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  1. Although this is a fairly old topic, maybe someone could point me to a workaround for my problem, caused by the same issue, described in this topic... When flying f.e. EHAM -> EGGW I suffer stress crashes because of sudden wind changes at high altitudes. Cruising my Embraer at FL260 at around 300kts the wind changes suddenly, gearing me up to a bit less than 360 sometimes up to almost 400kts, depending on the weather situation. Of course this is a major overspeed situation, causing my aircraft to crash. In FSX I tried to disable the "aircraft stress causes damage"-option, but probably FSPassenger keeps this setting alive and kicking... I was hoping anyone, maybe Pete via his FSUIPC is able to figure out how we might be able to at least make the differences between 2 wind situations smaller, to keep our aircraft flying, instead of crashing... Btw, real world weather in my case is regulated via REX.
  2. Hey there Pete and others, the herefore mentioned solution worked immediately for me. I had to restart FSX of course but directly after restart I opened FSUIPC and it worked. I'm sorry I didn't reply with the joyful outcome, but as soon as it worked fine I spend ages tuning all settings so that it worked ok... (still not really satisfied with flaps en spoiler settings... but I'm sure I'll manage, and when I don't I have your e-mail ;-)) I would be very happy to help you with running some tests, as I'm a system manager in profession I have some (but not too much) experience in how to call it.... troubleshooting the unusual way ;-)) don't hit me with programming stuff or xml lines... :) with everything else, trying out stuff, no problem ! (of course programming text files, "the FSX-way" is ok with me...) Let me know when you need me with anything. I have e-mailed you my private e-mailaddress for your convenience.
  3. Many thanks Pete for your quick response, this is what I call support !!
  4. Maybe this is a pure Windows problem, but I hope you can help me out either way... In FSX the FSUIPC interface is being shown, i think, with a font-size that is too big, causing the menu structure not to fit inside the window... http://www.gulf5.nl/screenshotfsuipc.jpg and http://www.gulf5.nl/screenshotfsuipc2.jpg for an example... I have already set the font-size in Windows 7 to 100% instead of the default 125%, but things don't change in FSUIPC... Hope you can help... many thanks !

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