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  1. This probably won't help you much but the part that maintains the faulty timer monitors the freeze/unfreeze status of the sim. The author is investigating. VNPC also monitors a few other parameters but all those work perfectly. Except for the potential effect on the timer, the freeze status is detected correctly and with no delay. I have of course verified that all is OK if I run VNPC on the same PC as FS, which is my workaround for now. Best regards, Phil
  2. Good day, Pete. I have just come across a problem when using my new VA ACARS over WideFS (VNPC from Norwegian virtual). Everything logs OK, with no delay whatsoever. I am getting exactly the same performance as I have been used to over many years using FSC, Squawkbox, Radar contact, other ACARS, etc. So my installation is well "broken in". HOWEVER, VNPC maintains a running flight time and this increments at a perfectly regular rate of almost exactly one fifth of real time! Funny thing is I remember having had that very same issue (1/5 also) with the old BAVirtual ACARS but I can't remember how (or even whether) I got it fixed (seniority has some drawbacks...) I have scoured the forums, found no clue. FS9 Wideclient Wide server Win XP on client Win 7 on server FSUIPC 3999z.9a Thanks and best regards, Philippe wideclient.ini ============================================== [Config] Port=8002 Window=-4,-4,1928,1178 ServerName=FLIGHTDECK Protocol=TCP Visible=Yes ButtonScanInterval=20 ClassInstance=0 NetworkTiming=5,1 MailslotTiming=2000,1000 PollInterval=2000 Port2=9002 ResponseTime=18 ApplicationDelay=0 TCPcoalesce=No WaitForNewData=500 MaxSendQ=100 OnMaxSendQ=Log NewSendScanTime=50 Priority=3,1,2 ---------------------------------- [user] Log=Errors Run1=C:\Aerosoft\FSC9\fsc.exe Run2=C:\Program Files\Phoenix\BAVPhoenix.exe ; =============================================== [sounds] Path=C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\Wide FS\Sound\ Device1=Primary Sound Driver Device2=SigmaTel C-Major Audio
  3. Good day, Pete. I have tried to launch different programs based on the selected aircraft (e.g iFlytoFSUIPC vs Lekseecon) with no success. Can you confirm that this is not supported? Cheers. Phil PS: Yes, I have read the documentation, probably too fast :o)
  4. This is exactly what my setup is like. I have Squawkbox and FSCommander on my laptop and FS9 on my PC, communicating seamlessly via WideFS. I get ATC on my headset through the laptop and FS sound from the PC speakers. The PTT switch is connected to the PC but "read" by SB on the laptop (via FSUIPC). FSCommander displays the online traffic on the moving map. Installation was straightforward, just following the WideFS guide. I do have the registered version. I am not sure about the unregistered one. Pete's outstanding customer support is icing on the cake. I highly recommend it. Cheers, Phil
  5. Hi, My config is different (XP and FS9) but I do use Phoenix with FSUIPC and WideFS with no issues. Keep trying!
  6. Philip, Thank you very much for butting in. This was exactly the problem. I had not expected FS9 to even "see" the virtual joystick, let alone copy all my assignments from one to the other. Cheers, Philippe
  7. Good day Pete, I have thoroughly searched the forum and documentation but cannot find the explanation to this problem. I must have overlooked something very basic - please tell me what... I use a Pokeys 56U as a virtual joystick. It is indeed recognized by FSUIPC as J/S 1 and I can assign FS controls to its buttons (actually iFly offsets with iFlytoFSUIPC). When I activate any of these buttons, the desired function is indeed performed, BUT ALSO, simultaneously, the function assigned to the corresponding button on my physical joystick J/S 0. It took me a while to understand why starting the APU should extend the flaps! Note that the reverse does not apply. In my example, dropping the flaps from J/S 0 leaves the APU alone. Is it necessary to only use on J/S 1 button numbers that do not exist on J/S 0? Thanks, Philippe FSUIPC 3.99, FS9, XP
  8. Good day, Sascha and Volker. First of all, my very best wishes for 2011! This topic has been discussed before and I had hoped the latest revision might address the issue. I understand that "transition" has different meanings in various countries. However, at many airports (most, maybe?), the transition is not a substitute for a STAR but its continuation. I bumped into this very good example recently: EDDH BASU2B BASUM UM170 KENUM UM615 IDOSA UM170 RAPOR VEDU4J LFPG The above plan takes me to IAF VELER which caters to any of LFPG runways. I then need a transition from the IAF to the assigned runway, for instance "ILS 09L VELER" FSC lets me select this transition but it then erases the STAR waypoints between RAPOR and VELER and I must reenter them manually. Interestingly, the transition waypoints "BSN LARPO PG502" appear correctly in the table and on the map but not in the new flightplan string: EDDH BASU2B BASUM UM170 KENUM UM615 IDOSA UM170 RAPOR VELER LFPG I think this is important and do hope that you will be willing to look into the matter. MfG, Philippe
  9. Good day, Volker Erledigt! Somehow, my sserife font was corrupted. I reinstalled it and voila! MfG Philippe
  10. Hi Volker, Thanks for your quick reply. I have deinstalled everything and reinstalled clean, first without adding the fonts, then with. The map behaves the same in both cases. Now the small font on the map is no longer the huge one I saw before. It seems to be the same microscopic size as on the buttons, possibly a little larger. This can give us a clue to the problem: do you use the same font in both? Also, I do not remember having this issue on the FSC9 demo version I downloaded last week. I'll try to install it again on another computer to confirm. MfG Philippe
  11. Hi Volker, I don't know if my problem is related to this. These fonts were missing but I had no problem changing font sizes on the map. Since I have installed these fonts, the "small" size is HUGE. Medium and large are OK. This is not a big issue. My real problem is that the font size on the left column buttons is microscopic; also the pop-up window appearing when the mouse flies over the buttons. I have checked the display settings in Windows (XP) as per para 1.1 of the manual. I have Version 23/11/2010. Thanks for your help, Philippe
  12. Thank you, both Petes, for your quick responses. I, too, thought that PMDG used keystroke Z for disconnect only, which is what I wanted the button to do. I therefore did not mind if the keypress was repeated. I thought I had also unsuccessfully tried the "no repeat" setting but maybe not. Upon retest, I have found out that the PMDG "Z" command toggles the Autopilot on/off, so that my setting was wrong. I unticked the "keypress to be held" and... problem solved. I don't see why a mouse macro is required - it seems to work as is. Thanks again! Philippe In
  13. Hello Peter, I use FS9 and have installed ver 3.989j. I would like to assign a joystick button to A/P disconnect on the PMDG737NG. PMDG uses keystroke Z for this purpose - tested OK. However, if I assigned that key press to my button, FSUIPC does recognise the input and saves the assignment but then nothing happens. I have tried both "momentary" and "hold down": same result. I must be missing something obvious... Here is the relevant extract of FSUIPC.cfg [buttons] ButtonRepeat=20,10 1=H0,2,K90,8 [buttons.B737-700 Easy Jet - Stairs] 0=P0,2,C65791,0 1=P0,3,K71,11 Thanks for your help, Phil - registered user.
  14. If you happen to have another PC or laptop available, you can run FSC on it via WideFS. It is a great set-up that allows you to run both apps full screen with no fps penalty. Phil
  15. Hi Volker, You responded too fast. I was trying to remove my post. Indeed, I don't know what happened but my file is now the correct 010810. I must have accidentally launched an old update .exe last night. Very sorry for the mixup. Anyway, I don't think I'll be using it for long since Ver9 is on final (?) MfG Philippe
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