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  1. There is a bug in GFDevFSX.exe that causes this problem when nothing is assigned in GFConfig to the GF46. GoFlight have fixed the problem in version 2.21 (or above), but currently its not released.
  2. Are you using LINDA? If so, make sure you disable the VR Insight MCP support, it makes the Goflight MCP go crazy.
  3. Run the Goflight program called GFConfig.exe. Click on the EFIS and MCP/MCP PRO to set the options as defined in the readme file. Then click File, Save Configuration As and then save it with a filename something like PMDG NGX.gfc GFConfig remembers the last configuration file you created/loaded, so all you need to do is ensure that if you have loaded or created another configuation file after creating the PMDG NGX file, load up GFConfig and click File, Load Configuation and pick the PMDG NGX configuration file. Best wishes Steve
  4. Hi Frank, I've just had a quick look at the other guys script and found the problem. It uses the same offset's as my script for the MCP so that when data is written by the open cockpits interface it is interpreted by my lua script as a change in the MCP state. Esentially the memory addresses 0x66D0 to 0x66DD are used by both scripts and therefore clash. The only way around this is for the scripts to be changed so they do not use the same offsets. Its late here, but a quick check seems to indicate that if you do a search and replace in my LUA file for every occurance of "66D" and replace it with "66E" and then save the file, that should sort out the conflicts. Best wishes Steve
  5. Hi Frank, You must make sure you have disabled the EFIS code in my script including the stuff you quoted. To do this, go to the user customisable section near the top and change: DISABLEEFIS = 0 to DISABLEEFIS = 1 That way, no EFIS code will ever be executed by script. If it persists I would firstly suspect the script you are using for the EFIS is sending the wrong LUA commands. Let me know how you get on. Best wishes Steve
  6. Thats very odd Frank. Something isn't right somewhere; but see how you get on and give me a shout if needed. Best wishes Steve
  7. Hi Frank, OK. Are you using LINDA and have you checked to ensure the Goflight configuration for the MCP PRO is set to compatiable add-on? For the switches that are causing problems, I want you to load up the NGX with my script and then go into FSUIPC/Buttons and Switches. I need you to check that you have nothing assigned here. Finally rename, your FSUIPC ini file and let FSUIPC create a new one. Add the lines from the readme.txt file in the script download and see if it works OK. Best wishes Steve
  8. Hi Franck, I have Goflight's MCP test program I can send you. It will enable you to check that everything from a hardware perspective is OK. PM me your email address and I'll send it to you. Best wishes Steve
  9. Since SP1b, the LUA script has been the cause of a freeze when returning to the FSX menu following a flight. I have posted a work around at AVSIM in the following thread, post number 114: http://forum.avsim.n...00#entry2209376
  10. You configure the Goflight equipment in GFConfig and then click "File" followed by "Save Configuration As". You then get the option to enter a filename for the configuration you just created, so in the case of the NGX something like PMDGNGX.gfc will do. You can have different configuation files for different aircraft, you just need to make sure you load the correct one before FSX starts, noting that it always will reload the last configuration file you used if you don't load one.
  11. Ok, can you message me your email address so I can send you a test program. Thx Steve
  12. Ok, have you made sure that in GFConfig you have the MCP PRO set to compatiable add-on? EDIT: Yes I have tested it with an orginal install with only SP1 applied.
  13. Do you have the latest FSUIPC installed (I'm using 4.749d) and are you using version 1.0 of the LUA script (it will tell you at the top of the file if you open it in notepad). Have you also tested to make sure that FSUIPC can "see" the buttons you are talking about by using the buttons tab in FSUIPC and flicking the switch? Best wishes Steve
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