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  1. Thomas, Excellent, got it. I also added AileronTrim=FSUIPC and RudderTrim=FSUIPC. Will these lines become part of a new version of PFChid64.dll? Thanks. Rick
  2. Hi Thomas, Not sure where to find the [Config] section to add the lines to, is this in the PFChid64.ini file? Rick
  3. Pete, All programmable buttons and switches do appear in FSUIPC7, but I have not as yet programmed any. The switches, such as lights etc. do not appear in FSUIPC7 but do work in the aircraft in MSFS. I am assuming that these switches are hard programmed by PFC as they do not appear in FSUIPC7. One such switch, a five-way "off-right-left-both-start" (and there are two) responds in the aircraft but, it cranks the engine and propeller while held in the start position but will not complete the start. I resort to Ctl + E to start the engine. I have deleted the renamed FSUIPC6.ini file a
  4. Pete, Thanks. I have company coming over so will get back to you late this afternoon. I really just need to verify if the yoke axes show up in FSUIPC7 yet for assignments and calibration. The yoke does now have proper effect within MSFS while flying. I have deleted my FSUIPC6.ini renamed file and downloaded the latest version of FSUIPC7 before a very earl flight this morning to see if turning AI traffic to 0 had any affect upon my severely decreased frame rates ( down to 10-15 from 21-25). Thanks. Rick
  5. Pete, As of my last test and flight just completed all of the C2 switches work in MSFS. All Jetliner yoke buttons that are not preassigned by PFC show up in FSUIPC7 for assignment (which I have not yet done). So buttons A 0,1,2,3,4,5,7 and 8 do sshow in FSUIPC for assignment. I will now download the new PFChid64.dll. Thanks. Rick
  6. Pete, See responses above. Rick FSUIPC6.zip
  7. Pete, Files attached as requested. Rick PFChid64.zip FSUIPC7.zip
  8. Pete, Yes I had it all working in P3D v4 and V5. It worked in V5 with the PFChid64.DLL.9 This morning when I just tested again as per your latest request the throttle, prop and mixture axes were recognized and calibrated and worked in the sim. The yoke was still not recognized in FSUIPC7 for axes assignment nor calibration but they were recognized and worked in the MSFS sim. The C2 yoke that I have is their Jetliner model. Most buttons tested were recognized by FSUIPC7 but the rocker switch assigned to Elevator Trim by the C2 Console did not show. None of the other switches such as lights
  9. Hi Pete, As requested. Rick FSUIPC7.zip FSUIPC7.zip
  10. Thomas and Pete, The additional two files as requested. Rick PFChid64.zip
  11. Hello Pete, As requested. Rick FSUIPC7.ini.test.txt.7z FSUIPC7_prev test.zip FSUIPC7.JoyScan.csv.log.zip
  12. Hello Pete, None of that worked. I went into MSFS Controls and deleted any assignments for the rudder and brakes for my MFG Crosswind rudder pedals. I attempted to do the same for the C2 Pro console but was unable to find any assigned. After verifying again my FSUIPC7 axes assignments and calibrations for the rudder pedals. Now there was no response from the rudder pedals in MSFS. Rick
  13. Hello Pete, When I couldn't get FSUIPC7 to pick up any of the PFC controls when attempting to calibrate axes, there was no indications on scan of axes input or on calibration of axes, I went through the "standard procedures" of unplugging and plugging in the C2 Console, restarting the computer and also using the PFC Test GUI and PFC Calibration programs to ensure that the C2 console was functioning properly in them. It was. So the C2 console is connected and working on the computer. As indicated earlier, when I couldn't get FSUIPC7 to recognize the console I also went into MSFS Controls t
  14. Pete, Apology for the wrong thread, I suppose that I targeted PFC in the title instead of wanting to generate a new PFC thread. I do have PFChid64.dll installed. MSFS lists the C2 but it also does not seem to recognize any of the components such as yoke, throttle nor dials or switches when I try to set them in MSFS either. I have validated and calibrated everything within the PFC Test GUI and PFC Calibration programs and all seems to be fine. I am totally stymied by what is not connecting properly. I have been using the 172 as the plane to establish an initial FSUIPC calibration. In the F
  15. I can not get FSUIPC to recognize and therefore calibrate axis on PFC C2 Professional USB console.It has recognized and calibrated my MFG pedals. The C2 device is recognized by MSFS as a control device. I do have FSUIPC 6 working successfully in P3Dv5.
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