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  1. rex = real environment xtreme for fsx , this program change all texture of fsx , water,rwy, aiports , weather for more realistic , and this program have one option called "dx10 optimized" if use this option , all AI will go crazy :D thanks mike realy working great now ^^ Burkhard in ADE program , i adding PAPI4 in some airport , the program creates one .bgl file , the manual call to put .bgl file in addon scenery/scenery , i had it , but not work about others problem , mytraffic working great now ^^ thanks
  2. hmm i had some ajusts in rex , one option in rex called "dx10 optimized" i turned it off and look the effects now :D also with mytraffic on top scenery library mytraffic in top scenery library , tncm not working ( for work perfect , tncm needs put in the top of scenerys ) mytraffic in first top tncm scenery above mytraffic in scenery library i think is problem of imcompatible AFCAD or idk mytraffic only works perfect on top scenery i think 1-problem = papi lights 2- problem = tncm if you give me some solution i will happy ^^ sorry i not look you reply i will search th
  3. my system is windows vista64bits ultimate dx10 preview off phenomII x3 oc 3.3ghz 4gb ram gts250 1gb graphics i are using ultra high settings in fsx also with real envinronment xtreme parked at vhhx you see no landing lights , and no lights in airport ok same location , but in map i put 2000 altitude , so look the diff now many AI with landing lights on dusk time , more intense long distance but same intense landing missing rwy lights ( i think is problem of scenery ) tncm problem with addon airports ? i think no , look the airport london heathrow default you s
  4. when i parked i dont see any but when i flying in certain aerea near airport , the AI showing all ,is normal all AI show landing l ights in night ?because no is major problem but intense runway lights and only 2 papi light , i think yes ( the intense lights like dx10 preview on ) but i dont have it on how i restore textures rwy lights and papi lights without reinstall ? i tried reinstall texture of all things in rex program , but not working
  5. i have this problem in to many airports i have bought rex program ( real environment xtreme ) after i bough and instaled mytraffic with updates look my textures lights , and yes only two papi-lights , lights textures are to many intense and look landing lights in the statics aircraft in gates , is to many on how i resolve these problems ? should i reinstall textures in rex ?
  6. guys i had download network plan but that not working :S i tried all things ( i had download in the latest posts , they have 7.55kb ) but not working I deleted the spaces in Network_airlines someone can give me one solution or upload for me old network plan and past of network ( i deleted some notepad thinking that network_plan should work ) thanks and sorry for my english ^^
  7. how i put some ai military aircrafts in some base military airports , f-16 , f-18 and others ? exemple "SBSC" i tried edit in mytrafficX but i dont see how i can in this base military have only 3-6 bombardier , larjet but i not see any military AI i want know which company have supersonic aircrafts military if one know please explain thanks anyway and sorry for my english
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