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  1. paddler

    Joy names

    John, Great, thank you. I am beginning to understand FSUIPC5 a little better now, bit by bit.
  2. I recently re-installed my flight sim and OS. After installing FSUIPC I then wanted to make it easier to deal with Win 10 updates that have a tendency in the past to change the number assignments ( top of page 21 in the manual) and thus I changed {JoyNames} to AutoAssign letters. So my FSUIPC5.ini file now looks like this below with both number and letter assignments. Is this the way it should look or should I delete the number assignments and just leave the letter assignments? [JoyNames] AutoAssignLetters=Yes 0=PFC Cirrus II Pro 0.GUID={0E566030-DA0A-11E8-8007-444553540000} 1=MFG Crosswind V2 1.GUID={0E568740-DA0A-11E8-8008-444553540000} 2=Logitech G13 Joystick 2.GUID={8A513DA0-FCAA-11E8-8003-444553540000} A=PFC Cirrus II Pro A.GUID={0E566030-DA0A-11E8-8007-444553540000} B=MFG Crosswind V2 B.GUID={0E568740-DA0A-11E8-8008-444553540000} C=Logitech G13 Joystick C.GUID={8A513DA0-FCAA-11E8-8003-444553540000}
  3. Pete, Bought FSUIPC5 from SIMMARKET 2107-06-04 and have only downloaded subsequently from this support forum. I trust that these are both authorized. if not please advise. Rick
  4. Pete, Upgraded to P3D4.4 as indicated in my initial post. The manual I referenced I printed from the last download when I was using P3Dv4.3 I believe, and I obviously didn't key on the date of the latest v5.15 download manual included therein. I probably had the thought in mind that there would be very minimal changes in the manual with a minor change in the P3D4 versions vice a new P3Dv5. Rick
  5. Pete, The manual I am using is "FSUIPC5: Application interfacing module for Lockheed-Martin's Prepar3D version 4" dated 1st June 2017. Version 5.102 of FSUIPC.dll. The reference is top of page 23 titled "PFC equipment controlled by PFCP3D.DLL" and the comment is on the first line. Is there a more updated copy that I should download? Thanks again for helping those of us who are strictly computer users and who understand little of the programming or terminology behind the magical workings. I fear that there are many like myself.We get great enjoyment from our simulators and I appreciate the software that you have created. Rick
  6. Pete, My bad, I just used the download file name which holds both drivers and do understand that I only need the PFChid64.dll in the P3D Modules folder. I just tried a flight and it appears to be working fine with the PFC Console. Now I need to learn more of the FSUIPC capabilities for managing Profiles and Joystick naming etc. I am sure that I will have another question or two. On page 23 of the Manual you do mention a forthcoming PFCP3D.DLL for PFC equipment. Is that something that will be downloadable in the future? Thanks again. Rick
  7. Pete, Thanks, as I understand then only copy the PFCHID into the Modules folder. Can you enlighten me about this PFCP3D.DLL please. At the moment I can't get FSUIPC to recognize my Cirrus II console for axis calibration. P3D recognizes the console as being present but FSUIPC doesn't respond to it. Thanks.
  8. Recently I had a full OS failure and thus needed to reinstall all my programs complete. I am using Win 10 latest update, P3D v4.4 clean install, new download of FSUIPC5.15 registered copy.. My Precision Flight Controls C2 Professional Console is about 5 years old, USB connection. I am not sure which other files I need to download and place in the P3D Modules folder to be able to use and configure this console. Can I use PFCFSX+PFCcom64 or PFCHID? In the FSUIPC Manual you identify a PFCP3D4.DLL, but I don't see where to download it. Previously when I got my console none of the axis and buttons showed on FSUIPC and were no then programmable by me. They showed up in the supplied PFC calibration and test program, though some such as Tank Select didn't appear to work properly. It sounds as if this new DLL would be good to have. Thanks for any help. Rick
  9. paddler


    Get well soon, Burkhard. Rick
  10. Mad Dog here, :???: PFC documentation and support is light to say the least ( would almost non-existent fit). I would need to pay for any support / advice so I rely heavily upon what scant documentation is available. I downloaded the PFCFSX as I believed, in the absence of any documentation, that as P3D is FSX based that it was relevant. I have no idea what "pfcfsx.dll" is, it appeared in the modules folder. So why PFCFSX was installed statement told me they were not required so I deleted all PFCFSX from the P3D modules folder. That then leaves only the PFChid.dll; PFChid config settings; PFChid text doc; and PFCmacroIndex.csv. Obviously I have very limited knowledge and skill with computers so need any help/advice possible. Thanks again for your help Pete, appreciate your patience and attention to this. Rick
  11. Using P3D V3.2 PFC C2 Professional (USB) Win 10 Have following in P3D Modules folder: FSUIPC 4.94h pfcfsx.dll PFCFSX 4.410 PFChid.dll PFCmacroIndex.csv SimConnecP3D2.dll Problem: P3D Loads with scenario but within 10 seconds a screen appears "PFC Controls Connection Check" and stops at "COM serial Port port connection - none". I select continue FS and flight loads. I select Addons - PFC and the screen identifies " PFC equipment handled by this driver must be connected to a serial port (COM port) or USB port which has been made to look like a COM port by a separate driver". On the PFC site I see there is a Serial Device driver for FSX that will load PFC.DLL 4.376 /FSUIPC 4.706. Is this the solution to my problem? If so do I just download and install with everything else or must I remove something from the P3D Modules folder? Is there a different solution? I use FSUIPC for all of my varied controls. I did not have this problem using Win 7, FSX and the older PFChid. Would the old PFChid solve the issue? Thanks for your help. Rick

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