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  1. Hello, I have the same problem at KORD. All terminal buildings missing (only the gates are visible, and connected to nothing). I am running FS X Acceleration on Win7 64-bit. Running My Traffic X 5.4 with the latest patch. The buildings come back if I make the KORD bgl file "passive". My only other sceneries in North America are Ultimate Terrain USA and ORBX (PNW, CRM, PFJ, NRM). I tried KLAS and EHAM as they are mentioned in this post, but can see the building there. Any suggestions? Thanks, Thierry
  2. I'd love to see the Cirrus SR 20 and/or SR22. Please, o please, this would be great! Thanks :wink:
  3. Yes, you are not alone. I haven't looked too much into what aircraft does it or not. I would guess that roughly 30% to 50% of the commercial aircrafts exhibit this behavior. I will see what I get for the 2 airports you mentioned and the PA200. I know I have seen the same behavior with some military planes (jet fighters and big carriers). I have not paid attention to GA planes for now. The easiest way for me to spot the problem is actually with the baggage carts as they are small and proportionally seems to jump quite high... I will keep posting my new findings on this thread. Keep the blue side up!
  4. I have read this thread with great interest as I do too have the jumping airplanes! Here are my computer specs: Motherboard: ASUS P5Q CPU: Intel Duo 6800 Memory 4 GB Corsair Graphic card: nVidia 9800GTX+ Monitor: Samsung T260 OS: Windows XP Pro 32-bit English I am using FSX with SP2 (and SDK for SP2) I also have: MyTraffic 5.2b Ultimate Terrain USA Ground Enhancement USA SerialSP2 (M Panel) FSUIPC 4.53 I basically see the "jumping" ("hoping") airplanes as described here. I see it from my cockpit, the external view of my aircraft, and from the AI view. I see it even on aircrafts that are in "sleep" mode. And, to top it all, I see it on baggage carts when I am parked at a gate! The frequency of the "jumps" is anywhere between 5 seconds and 30 seconds. When it happens on an aircraft that is taxiing I see the smoke/dust effect. I have observed this at several different airports. I have tried pretty much everything mentioned in this thread (except for reinstalling FSX), with no success. This is driving me crazy! So I wanted to post this message mainly to testify that this problem is also affecting other users. I do use an nVidia card, but it is a different model, and I have a hard time seeing how the graphic card could lead FSX to generate the smoke effect when the planes do their little dance. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks.
  5. I have a similar question. I would like to modify an airport (KGTU) with ADE, and limit the traffic to GA planes only (no commercial or military). I understand that I could use a small parking radius to make sure that no (large) commercial aircrafts show up. My challenge is that I do want to see some corporate jets as part of the traffic at this airport (and accordingly have to allow some medium size parking radius). What is the easiest way for me to accomplish this? Thanks in advance!
  6. I would like to see more GA planes. Having both typical US and European models would be great. Props and jets, I like them all! Thanks for a great product!
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