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  1. yea, i got it to work, I am not sure what i did that was different to the last step i posted but it now works when i repeated the 1st step again. Thank you all for your time and thank you all for your help. kind regards Andrew
  2. Thanks Burkhard, I have done this step "When the MyTraffic folder opens click onto an empty space in that folder and the window will close and the scenery be added." but scenery did not worked , then i red that if i delete SCenery from the area shown in step 1 it will be added. as you can see in step two it is added to the FSX Scenery Library. but it is still not working? thank you for your time and help. I have never had to spend so much time on installing a program before. i understand that i don't understand a lot about computers but this is a lot of stuffing around.
  3. Hi guys i feel that i am almost there, i think that the last part required is where i am stuck now? as mentioned before, i don't know how to fix it, i don't know if it is an admin thing, if so i don't know how to give rights to the correct folder / program to allow FSX to see the traffic folder in FSX Scenery library? i tried two methods when in the FSX library , both did not open or find the correct folder it is looking for? every time i click on the folder it opens it up to find another folder but it is empty? please help. kind regards Andrew
  4. Hi again guys, almost there, i can feel it. lol So far i think i am up to this stage and i am stuck.. 3. Now it is time to start FSX. Go to the scenery library dialog, and check that MyTraffic got added as scenery, and that it is active ( the box is checked). If not, code S1 Solution S1. If the folder MyTraffic exists, and a folder MyTraffic\scenery exist, but you cannot add it to the scenery library, there is a problem with user rights. Ask your system administrator to give you the necessary user rights. If it's an admin right thing how do i fix this please. i have Windows 7 pro. how do i alow admin rights and to what folder please. thank you very much guys. kind regards Andrew
  5. Hello again, I am going through the step by step instructions. I noticed that my Aircraft folder [ /SimObjects] has only got 13041 files in it when i do a properties check, but my scenery folder [E:/FSX STUFF/ Scenery] has 33,634 files in it when i do a property check. I looked in my scenery/ world/ scenery folder and the two files are located in there [trafficboats.bgl.and trafficAircraft.bgl.passive] and there isn't any named the same.but there are other files in that folder. . I have looked in my FSC cfg file and the correct info is located in it.[ simobjectPaths.6= MyTraffic\aircraft] So i followed the steps and Browsed to \MyTraffic and doubleclicked to runonce.bat and let it do it's thing. however, it stopped twice with two errors. It's the second error that i think might be stopping the Traffic showing? please see picture. thank you for your time and help
  6. Thank you again PhillyPennyPilot, I will go through it in detail until i either get a massive headache or get it right. lol thanks again to all of you that helped. kind regards Andrew
  7. Thank you again Ian. I have the green box now. i have made sure that my traffic directory already is done. but i still have no traffic? I went to the ETAR airport but found no military aircraft and i have noticed ther is no tools bar in FSX either. I have even tried adding the traffic folder to the sceanery liabrary in FSX but it can't find the right folder???? thank you for your time. kind regards Andrew
  8. Thank you again Ian, I think we [ I am] getting there......slowly..lol I have now installed the SDK file onto my computer. i can not see the TrafficDataBaseBuilder.exe file is it another folder? thanks for your help. kind regards Andrew
  9. Hi Grump old Mod, thank you for your help. i tried opening up Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK and it said i need to run exe. so i did that and it just want to load FAX on my computer again? i am not sure what i am doing wrong? kind regards Andrew
  10. hi PhillyPennyPilot, thank you for your advise and help, I have copies and pasted both the FSX and Acceleration SDK files in there own folder [ for now] in Desktop. however i am a bit confused to know where the TrafficDataBaseBuilder.exe file is as all i see is the following: am i missing something? kind regards Andrew
  11. Hi guys, I appolagize if this has been mentioned at a nother location. I have no computer experience or undertanding of computers, so please help. i have windows 7 pro, i have FSX, I have My Traffic X Pro 5.4b . I am having trouble with instructions to install. I have looked through instructions and i don'yt think i am doing all steps right. so far, i have installed My Traffic X onto computer, i have then i have done the next two steps with the Manage FSX Settings. I have got a message saying Traffic Basebuider not yet copied..but i can not find my Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK\SDK\Environment Kit\Traffic Toolbox SDK\ TrafficDataBaseBuilder.exe. My FSX path is simple. E:/FSX STUFF Thank you for your time and help. kind regards Andrew
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