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  1. @John Dowson You are a god send! That did the trick! I thought that cable was for an ethernet connection lol. I was able to program the entire unit thankfully. Very much appreciate you helping me troubleshoot this matter sir. Corey
  2. Hey John, I believe this has the full log you were looking for. I tried to reset the alpha yoke in MSFS but didn't see any function that let me do that. I'm playing under the default settings as of now since it wouldn't recognize the commands. FSUIPC7_prev.log
  3. John, I went into the offset tab in the log tab and entered 3340 in the offset box, type U32 and clicked the hex box. There was still no response from the hat switch or any of the buttons or switches on the handles of the Alpha yoke. I also removed the Bravo entry from the ini. I have included both the log and .ini below. FSUIPC7.log FSUIPC7.ini
  4. @John Dowson Thanks for getting back to me. I will delete the Bravo Lua. Just put it in there so it's ready when it arrives. Second, this is my first time working with FSUIPC and I'm not sure how to activate the offset you instructed me to do. I went into the log tab and clicked offset and a table popped up but it wouldn't let me enter 0x3340 in the field. Is that what you meant? A step by step how-to would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Here are my logs in case you wanted to see them Corey FSUIPC7.ini FSUIPC7log.txt
  6. @David Brewster Thank you for this invaluable resource. @John Dowson Thank you for the clarification on the setup. I just went through all the steps to set up my Alpha yoke and all the switches on the main panel were able to be programmed through FSUIPC. However, the hat switch and all the buttons on the handle aren't responding. I opened MSFS, loaded a plane and waited for the log to read 'Starting everything now' but there was still no response in the assignment tab for any of those buttons/switches. Any help would be appreciated. Corey
  7. Hi all, I recently downloaded the trial version of FSC 8.6 from the website and I am completely lost as to how to use this program. I would love to know the link that takes you to the tutorials for beginners and any other resources that might be useful. Thanks in advance. FSX acceleration/ OS -Vista
  8. HI all, I was wondering if there was anyway to get my user aircraft and my flight plan to register and appear on the my traffic board. I love that I can see other Ai traffic schedules, but would love to see my plane there as well. On another note, unrelated to My traffic, I just downloaded add-on aircraft and I was wondering how do I get the system (particularly ATC) to recognize my company's name. I am using FS Passengers and am building a fleet of airlines using United Airlines. However, the system refers to my aircraft as either "Uniform Alpha" (for UA) or Boeing. How do I get ATC t
  9. Hi all, I'm new to My traffic x and just discovered my traffic board which i love. I have some questions regarding the program... 1) Is there anyway to sync my flight plan with the board so that it shows up as a scheduled departure and arrival? 2) I am looking to download a few programs to enhance my flying experience: FS passengers, Super traffic board, and super flight planner. Are these programs compatible with my traffic x and will they at least give me the same options I have with the my traffic x traffic board? Thanks in advance
  10. I manually found all of the woai bgl files and that solved the problem. I have traffic galore. Thanks for your help on this issue.
  11. Burkhard, You directed me to this post from the beginner's forum to fix my lack of traffic issue. I followed the instructions and downloaded the bgl finder and traffic_bgls files and finally got a traffic_schedules file to appear. I opened that file in notepad and nothing came up on it; all it read was "List of AI traffic schedules" and that's it. Something tells me this isn't right.
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