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  1. Hi, I'm currently evaluating the trial version of FSC 9.0 to decide about updating from 8.6. The thread with the new features listed states but I can't find anything about this option in the help file or the manual. The only thing so far is the folder setting for the Google Earth program but I think this is used for exporting some already flown data and not a real time position update. So how can I enable this live view in Google Earth? Would be a welcome feature.
  2. Gabe62, I'm using UT2 traffic only and when I connect FSC to FSX via WideFS, all aircraft symbols are shown. So I can see all AI around me. Which sort of display do you mean exactly?
  3. Ah, thanks for answeringmust have overlooked that other thread. As for planning a flight it would be an improvement to have a switchable option for "real world" and "other source (e. g. Active Sky)" weather data in FSC. But in my unterstanding the other thread is left open with the last statement of the thread starter, suggesting the same point. I think the use of active sky as weather tool in FS9/FSX is quite common (that´s why so many other programms support their interface I think) so this would add some comfort in planning historical flights. Of course I can get around this lack of data in FSC when flying offline or historical by using the build in Active Sky "Briefing" option (which is less comfortable when planning a flight). And I never said that FSC would be a bad planning tool without this optionit´s just I like this programm and tried other flight planners before and I´m very convinced with my decision to buy FSC even without the suggested option. But as we´re all trying to get better and program versions evolveyou know what I mean. :) I don´t know if FSC must have access to data generated by other programs (such as Active Sky) and therefor has to access their interface or if it´s just enough to get the weather information out of FSX/FS9 when connected (which only expands the current FSC interface instead of generating a need for new ones). Maybe that´s why I buy programs instead of programming them :?
  4. Hi there. Loading the current FSX Weather from Active Sky (instead of the online servers in the actual FSC Config) would be a great option. You could use AS "historical weather" option and create a flightplan using this data. Maybe there already IS such an option but I´m not able to find it :oops: For example: If I setup my FSX to fly in summer and want to plan with FSC considering SID and STAR i have to take a look on the current weather and the possible runways in usebut in the current config FSC only shows me the weather downloaded and therefor in winter conditions. I came across this idea by using Thomas Molitors FlightKeeper and the connected ACARS-Device. You can set it up to load its data just from Active Sky, so the historival values are usable and can be viewed inflight and offline.
  5. CoolP

    Back to FSX when clicking

    Try to ENABLE "Zoom with Mouse Wheel" in the Flight Options and then DISABLE "Aircraft on Map" in the Map-Menu. Also minimizing FSX when working with FSC helps. If you just task switch FSX often "wins" and gains focus on every click in FSC.

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