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  1. I have used the programme today and everything seems to be working again! the only things I have found the GPS window had changed colour and the zoom with mouse wheel had become unchecked, I had not changed these so it may have just been a glitch. Back to using a excellent programme thanks for the replies.
  2. Just checking everything again I have noticed the graphics on the GPS window have changed to blue I have reinstalled the old Version 9 and it is the same before the graphics were Red.
  3. I haven't changed anything I am a switch it on and hope for the best flightsimmer! 1) FSX Steam 2) FSUIPC Version 4.974 3) No 4) Version 10.6 Build .08.2019 5)AIRAC -1011 REV1-OCT21-NOV 17/10 6) Aerosoft Download 7)Windows 10 (All updates Installed) 8)1 Thanks
  4. I have been using FS Commander for years and never had a problem until yesterday. I am using FSX Steam. When I tried to load FSC it couldn't find FS2004 database so I reinstalled the programme with the correct fsx routing. Now the programme will load and a flightplan can be made but when I connect to the sim I can't do anything with it, if I touch any key (ie Zoom) the display goes back to the sim display. Today I upgraded to the version 10 again with the same results. Any ideas?Thanks
  5. Thanks for your help I have tried what you have said but the programme wont let me get past the installation wizard I am beginning to assume that there is a problem with the computer, I think I will try and get Vista reloaded and have another go Once again thanks for your help Mike
  6. Thanks for your help but I am a computer novice and I have tried to find out how to install as a administrator but cant find out how to do this other than right click, If it is going to get complecated then I wont trouble you any more and just give up on the flight sim Once again thanks for your help
  7. Yes I have tried running it as Administrator I have also tried opening the progamme up on my laptop and then transferring it by a pen drive to my desktop again with no success Mike
  8. 1. FS2004 2. FSUIPC 3.93 3. FSC85 4. Download from website 5.Vista Thanks
  9. After years of using the FS Nav programme my computer crashed (using FS2002 with Vista) I lost the programme , I did have it backed up twice but cant find any of the copies, I have downloaded FS Commander with a view to purchase but it wont load on my computer, I have a copy of FS2004 which I am using to run with. I have tried loaded it on my laptop and the programme seems to run fine but on my desktop the progamme starts to load but then comes up with "Installation ended prematurely because of a error" . Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
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