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  1. STB Server - p3d v4

    I am running over a network. STB Server starts with P3D v4 - how do I change this to manual startup?
  2. Save/load flight plan

    Hi Volker, Really sorry to take up your time. Yes you were correct in your email – I thought I was running 9.2.1 and even re-applied the update – except that I was installing the old files (I did this twice), what an idiot… So when I did do it correctly the error message was no more… all was as it should be. Many thanks, Mike
  3. HI, I'm trying to set paths for Save/load flight plans. I'm using prepar3d and have ticked: FS Commander, Simulator Prepar3d, PMDG. My paths are set as: Name FS Commander - Folder FSC9\Flightplan\FSC, Name Simulator Prepar3d - Folder Lockheed Martin\Prepar3d, Name Prepar3d FlightPlans - Folder Documents\Prepar3d Files. When I save I get the error message: "Flight Simulator flight plan will not be saved, since path is not specified! Specify Flight Simulator path on Path Tab!" Question is, what is the error? Plans are being saved to Name Prepar3d FlightPlans - Folder Documents\Prepar3d Files okay. But what is the correct path for Name Simulator Prepar3d - Folder Lockheed Martin\Prepar3d?
  4. Bit Confused

    I originally purchased Aerosoft MyTraffic 2010+ then the Crossgrade Application for FSX. Next I purchased MyTraffic_X_Professional_54a full version for FSX (this for quicker reinstall). Then I upgraded to MT3DV54a_from_MTXV54a for use in P3D. I have now rebuilt my PC with just P3D installed so am a bit confused as to how to install directly to P3D with the apps that I have. Do I need to purchase the full P3D version now that I am only using P3D? Cheers, Mike
  5. Engine Reverse Thrust

    Thanks for replying so quickly Pete, I am following "Configuring FSUIPC with the CH USB Yoke, Rudder Pedals and Throttle Quadrant". version 1.10 by John Cook - But for 4 engine jet. 1. Separate CH Quadrant Levers - 1 per throttle with it's own reverse zone is the aim. 2. I have assigned the 4 middle levers on the CH Throttle Quadrant as engines 1-4. 3. When I go to calibration I get the same numbers (Max 16383 Fully forward / Min -16384 Fully back) for all levers, and can set a top idle as John Cook advises but when I set the lever into the reverse area (behind detent) the number is still -16383 as if this area is not being read at all. The detent back to fully back reads the same -16383. 4. If I set the idle zone by pushing the lever forward from the detent to get a top idle number set and a bottom idle number set when I go into FSX the reverse is showing as active but forward of idle. 5. FSUIPC Version 4.742 Hope this clarifies some. Regards, Mike
  6. Hi Peter, I am trying to set reverse thrust with 4 engines in FSX with CHTQ using fsuipc. I have cleared out the AXIS in FSX and am failing miserably to set up the reverse thrust with fsuipc. I can set the max (16383) and min (-16384) but am not able to set reverser to function in the correct place ( behind idle). When I set the idle zone and do get the reverse to work it is always on when I have the TQ set at detent (idle position) or forward of this or doesn't work at all. I have tried to closely follow suggested guides but cannot make this Reverse work. Question: When I move the lever to max I get 16383, when I move the lever to fully back I get -16384, when I move the lever forward to detent(idle) the number stays the same - is this correct? Regards, Mike Win7 Latest FSUIPC FSX
  7. Newbie - create flight plan

    Thanks again Volker, I tried an uninstalled and reload of the software and it all seems okay now. Though I did get an message on reinstall (I think I might have had this on the first install also): ======================================================= The following files did not self-register or unregister: 1. C:\Windows\SysWOW64\mfc40.dll An event was unable to evoke any of the subscribers To continue, click OK; otherwise, click Cancel. ======================================================= I clicked OK... Does this effect anything?
  8. Newbie - create flight plan

    Thanks for replying Volker. I did click the left button bar but it still made no difference - they were all activated by default on onstall but I did try deactivation whereby they disappeared from the map - it makes no difference activated or deactivated other then on the map.
  9. I am trying to follow the FSC8 tutorial ad have selected departure and destination but when I click on low alt plan I get intersection to intersection not VOR/NDB. Even if I click Navaid or High alt I still get the same. I have tried clicking off int but still get the same. Even if I click off int/vor/ndb I still get the same. Am I missing something here?? Running win7 64/ FSX/ FSC 8.6

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