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  1. i already have the 4.5x version. do i need to download the 4.7 update or the complete 4.7x first. also will i have to register this one
  2. Well after all these weeks. I finally figured out how to get the program to run with Windows 7. you have to run both programs as admin. And I have the wrong codes. I get only European trafficbut it is working now. What a relief for me
  3. Yes I think I am going to do the same. They just responded the other day and told me to uninstall both products and clean out the folders. of course they did not tell me what folders to clean out. I uninstalled both products and deleted all folders and cleaned my registry and reinstall them both and it still does not work.
  4. You know it's a shame that no one responds to your support questions but yet I am still getting charged for a product that I can not get to work on my computer. Can you tell me if I am getting charged twice for this product. I still can not get this program to work. i have left Airnav support 3 emails and it's been almost a week and no response
  5. here my verdict. I change the line scenery\world\scenery\trafficAircraft.bgl to trafficAircraft.bgl.passive. it did not change anything as far as fs live traffic 3. I have no AI traffic period. I went to london to see if I had the wrong version and there is no traffic there either.
  6. I ordered the us version and I went to Austrailia and there were none and I checked London. and no I did not disable AI traffic
  7. any clues because I have tried contacting Airnav with no luck. there support page offers little help.
  8. I only have fs live traffic 3. do I need to add that line. the instructions do not tell me to do that
  9. I have done just as the instructions has told me to do and still no aircraft. only FSX AI traffic and that's with the slidwe at 100%. I have had no response from Airnav only that they have been busy with Radar box 3d. Do you do anything to your FXX.cfg file to correct this issue?
  10. anyone familiar with this program. I installed it on my new system windows 7 64 bit and FSX. I see the aircraft in the folder where they were suppose to download but when I start FSX after downloading the from fs llive traffic 3. the only aircraft I see are the AI traffic from the game and not from FS Live Traffic.
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