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  1. Yes that is true if you have anything that specifically requires it / can take advantage of the 'registered features'. I don't really care for fixing MSFS faults or properly calibrating things - I don't know exactly what to calibrate or adjust anyhow and I mostly use A/P so no real need. I do as I've said like the weather side of it, but that is about all I can find use for at the moment.
  2. I'm not saying it's a waste of money for what it is / was designed for - yet for the purpose I wanted it for, it obviously was (a waste) and as you say I should have seen that before hand. I do like the smoothing weather and barometric side of it, but apart from that; I've no use for it! Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it is rubbish or anything merely saying that my own fault has caused this. Anyway. I do greatly appreciate the support and sorry if you think I'm being negative towards FSUIPC - I'm not; I'm being negative towards myself!!
  3. Hi Pete. The FsRealTime fix worked. :D I've left it on for 30 minutes and it is exactly the same as system time! Thanks for all your help. Just a shame I 'wasted' £20 on registering FSUIPC! - Not really needed afterall, oh well.
  4. I don't think there's much point as I haven't seen anything like this at all posted anywhere. What I'll do is after I finish my current flight, I'll download FSRealtime and see if that helps. - Theoretically, it should . as it only increases by 2 minutes every 10 minutes, and that can update every minute so it should resolve all issues..?
  5. Hi Pete, I don't know either. I keep services running to a minimum . i.e only the essentials running. Can't be that..? I don't think I have a virus or anything but haven't scanned or checked as no software other than Windows Defender is installed. Firewall is Windows Default and all FS exceptions are given. It is really odd that everyone else loses time yet I, for some reason, gain 2 hours out of nowhere! The addons I have installed are: Level-d 767 Flight1 ATR FsPassengers PSS 777 PMDG 737, 747 Wilco Airbus and Boeing Classics E-Jets Feelthere Embraer v2 And REX. That's all. - The only other things installed on my system are the Windows defaults.
  6. Yep - it's on and no difference has been made. I bought / registered FSUIPC as I thought that might solve the problem; it hasn't. So, I'm back to square one! Oh well. Thanks for your help, time and effort anyway Pete.
  7. Atleast one minute slow isn't a matter as such. Mine is 1 hour and 30 minutes ahead of the real time! I didn't know you could turn FSUIPC 'on' or 'off' but I would be inclined to believe it is 'on' as the seconds do update.
  8. Hi Pete. Thank you very much for your help and support. It's appreciated. I've found out that to put it simply. every x minutes, the FS time increases by 2. It is about every 10 minutes, the FS times increases by 2 minutes, regardless of whether it is the only thing running etc. However, I'm still totally clueless as to what the problem might be and how to fix it! I suppose I had better get used to random FS time!! - A shame really. I used to use Google Chrome but I can't believe it is IE8, when the problem still occurs when just FS is running.
  9. Well, I just monitored it for about 10 minutes. Without doing anything else. Yet, during the 8-10th minute, it updated by 2 minutes, AGAIN!. Seems this problem is unfixable!
  10. Hi Pete. Found some interesting information for you. Before I closed Internet Explorer down, the time was exactly one hour difference. Exactly after I closed Internet Explorer down, the FS time increased by 2 minutes. -1h02 difference. I thought that was odd. So, I tried it again, tried just starting up and shutting down; no difference. However, if I am using the internet tab/window and leave it open longer than 5 minutes say, the FS times skips ahead by two minutes. - After I waited with it open, browsing etc, I personally wittnessed the time jump from 31 minutes to 33 minutes and then to 34 minutes immediately after - (possibly time update, from 33 to 34?). Perhaps this is the problem..? Although, I don't see how it managed to jump ahead by an hour, when I haven't been on the internet for that long. But, I do open up internet explorer every now and again, causing a jump..? Might this be the problem..? Doing other things while using FS..?! So in relation to your question: yes, it appears to go out of sync when it isn't the active window. During my posting, it skipped ahead by another 2-4 minutes.
  11. Pete. I agree, does seem very weird. Now: Real time:1419 FS:1517 Any idea of what it could be at all..? I have disabled some services but none which help time..? Actually, it's now at the point where it is an hour ahead of the real time. I don't know how it is possible to just skip an hour..? It's strange though because the seconds update as expected and so do the minutes, so I have no idea at all. In the default cessna, the seconds were updating to 60 as expected and then the minute updates etc. in the Level-d 767 at the moment. If it helps at all: I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.
  12. Hi Pete, Nope; I run FS @ default x1 simulation speed. I knowingly set FS time ahead of real time incase I pause or plan a route via the map etc.. to make up for that 'lost' time. As an update, Time now 1343 and FS says 1425. The original 28 minute difference has now increased to 42 minutes. I've no idea what is going on! I have edited the default flight but I don't think that would affect the time, at all..?
  13. Thanks for your help Pete. Currently the real time is 1308 and FS is reading 1335. I'll let you know if I still have the problem.
  14. Also with regard to your questions about pausing. I wasn't expecting it to update, of course not. However, I was expecting the clock to sync back with the real time. - Not just update the seconds, but update the minutes as-well. - This is also evident if I start a flight ahead of the current time, to take loading pausing etc into account; it will sync the seconds, but not the minutes. - Rather odd seeing 08:34:32 and then updating the seconds (not minutes) to 08:34:06.
  15. Hi Pete, Thanks for the quick reply. Yep - I did mainly buy it just for the time features! The reason being that the FS time, no matter when i set it, kept updating by hours and minutes just by itself. If I started a flight at 0800, the FS time would read 0800. When I reached my destination, at 1200 real time, FS would read 1605 or something ridiculous. That's the main reason why I bought it so i would know when to arrive; I can't fly to the USA in real time, and be told the curent time is 1805 when in reality it is 1630.. that messes up the FMC and daylight settings etc. Another reason for the purchase was for the weather benefits.. I'm using REX as aforementioned so I hope it will aid with that. And, I ONLY fly addon aircraft with FMC's etc so thought it may in some-way help with them.
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