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  1. Hi, Thanks Nikola - my copy seems to working OK now. regards Richard Canham
  2. Hi I'm not having any success registering either - get an error message about 'unhandled exception......' all the time. Unsure whether not being registered makes any difference to the program performance?? regards Richard Canham
  3. Hi Pete, For my part thanks very much for the info - we learn something new every day that's for sure. All the best for Christmas and the New Year regards Rick
  4. Hello Peter, I wonder if I could butt in here and take you up on the quoted statement? I'm relatively new to FSX and I had occasion the other day to change the frequency increment of a nav radio. I remembered from FSUIPC3 that I could click a box in the Options screen so I called up my (registered) FSUIPC4 Options screen and.....surprise, shock, horror, there is no such option in version 4. I'd call it "very obscurely labelled" if it is there - or perhaps I and others are missing something here? I would be grateful for your comments (I'm ready to be severely embarrassed :oops: ), and of course thanks for a great product and great support. best regards Rick Canham South Australia
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