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  1. Hi Paul, thank you for your reply and your helpful tips. Today I did some further tests, considering your thoughts. Unfortunately I have not yet figured out the pattern to reproduce it every time, but every now and then it still happens that some values are not set with a meaningful value. I have created a video (duration some 5 minutes) which shows situations when it works OK, and also when it doesn't. I have also created a small test program, which is used in this video, and I would like to send the source code (C#) to you, so you can reproduce it on your system. Can you send me a PM with an email address to where I can send the download links from the video and the source code? Many thanks. Regards, Urs
  2. FSUIPCClient.dll 3.0.6156.10 I'm struggling with the function 'UpdateExtendedPlaneIndentifiers()'. From the description (which is still version 2.0) I know that this might be a time consuming function, therefore it runs in a background thread to not block the UI-thread. The reference to the AITrafficServices is provided via the ParameterizedThreadStart. The troubles that I'm faced with are that every now and then the extended identifier values are returned quite messy (e.g. for 'Type' I'm getting the tail number, or for the 'Model' I'm getting 'n/a'). The 'normal' values which are updated using the function RefreshAITrafficInformation() are all correct. Both function calls, UpdateExtendedPlaneIndentifiers() and RefreshAITrafficInformation() are called in a loop which is executed once per second. Maybe there is a required sequence when calling these functions? Maybe the function UpdateExtendedPlaneIndentifiers() should only be called once? Is there any code snippet around which can be used for tests? Here's the code: private void AiTrafficThread(object obj) { var trafficServices = (AITrafficServices)obj; while (true) { Thread.Sleep(1000); if (stopAiTraffic) // set from 'outside' to regularly stop this thread break; if (isPaused) // if simulator is paused ... continue; trafficServices.RefreshAITrafficInformation(); trafficServices.UpdateExtendedPlaneIndentifiers(true, true, true, false); // 'canProcessAi' is an AutoResetEvent object which allows to securely access // the 'aiList' object from another thread if (!canProcessAi.WaitOne(1000, false)) continue; aiList.Clear(); foreach (var plane in trafficServices.AirbourneTraffic) aiList.AddItem(CreateAiAircraftData(plane, true)); foreach (var plane in trafficServices.GroundTraffic) aiList.AddItem(CreateAiAircraftData(plane, false)); canProcessAi.Set(); } } Thanks for any help. Regards, Urs
  3. EFB - Flugplaner

    Hallo Ronald, Der FMC von der PMDG 747-400X kann grundsätzlich zwei Formate einlesen, das eine ist das *.rte Format, das andere ist das *.rt2 Format. Das *.rte Format ist viel umfangreicher, d.h. es enthält detaillierte Informationen zu den einzelnen Waypoints wie z.B. Höhenangaben etc. Das *.rt2 format ist da etwas bescheidener und enthält nur Angaben in Form von Airways und Waypoints. Soweit ich weiss, wird das rt2-Format vom FMC der 747-400X und von der MD11 verstanden. Ich habe aber die MD11 selbst nicht, kann es daher nicht verifizieren. EFB kann zur Zeit nur das *.rt2 Format und ich muss zugeben, da hat's noch Fehler drin. Sorry. Ist aber mit dem nächsten Service-Release 1.3.1 behoben. Die Version 1.3.1 sollte in absehbarer Zeit herausgegeben werden können. In der Zwischenzeit kann ich dir jedoch folgende Webiste empfehlen, denn da gibt's die Möglichkeit, ein *.rt2 Flugplan für die 747-400X zu erstellen -> http://www.bleedair.de (siehe "Company route generator") Hoffe dir etwas weiter geholfen zu haben. Gruss Urs AivlaSoft GmbH www.aivlasoft.com info@aivlasoft.com
  4. Pete, Thank you very much for clarifying. have a nice day, Urs
  5. Thanks Pete, for the quick answer just to clarify: is this a functionality which can be triggered programatically using the FSUIPC interface? rgds, Urs
  6. Hi, I would like to develop a tiny add-on for my FS9 simulator. This add-on should be able to deal with the FS9 internal 'ATC on-screen-menu' by using the FSUIPC interface. The add-on should be able to: - show/hide the menu - read/interpret the content (items) of the current indicated menu - simulate a keyboard input to interact with this menu In the current SDK documentation I couldn't find some information about this ATC menu, therefore I kindly ask you whether you can tell me if it's possible or not. Thanks in advance for your answer. best regards, Urs