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  1. It works correctly now. Thank you! :D
  2. Sorry to bring up an old thread, but I have a similar issue. When I tried to download the latest PACOTs from FSC, I noticed the URL was no longer valid. So I went to the correct page at https://pilotweb.nas.faa.gov/PilotWeb/noticesAction.do?queryType=PACIFICTRACKS&formatType=ICAO. I saved the web page to United States NOTAM Office.htm. When I tried to load the PACOTs in FSC, an error came up, saying to re-download the tracks again. In the web page, I noticed there was a "Display selected NOTAMs" button. So I checked all the NOTAMS and clicked on the button. I saved that page and loaded it into FSC. This time, some of the eastbound tracks appeared (Tracks 1, 2, 3, 11, and 14). Looking at the NOTAMs, these tracks were issued by RJJJ FUKUOKA/JCAB AIR TRAFFIC FLOW MANAGEMENT CENTRE. The other eastbound track (Track 8) and all of the westbound tracks (Tracks A, C, E, F, H, I, J, K, M) do not appear. I also selected the NOTAMs from KZAK only and saved those and tried to load them into FSC. However, the above error came up. I did the same with RJJJ and loaded them into FSC with no error. However, when I use the .old file, with the data from October 4, 2009, all of the eastbound and westbound tracks appear correctly. My system specs: FSX, FSUIPC 4.6, FSC 8.6, website download, Windows 7 64-bit.
  3. 1.If you have MyTraffic, then there should be instructions in there to add MyTraffic in there. I believe it involves adding *.dat somewhere in the Settings window where it asks you for the flight plans, but I don't use MyTraffic Board. 2.FS Passengers and Super Flight Planner have no impact on MyTraffic Board. Super Traffic Board is similar to MyTraffic Board. You only need one or the other.
  4. Doesn't happen to me. My access date is before the creation date, which means it is the original one installed. Last time I ran FSX is on the 10th, I believe. I have REX, FS Passengers, and FS Recorder Is it possible that it gets modified only when you are in an area where the plane is present, because I generally fly only in the US.
  5. You shouldn't have a FSX(635) folder. The only folder related to FSX is named FSX. Also, make sure that you have the Acceleration SDK if you have FSX Acceleration. Did you add the MyTraffic folder in your Scenery Library? If not, then you won't have any traffic. Also, using the MyTraffic Communicator, open the fsx.cfg file and check to see if there is a line that says "SimObjectPaths.6=MyTraffic\Aircraft". If not, then add it using the Green button.
  6. For the first question, no. If you see the traffic in FSX, then you are done.
  7. In Patches52.bat, the process runs patches52.exe, not patches52b.exe, which it should run for this version.
  8. The above error means that there are 2 planes that have the same title/name. For example: [fltsim.0] title=A300-600 MyPaint01 ... [fltsim.1] title=A300-600 MyPaint01 ... Notice how the title for both planes in aircraft.cfg is the same. They need to be different. This shouldn't have happened unless you edited it in some way. To fix this, go into MyTraffic\aircraft\A300MX\aircraft.cfg (open using Notepad). In it, the second line should say title=A300-600 MyPaint01. Now, use find to look for the other title=A300-600 MyPaint01. The other one should have a different title. Include here what the line above the title line says (Ex [fltsim.0]). If a second one is not present there, and you have a A300-600 (not MyTraffic), then the error lies in your A300-600.
  9. Updated using patch and compiled the Traffic .bgl. In the log, there were no errors about IFR or VFR, which means the problem is now fixed. Thanks! :D
  10. Keep in mind that you insert a folder, not a file, and the folder "scenery" must be in the folder you select. For example, to add MyTraffic into the scenery library, click on MyTraffic, click OK, then click on a blank area of the screen. If the folder is already added, and you want more traffic, go into the traffic tab in the customize settings screen and adjust the sliders to your preference.
  11. Are you referring to adding a scenery folder in FSX? If so, then look at this Topic
  12. When a flight plan schedule is being compiled, there are many warnings and errors. One warning is a low altitude flight. For example, the altitude of a flight from LSZH to EGLL (about 490 miles) is 200 feet. Logically, it doesn't make sense that a 490-mile flight should fly at 200 feet. A error that often comes up is that the flight rules must be either IFR or VFR. Looking at the schedules, for flight rules, it says "IF". Another strange error that occurs is that there is a plane missing in the MyAircraft.dat, but the plane is present in MyTraffic Editor and in the aircraft folder. Finally, I have a suggestion for MyTraffic Editor: Include a field for number of large parking spots, medium parking spots, and small parking spots. If that is not present, then an error comes up. I have MyTraffic 5.2b.
  13. Does it take into account the number or runways and parking spots, or does it just add airports not in the MyTraffic Database?
  14. After I dumped Airports.txt from FSX, I went into MyTrafficX.exe to open the .myt database file and import the Airports.txt. However, after I select Import Airports.txt, nothing happens. The task is completed within a second, and the text file is about 4 MB. Does that mean it has finished, or it has not finished?
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