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  1. I have found if I disable the P3D addon scenery, it picks up the data fine. As I don't import flightplans this is not a problem.
  2. Very disappointed it doesn't work in P3D as the screens say it's for that as well.
  3. Also added the Airports of Norway package and at least ENGM and ENBR are the same. Regards Lee
  4. Hi Volker. I'm running P3Dv4 with Navigraph Airac 1902 in all of the extras (FSC, MJC Q400 etc) and when I do an FSCdb manager run, some airports and ILS Feathers don't seem to be displaying afterwards. It seems to be add ons but not all. I just installed Fly Tampa Vienna and the airport just appears on the map as one of the minor ones would, ie a small circle and a line. Also, when the airport is clicked, the info box that appears has no runway or ILS info in it either. No runways and no ILS feathers. I have FSC V9.7 Build 21 Aug 2017.hf2 I also installed JustSim Riga and that is picked up normally. It must be something I'm doing as it worked perfectly until recently. Can you advise please as I'm unable to resolve this, I have tried. I've included a screen shot of LOWW and one showing the info box. Thanks Regards Lee
  5. Sorry to be a pain. I've looked into the scenery package and the ILS 26 seems to be correctly set up on 265 degrees. Do you have any ideas please? Could it be the Navigraph AIRAC is at fault on both the FSC and MJC packages? Thanks
  6. I turned off the third party scenery and the ILS is showing correctly in the aircraft. This must mean it's a scenery problem. Regards Lee
  7. I'm running P3Dv4.3 in windows 10 with the latest FSC and having ILS trouble at CYTZ, Toronto City. On the FSC map, the ILS feather to RW 26 is showing up as set up on the old RW33 with an inbound heading of 299 degrees as per the old LOC approach. When set up in the aircraft (MJC Q400 in this case) with the correct frequency and heading, 265 degrees, it will track RW26 glideslope but the localiser wants me to track the RW33 LOC signal, making the ILS approach to RW 26 impossible. Is there a way I can edit this please or is it something you could perhaps correct tin the next update? Many thanks Lee
  8. Mis read, yes the reinstallation was run as administrator.
  9. Thanks Volker. I'll send the info and try again making sure I run as administrator Rgds Lee
  10. Hi, Please don't groan at the sight of "registration issue" in the title. I have read fully the " Registration failure -some solution- " and followed the steps exactly and I still get the incorrect information message. I was unfortunate enough to have a complete and terminal computer failure and thus had to get a new one and go through all the time consuming re installing of everything I had. I don't know where it's going wrong. I am taking the information directly from the Simmarket download page and copy/pasting the key so I'm not making typos. I even went as far a putting an underscore in the space in my name, all to no avail. Please can you help? Thanks and regards Lee - -
  11. I followed the url. it works. Then went via FSC for PACOT. It works now as well. Maybe there was a glitch in the file downloads when I tried. I'll try again tomorrow and see. Thanks Lee
  12. Hi folks. I have the newest FS commander. 8.5. I couldn't get the NAT tracks to display properly after download and continually got the message to re download. I looked at the FAQ and did all it suggested. The PACOT worked as advertised. Upgraded to Int Explorer 8 hoping that would fix it as the FAQ said it was in IE7 only problem. Now, on IE 8 I don't get the message but it doesn't seem to recognise either download, only displaying the original default tracks from Jan 09in both NAT and PAC tracks. I've tried downloading every format on the options and it still doesn't work. Please help. Running FS9, FSUIPC 3.8.2 and Internet Explorer 8. Thanks Lee
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