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  1. Thanks, Volker! I've downloaded the Hotfix and replaced my existing FSC.exe file with Hotfix FSC.exe file. I'm sure I'll be a happy camper again. Danke! - Larry
  2. I use to copy & paste Flight Aware flight plan "strings" directly into FS Commander (9.2) and I loved it. My son's a commercial airline pilot and I often use Flight Aware to follow and re-create his flights. Now that I upgraded to v 9.4, I get the same error message (i.e. flight plan cannot be completed) for most of the Flight Aware flight plan strings I've tried so far. I'm sure Volker's right, but I'm no longer a happy camper. I guess I can revert back to v 9.2, but I'd prefer another solution. Am I to understand that some/many/most of Flight Aware flight plan strings are not technically legit? - Larry
  3. Thanks, Simon. Yes, the regular passenger doors work (Shft+E). I also tried the default 737-800 as you suggested and the cargo doors work fine with SBT. I tried the EMB-175 once more and this time the cargo doors worked fine. I couldn't imagine how SBT could affect an aircraft's door operation, cargo or otherwise. Well, it doesn't as far as I can tell. It's strange though that I had the EMB-175 cargo door problem twice before and both times the doors would not operate until I closed STB. With as many add-ons that I run with FSX and all the keyboard combinations and permutations many of them have, it wouldn't be the first time that a keyboard assignment conflict took me a bit of time to discover. Thanks for replying. Larry
  4. The cargo doors of the Embraer 175 (FeelThere E-jets) will not operate (via Shft+E+2) if SBT3 is running. Disconnecting SBT3 from FSX does not resolve the problem. Only when I close SBT3 do the cargo doors open and close. This one has me stumped. Any idea what could cause this? Thx.
  5. I updated FSC from v9.1 to v9.2 on both my host and client PCs last month. Everything worked fine. My trouble began when I extended and updated my Kaspersky Internet Security protection on both PCs earlier this month. The Host PC was still ok, but FSC on the client PC could no longer connect to FSX. I re-installed FSC v9.2 on the client PC and confirmed sharing of the necessary host PC folders was enabled. I also confirmed my registered copy of FSIU4PC and WideFS was up-to-date. When I realized that the client PC could no longer see or access my home network harddrive, the Windows error code I was getting led me to discover that the new install of the Kaspersky software defaulted to the Firewall being enabled.. Once the firewall was disabled, my network HD was again accessible. I could then set the FSC Database Manager path and successfully run it. However, I’m still having problems running FSC itself. I was able to direct FSC to the Flight Plan folder on the host PC, but I get an error that it’s not a PMDG flight plan when I try to load it. I can create a new flight plan (on the client PC), but when I try to save it, I get the error message: “Flight plan for Add-on aircraft cannot be saved because Flight Simulator X folder unknown. Please specify Flight Simulator X folder under Flight plan → Save as → Tab Paths → Folder Flight Simulator X.” Although the correct path is specified, for some reason I can’t load or save a flight plan. I also should note that in the Save/Load Flight Plan dialog window, the right-hand side containing VFR & IFR flight plan types (e.g. PMDG, FSC, etc.) are all ghosted-out. And, as you might expect, with FSX running on the host PC, when I try to connect on the client PC via the GPS tab “Connect to FS”, I get the error message: “Unable to connect to Flight Simulator Msg #14.” Any suggestions as to what might be causing this problem or what I might want to try next? I’m about to try un-installing/re-installing FSC again. (Even un-installing FSC via the Windows Control panel seems a bit peculiar)
  6. After enjoying MTX53 for the past year, I ran into a problem when I decided I should do a "clean" re-install of my OS (Windows 7 64-bit), which would require re-installation of FSX and add-ons. After re-installing MTX53, there wasn't an AI airplane to be found anywhere. Only some fuel trucks could be seen running around. I looked up my notes from when you initially helped me (July 2010) get my MTX53 up and running. When I checked the fsx.cfg file (AppData/Roaming/Microsoft/FSX) to make sure the line "SimObjects.6=MyTraffic\Aircraft" was included, I discovered that the fsx.cfg file was listed as an "Microsoft Office Outlook Configuration" file type. I have no idea why this happened when I re-installed FSX (yes, I had already re-installed my Office 2003). The same thing happened to the "Cameras" file in the same directory. When I right-clicked the fsx.cfg file and selected "Open with" - WordPad, voila! Both the fsx.cfg and the Cameras.cfg changed to Type "CFG File". And, most importantly, the FSX "Add Scenery" function worked and the beautiful MTX53 AI planes appeared! :-D Larry
  7. Do you need to re-run the FS Commander Database .exe program after each Navigraph AIRAC cycle update? I have not been as I think you only need to re-run the Database .exe program if you modify or add airports. Is this correct? I'm running FSC version 9.0.
  8. Thanks, Burkhard. I un-installed FSX per the original FSX Disc 1 option. I then installed FSX anew. Everything went smoothly and the default AI traffic was there. I then "activated" MTX v5.2a by loading it via the ADD SCENERY in FSX. Presto... I now have My Traffic X v5.2a up and running. I guess the only thing left to do is upload the Patch and learn about how to use all of the MTX features. Thanks again for you help. Larry P.S. For anyone else who may consider un-installing FSX for one reason or another, I found the un-install / re-install process via the FSX original CDs to work well. The Un-install does NOT simply delete the FSX directory and all it's contents, but rather the un-install is selective in what it deletes. My add-on files, including My Traffic X and Active Sky, were undisturbed, for instance. However, I did have to "re-activate" the add-ons. Just wanted to pass this along as I had dreaded the thought of un-installing FSX since I have so many add-ons. So far at least, it hasn't been nearly as troublesome or time consuming as I had thought it might be. "Your mileage may vary", however.
  9. I'm a little lost on where or how to seek help, but I'm looking for some. I just upgraded to MTX 5.2a via download (wish I had ordered the CD instead). I went from great AI planes of MTX 5.1b to NO PLANES! I printed out the "My Traffic X 5.2 Crossgrade Installation" document and I thought I followed the instructions. There didn't seem to be any issues during the installation. I then tried to un-install everything and start over. BIG MISTAKE. Although I thought I followed UN-install instructions correctly, I must have screwed something up. Although a "Search" of my computer reveals NO MyTraffic files remaining installed on my hard drive, when I try to install my original MyTraffic X (v5.1b) CD, a screen pops up telling me it's already installed. HELP! I'm about to un-install FSX, but that's my last resort. Can any one help so that I can start over again with my original v5.1b CD? I'm running VISTA 64 with FSX Gold edition installed in the default location on my hard drive (i.e. C:Program Files(x86)/Microsoft Games/Microsoft Flight Simulator X) Thanks, Larry Pahlman Fayetteville, AR USA Email: LPahlman@cox.net
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