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  1. Thanks for the info, but mine is going to have a little more program specific information in it. I am going to re-develop it with a whole new approach. If I have any suggestions as to what to include, or add please, please let me know. ANY input is appreciated! Dave
  2. I did what you said and it helped a ton :D . What I did was make another application that just dealt with those two variables and entered the data right into the write command. It seems my problem lies somewhere in my other code when the values get converted from what they are to the write values. I am going to start from scratch and make functions for each different function. BTW just in case anyone was wondering what I was doing, I am building a voice commander for the autopilot. It will be totally controllable through voice. If anyone would like to be able to test this once I am finished please e-mail me at davidkatzman@attbi.com. Also, any other suggestions are welcome as to what other functions to include besides autopilot or what else to add. Dave
  3. my fault, the code i sent u was wrong, but in my prog i do have it do the conversion first, and the 1 val is for the other function which i also have at the same time as u thought i should, still no dice however. Dave
  4. Here is just the code for setting the autopilot alt hold: fsuipc.FSUIPC_Write(iOffset,lVal,ref token,ref dwResult); translateResultCode(dwResult); fsuipc.FSUIPC_Process(ref dwResult); where iOffset = 0x07D4 lVal = 1 for on or 0 for off ref token = -1 and ref dwResult is an int to hold the result WHat happens is if i had previously set the alt hold altitude through my program, if i next call this then the value i set before gets set to 00000 and it gets enabled, and vice versa.
  5. Hello, I am new to the SDK but have been working with it pretty well. My problem is whenever I have my program enable the autopilot altitude hold the value currently set in the autopilot altitude hold level resets. The same happens for the opposite; when I set the value for the level it disables itself. As you can see this goes in an endless loop causing an annoyance since once I set the level it shuts off and vice versa. My question is what can I do about this? BTW i am programming in C# Thanks, Dave Katzman davidkatzman@attbi.com
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