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  1. Hi, I have been using FSUIPC to set up my warthog for the VRS superbug. After spending an hour or so doing all the programming including setting the axis's and calibrating etc, I was trying it out and I had made a couple of mistakes, added multiple functions to some buttons....I got the error message saying I needed to edit the ini to correct, but could not see any intuitive way to do this - I found the entry for button 14 ( the offending button) and deleted it, it made no difference..and now, all my other assignements seem to be wrong. My hamfisted meddlings have obviously mucked something up, I was just about to uninstall the module (BTW, how do you do this, simply delete the folder? ) and start again from scratch, but thought posting here first might save me some time and trouble... Thanks Mark
  2. Hi, I have a dual boot of windows 7 and win 10 while I try out win 10 with Prepar3d installed on both. I spent a long time setting up my HOTAS on the win10 install, uisng FSUIPC - is it possible to "copy" over a config file or something to my win 7 install, to save doing all again laboriously? Thanks, Mark
  3. Hi Pete, thanks for the prompt reply, I don't mind supporting hard working developers like yourself, so its no biggy. TARGET is the thrustmaster software script program that lets you write profiles for the hardware, in much the same way as yours does. I wondered if there was any likelihood of the two interfering with each other, but I guess I must do some trying and find out. Do you have any idea why so many people are getting these disconnects in windows 8.1 and P3d? rgds, Mark
  4. Hi, I have a new PC, running windows 8.1, and am migrating over to P3d from FSX. I had paid version of FSUIPC on my old PC, but cant find the licence details so anyway brought the new version for the new PC. I am having issues in P3d with my Warthog Hotas and rudders randomly disappearing from the menu in controls and not working correctly. Am I right in hearing that if I use FSUIPC to program the hardware, I can avoid this issue? And how does work with regard to the TARGET software...Can I also program my thrustmaster MFD's to work in the same way ? Any advice gratefully received, thank you, Mark
  5. I know he does not have to answer anything. And I am not disputing his diligence. I just don't like being condescended to. Maybe I am being a little oversensitive, but thats how it seemed to me......
  6. Unbelievable...... If I treated my customers with the same disdain you do, I would be out of business in weeks. I am not misunderstanding replies, you are talking down to me. I am not going to argue anymore, you are a talented computer programmer, but you need to learn something about dealing with people. I tried to explain nicely and with some humour that I was a little offended by your style and you make out its all down to me.... Dont worry, I wont bother coming here for support again, which I am sure wont trouble you.
  7. Sorry, I'm not sure of the relevance of that? Care to expand? Just my attempt at humour... (Do you remember a show called "the fast Show") I dont know if its intentional or not Pete, and I appreciate that you must get tired of people asking "stupid" questions, but both times I have asked for help here , I have come away feeling that I am being spoken to in a patronising and condescending way. I am a paying customer of yours and you have to remember that what seems obvious to you as ( an obvious extremely clever guy ) who wrote the programme, is not quite so clear to people like myself. There are degrees of understanding and ability with using this stuff in your customers. BTW, A search using "F-16" and "Iris Pro F-16" yielded zero results unfortunately. Cheers, Mark
  8. Hi Pete, they are these : http://www.thrustmaster.com/product.aspatformID=5 The F-16 is the Iris pro F-16 and as far as I can tell, it does not have keyboard shortcuts. The buttons on the MFD's are programmable like any other joystick buttons, although they do not come with any programming software. From what you say, it sounds like the cockpit is coded within the gauge file. Thats way to complex for me. I was wondering how easy it would be, but it sounds tricky. I have no programming knowledge, I am just a layman user, self taught. I asked about seeing all the key presses, as I did not think all of them showed in the drop downs in FSUIPC compared to the list in the documents section, but I am obviously mistaken there. I thought that FSUIPC would be the place to start in my quest, as it is THE programming interface for FSX. I'll get my coat.......
  9. HI , I am have a limited abiliy of programming. I have a set of the thrustmaster MFD's. These come with various preset profiles for FSX, but I wanted to have them operate as they do in the Cockpit of the F-16 - IE pressing the button on the MFD on the desk performs the same function as pressing the button with my mouse in the cockpit MFD. If there was key commands for the OSB's in FSX, this would be easy, i could just manually programme each button. I have looked in the FSUIPC supplied list of FSX keyboarrd commands and can see that the G1000 GPS has its buttons mapped to key presses, but could not see any other sectuions that loked helpful. My logic is that it must be possible, after all, how does FSX interpret the mouse click on the button in the cockpit? Is this possible using FSUIPC? Or will the software only work with the pre set FSX key presses. Can you add extra key presses functions to the blank areas in the list? How do get to see all of the availbale presses within FSUIPC? Any help would be appreciated, thanks Mark
  10. Hi Pete, its version 4.558. I have been trying to start again, but now seem in a bigger mess than when i started. I tried following the simsamurai tutorial, but it was not easy as this seems to be for a different version and for using FS9. Buut i got the gist. However, after painstakinly disabling all my joystick and button mappings as he suggests and just using FSUIPC to assign and calibrate, my yoke is unusable. In the neutral position the plane pulls a loop and ailerons dont seem to work. So I have enabled the FSX defaults again. As I have one of the new Saitek x65 force sticks arriving soon, i think i am going to wait until then before trying to get it all working properly. Meantime, is there anywhere an FSX specific guide for the version i have that I can read up on ? This is a bit frustrating as was working fine with my old cougar hotas ( no longer in use) and without someone to guide you, you can end up wasting hours and getting increasingly frustrated trying to figure these things out for yourself.` finally, do I need any of the updates? I could see no mention of version 4.558 in there.... Cheers, Mark
  11. Hi Pete or anyone, recently you got me set up and one of the bits of advice was to uncheck the "enable controllers" box in the FSX GUI. This was to get smooth control inputs and it worked a treat. However, now when I uncheck this box, my controls are dead. I have unplugged and replugged ( in the same USB port) the controller lead, but no joy. Any ideas please? Or will I have to start again and allocate all the axis etc? I have tried going to each of the axis when in flight and paused and making sure that FSUIPC detects the axis, which it does. Thank you, Mark
  12. Hi Pete, you can actually pan and zoom in any of the views by using the mouse if you want. Its pretty useful. Its mapped to shift -O in the buttons, what happens is that you press this, the cursor changes from an arrow to a cross, to indicate its in this mode, but you cant actually move the view or zoom. I wondered if it had been affected as it was programmed through the GUI, which has been effectively "disabled" by our .cfg edit. I did look and see if I could assign this function through FSUIPC, but could not see a way of doing this. In that case I guess I need to look elsewher for the culprit, although it does seem co incidental does'nt it? XCheers, Mark
  13. Hi Pete, I seem to have one small issue, since we did the .cfg edit. I cant seem to be able to use my mouse to pan view or zoom in anymore. Is it copnnected do you think? And if so, is there a way get it working again? I use it a lot... Thx, Mark
  14. That did the trick Pete, everything is lovely once more..... Thx!!!
  15. Hi Pete, yes, FSX and I just checked my .cfg files, the last entry I have in "controls" section is " KBDRUD=64" So I guess I can add it manually without problems. strange its not there though...... I will have a test flight now and report back, many thanks for your patience, rgds,Mark PS: FSUIPC seems an incredible piece of software from my limited viewpoint, you are obviously an extremly talented guy, thank you !
  16. Hi Pete, i definitely do not have any entry in my.cfg files that starts "Joystick" have checked very carefully and used the find function. nada... Could this be manually added? thx, Mark
  17. Hi Pete, thanks for the quick reply, I think this may be the issue, as lo and behold, "enable controllers " was checked in my GUI. I had unchecked it, but I have 4 .cfg files i swap in and out, so i guess it snuck in again. Is there a line i can add to my .cfg files to ensure all have it switched off, rather than having to remeber to do it manually each time? I had a look in the file, under the "Conrtrols" section, there did not appear to be a 1 or 0 value that I could change. rgds, Mark
  18. Hi, I am a complete new user, and got FSUIPC after experiencing problems getting my cougar hotas set up in FSX. I managed to allocate axis and calibrate my hotas and also assign the buttons and functions I wanted. I was immediately amazed at how different and responsive my hotas was. I was actually able to start landing my F-18 sucessfully on the carrier, something that requires intense finessse on the throttle and joysytick. Howver, having not changed anything that I am aware of , I suddenly find that my silky smooth hotas has become jerky and snatchy. I cant figure out what has changed and how to sort it out. Can anyone help? thank you, mark
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