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  1. how much of a fps are you losing when activating MT6? I went from locked at 30 at KORD to now at 12FPS with 8% AI. Any way of improving that? I have an I7, GTX970 setup.
  2. figured it out.... In my scenery library the path was just C:/my traffic professional, I didnt list My Aircraft. Sorry user error!
  3. also when I go to My Communicator on the main page its still showing me Guided Configuration two last steps, but I have done this. Does this screen always come up with this? Maybe its not saving?
  4. Sorry for the delay, here are the results. List of AI traffic schedules C:\Prepar3D v2\Scenery\World\scenery\trafficBoats.bgl C:\Prepar3D v2\Scenery\World\scenery\trafficCarriers.bgl I set in P3D to have traffic for commercial and GA.
  5. I tried the above options, a through c with no luck, I also tried re installing the program, still see no AI. How do I go about option D? Also I did have UT2 installed prior, I uninstalled it prior to installing, is there maybe a lingering file that needs to be changed causing this to not load AI Traffic?
  6. Not sure what I did wrong but followed the instructions.... Installed My Traffic X (C:\MyTraffic Professional\My Traffic) Loaded up My Traffic Communicator I configured My Traffic/Local Traffic to the location I installed My Traffic X, above, and pressed OK I then went to manage Prepar3DV2 and went to the bottom line only "Manage Simobject.cfg" The next screen pops up and I select add my traffic and loaded the next available entry as the following.... [Entry.9] Path="C:\MyTraffic Professional\MyTraffic\Aircraft" I press save and close I then turn on P3D, go to World, Scenery Library
  7. John You are right, the clip just physically connects two throttle levers. I will use your manager and just take the clip off when flying a 4 engine jet to make it work with 4 different axises.
  8. John I have one more question. I use the CH Throttle Quadrant with the Throttle Clips so it basically takes 2 throttle levers and makes it one lever, I have my last two levers as my buttons to make it trigger the reverse. So I have throttle 1 and 2 set up with your method. I want to set this up for the PMDG 747X using the same method but to work with all 4 engines. I have 2 questions on this one. 1- Is there a way I can leave my clips on there and map say throttle 1 to control throttle 1 and 2? and throttle 2 to control 3 and 4? 2- If I can do the above, when I select the button porti
  9. it is working now, I think I might of had pressed the wrong LUA function on the button and switches. Appreciate your help, great tool.
  10. it is names lua, i double checked that. so should the 1=LUA ThrottleManager be under the [LuaFiles] or I should make [Auto] up and place it there?
  11. in the throttle manager do I need to change anything in that before saving it to a lua file? Like engine numbers? For the recap, this is what I did... 1- Opened up FSUIPC.INI and put a new line [Auto] 1=LUA ThrottleManager 2- Set up control axis for engine #1 per directions listed above 3- Save throttlemanager.txt as a lua.file
  12. this is what my ini.file is, I am only working on throttle #1 so disregard other throttle numbers. [General] UpdatedByVersion=4749e History=VJ0C0KD10LE4MAW58D6RI MouseWheelTrim=No MouseWheelTrimSpeed=1 JoystickTimeout=20 FixControlAccel=No FixMachSpeedBug=No VisibilityOptions=No OneCloudLayer=No CloudTurbulence=No CloudIcing=No GenerateCirrus=No SuppressCloudTurbulence=No MaxIce=-4 MinIce=-4 UpperWindGusts=No SuppressWindTurbulence=No SuppressWindVariance=No WindTurbulence=No TurbulenceRate=1.0,5.0 TurbulenceDivisor=20,20,40,40 SuppressAllGusts=No MaxSurfaceWind=0 Wind
  13. This is what I got when I tried logging my actions. I dont see the script running in this. ********* FSUIPC4, Version 4.749e by Pete Dowson ********* User Name="Anthony Neumann" User Addr="antney79@aol.com" FSUIPC4 Key is provided WIDEFS7 not user registered, or expired [Continuation log requested by user] Running inside FSX on Windows 7 Module base=61000000 1242844 System time = 02/01/2012 14:00:45, Simulator time = 13:51:56 (19:51Z) 1243094 Ready Flags: Ready-To-Fly=Y, In Menu=N, In Dlg=N 1244670 FS Control Sent: Ctrl=66080, Param=0 1244670 FS Control Sent: Ctrl=66423, P
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