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  1. Thanks Pete. I'll look into the DirectSound calls, I'm not sure if it will yield anything, but it's worth a shot.
  2. After thinking some more, I was wondering if there was a way to create a new key command in FSX. I looked in folder with the FSX.cfg file in it, and in the controls folder, there's an XML file with all of the hot keys in there. Is there a way to create a new hot key in that file? If I could add a hot key for turning off the FSX voice in the sound settings, then it would solve my problem. Q SOUND_TOGGLE The q key toggles the sound, which is SOUND_TOGGLE in the XML file, would there be any way to find out what the method is for turning off just the voice settings within the sound rather than all of the sound?
  3. We won't be using the COM frequencies for anything besides ATC and an ATIS. Having every frequency off by .25 does work just fine (as long as that does not happen to be another ATIS frequency within the vicinity of your aircraft), but I was hoping that I would be able to use the real world ATIS frequencies rather than having to make it slightly off. However, you have confirmed that to not be possible for me (at least as far as we know). Thanks. I appreciate your help.
  4. Hey Pete. Could you explain what you mean by this a little more? Right now my thinking is to put every ATIS .25 higher than the real one. So if the ATIS is on 135.00, the recorded ATIS would be on 135.025. I was hoping that I could change somebody's frequency without them knowing (not sure if that's what you mean by internally) but as far as I can tell, anything that I change to the frequency will also be changed in the radio stack in FSX.
  5. Thanks Pete. The file changes didn't crash FSX, but they didn't stop the ATIS recordings either. Your mention of the .BGL to delete the frequency was interesting. I'll look into it. If you have any links / information, it would be much appreciated. Do you know if SimConnect can change the FSX settings? I was thinking that I could disable the FSX Voice just when the user is on the ATIS frequency, and then re-enable it when the user switches back to a COM frequency. This would work fine for my program's purposes, but I have never seen any options like this in SimConnect.
  6. Interesting, thanks for the reply Pete. It looks like I'm going to have to try some pretty unconventional methods here. When I mentioned that WeatherRemoveStation has nothing to do with the ATIS, I meant actually removing an ATIS from Flight Simulator. The thought was to try and remove the weather station for KSFO, and see if that also removed the ATIS along with it, so that you would no longer hear any KSFO ATIS on its ATIS frequency. However, after reading, it appears that you can only remove Weather Stations that you have previously created in SimConnect, so it is my understanding that you can't remove any default weather stations that FSX has already generated, since you don't create those in SimConnect. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Do you know how Radar Contact disables the default ATC? I had VoxATC for FS9, and I remember having to disable the voice slider in order to eliminate the ATC, but as stated, that doesn't work for my situation.
  7. Hello all- I am trying to find a way to disable the default ATC voices in FSX, specifically the ATIS, and I would like to do it through SimConnect or FSUIPC (SimConnect is preferred though...), although I'm open to any suggestions. The trick is that my program has to work in Multiplayer mode, so simply disabling the voice slider in the FSX sound settings won't work, since that will also disable the ability to hear any other players in Multiplayer. I have looked through the SimConnect variables, and I can't find anything ATC related other than the key strokes for the ATC menu, which does me no good. I was thinking about WeatherRemoveStation, but I am pretty sure that has nothing to do with the ATIS in FSX. Has anybody achieved this? Like I said, I'll take any method that anybody knows of. Thanks, Phil
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