused if you click or write in in. What happens is that focus is stolen *from* IvAp by one or other applications that put FSX in focus. The only application that I have (and know of) that steals focus from FSX (on moving map, reaching waypoints, downloading data/weather) and *returning* it to FSX (and not back to IvAp) is FSC. It is also clear that if another application like IvAp or Word or a browser is used and in focus while flying, focus is stolen from these applications to FSC when reaching a waypoint etc. Then focus is returned to FSX, not to the application from which focus was stolen. It is documented that FSC steals focus from FSX and returns it after updating data or passing waypoints, but it is not documented that it steals focus from *other* applications if they are used while flying connected to FSC. But if this is something that you as developer of the great app FSC can't change I will have to live with the inconvience. FSC is so great in many other aspects. Regards, Tommy
  9. Hi Volker and everyone. I want to add that after months I came here to see if others were having the same problem as I. Apparently there are. My main concern is that as I fly with focus on FSX I need to correspond by text in IvAp (to explain intentions and report position etc) focus is frequently switched while writing in the IvAp window to FSX which means that buttons pressed for text turn to commands which in turn leads to "lighsts off", "engines off", "pause" and other crucial error commands. I run FSX Steam Edition on a single computer along with FSC and other apps like FSRealWX with Windows10 64 Pro. The problems occured without changing settings with the FSC but I have made all the upgrades provided by FSC. The issue is present wether I run Ivap internally or externally. I would like a program change of FSC so that the issue of IvAp writing doesn't switch to unwanted FSX commands if it is at all possible. My settings are "Move map instead of aircraft" and "Autodownload every three minutes (the focus swithcing occurs much more often, that is to say at every map move)". * FSX on Desktop with Windows 10 64 Pro. * FSUIPC4.9.6 * FSC 9.6 revision 8, 28 April 2017 on the same desktiop with Windows 10. * Navigraph subscription, AIRAC 17.08 Rev.1 * 3 monitors on desktop (FSC Flightplan on other monitor than FSX window.. * Using IvAp external on desktop. Regards, Tommy Engman
  10. Pete. As I mentioned I changed in the registry/deleted the post as stuarth suggested. The error occured while I still had the former/next latest FSUIPC version. However the error reoccured after I installed the latest version and the registry post was there after the installation. The entry in DLL.xml concerned triggering xmltools.dll. This I deleted. Perhaps that was the key. Regards, Tommy
  11. Thank you Pete. You have the FSUIPC.log file above. Here is the .ini file. I really dn't know how to provide the crash reports in the Event Viewer. But since I wrote that line I followed the instructions by stuarth and checked a recent dll.xml entry (although it is older than yesterday by a couple of weeks). Which operation that worked I don't know at the moment but it seems that my FSX-SE and FSUIPC4 work as they should. Thank you! FSUIPC4.ini FSUIPC4.log
  12. Hallo. I run FSX-SE, Windows 10 updated, FSUIPC4.dll version 4.966c registered. Suddenly yesterday I am met with this message (enclosed). If I answer Ja/Yes FSX closes. If I answer Nej/No FSX opens. I hope this is enough for you to find the reason, maybe also the solution. Regards, Tommy Engman FSUIPC4.log
  13. Hi. I try to save a new route segment. After "Save" of the segment (LSZH dep DEGES Z3 ETAGO) there is no new segment listed in the Open Segment dialog box. I can only see a segment from earlier (from another version of FSC) which also is displayed above in the right hand window. This is a segment from the same airport (transition Z1). What can I do to get the segment creator to work again? I have tried with other segments to no avail. Tommy Engman Equipement specs: AMD FX4800 3,8Mhz / 8Gb RAM / Gigabyte GTX660 / Windows10 Pro 64 / FSX Steam / FSC9.6. Rev.7 Build 30-May-2016 / FSC DBM 9.6 Rev. 7 NET Build 20-May-20
  14. On the download page of the website I am urged to download FSC 9.7, but the links only tell of 9.6 upgrades. What am I missing?
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