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  1. im trying to update from 8.3 to 8.5, and when i tried to run the data base it will hang at 82% and stay there , its tring to read 0203 obx23250 bgl. what am i doing wrong, this is a registered copy that i have owned for about three months. thanks......................Robert
  2. hello peter i have just to say that i finally went to Fsx and its is great, but there are some things that i have noticed or perhaps its just the sim. on fs9 when ever i loaded say active sky , or radar contac it would scroll acroos the top to advise me , but for some reason it is not doing this , im sure there is somthing im missing or perhaps its the other applications thats the cause. i believe i have every thing checked marked that needs to be in your set up section. Thanks...Robert
  3. your right as usual peter got it up and running. Robert
  4. im sorry Peter i did read , but did not quite understand it. i ran the exe and then looked in the module folder and it was there , i also loaded the sim and found the add ons , opened it up and there was fsuipc. it is also registered to me and so is widefs, also it says diaable widefs, and i believe that means it is enabled. so far i believe it is set up correct. where i get confused is do i put the wide client s modules in the secondaery com just like fs9. i did that on the second computer and put them in the folder . and i started it up and it says it is waiting for a connection. everyt
  5. hello peter i have upgraded from fs9 to fsx and i believe i did everything correct. fsuipc shows up in the sim , i installed exe. and i see it in the module section , i also put the widefs server and ini file into the module and loaded the widefs client and ini file onto the other pc. had no problems with fs9 working , but im a little lost on why FSX is not responding. do i need to add something in the ini config section like i did with fs9 . will i need to add the ip address below tje config section of the client ini. thanks....Robert
  6. hello peter im migrating over to fsx and will be downloading your module fsuipc4 and im wanting to know will widefs 6.78 that i have for fs9 work with fsuipc4, thanks.................................Robert
  7. yes peter im embarrassed, my email address was wrong at the back end , it was .com instead of .net. you have a lot of patients and im thankful for that. all is well and have a great day.........Robert
  8. im sorry , what i mean is that i cannot register it. the keys that i got when i bought the software does not work and i have used it it before many times. for some reason it will not accept it. for both fsuipc and wide view. the current software is 3.85 and i upgraded to your 3.90 and my register keys would not work , and then i decided to go back to 3.85 and it still would not work. im sorry if i was not clear.......Thanks...Robert
  9. hello Peter im having a problem getting my keys to register both fsuipc and widefs, i have had these programs for several years and i have never had this problem before. i had to reload and format my hard drive and after i reloaded everything i got to the part of putting in my keys and they will not work. i run FS9 and i was running 3.85 and and i look on your website and saw a newer version and in put that one in 3.90 and it would not take the keys that i had, so i decided to put back in the older version and still i cannot get the keys to work. also i noticed that the digital signature
  10. well it appears im getting closer to flying, i love this program and it seems it going to work well. im trying to get the level d to see the flight plan , when i save the plan in FMC , i save it to FMC and level d. after saving it i check to see that it got to the folder of level d. it is in there and im wondering from this point how i find it on my FMC. is there another step that i need to make. i have all the other data loaded in my fmc , im just wanting to load the flight plan . thanks ......Robert
  11. thank you for your reply, pictures are worth a thousand words and your english is just fine. your picture showed me right away where to go and i got it working , again thank you for your help. im new to FSC and it is going to be a great addition to my flying . thanks........................Robert
  12. yes i believe i have . im running FSC on another com, and i have it mapped to my main com. what folder does it want to put the level d saved flight plans in, i have mapped it to the flightsim folder on my main com. maybe im not understanding them on what they want. its asking me flight plan cannot be saved because FS path unknown, please specify path in options window. what are they talking about , the fsc or fs9. fsc is on the second com so it should know where it is, im directing it to that folder . Thanks......Robert
  13. hello folks i have everything set up and im running FS on another com thru a network, so far so good. what im trying to do is get my flight plan loaded in my level d FMC. after i create a flight plan i then generate a plan and save it, i also checked the box level d and radar contac. i believe that is what im suppose to do, and then when i go to save it , it will ask me that i need a FS path that is unknown. i have all my drives mapped correctly as everything else is working, so im not for sure where they are telling me to find . i have my flightsim mapped , and the folder where the fligh
  14. Thanks for the reply and sorry for the error in your name . im still must be doing somthing wrong . im not for sure on work group names so i went in and set them up. as far a work group names i name then the same on both computers. (camtech). hers is the log on the client com. ********* WideClient Log [version 6.78] Class=FS98MAIN ********* Date (dmy): 09/02/09, Time 13:25:26.080: Client name is CAMTECH 172 Attempting to connect now 172 Trying TCP/IP host "camtech" port 8002 ... 172Okay, IP Address = 1186 Error on client pre-Connection Select() [Er
  15. Hello Mr. Dobson it has been awhile that i have used widefs , and im having problems connecting. first here is my log . this is what im reading from the main computer log ******** WideServer.DLL Log [version 6.78] ********* Blocksize guide = 4096 (double allowed) Date (dmy): 09/02/09, Time 09:55:29.281: Server name is THERMALTAKE 85562 Initialising TCP/IP server 85578 Initialising IPX/SPX server 85578 IPX/SPX socket() failed [Error=10044] Socket type not supported 85578 Failed to start IPX/SPX Server 85578 Initialising UDP/IP server 86234 Broadcasting service
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