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  1. Just to report back, in case someone else has this issue: I re-installed Windows 7 (to get around the change in ownership of the Winsxs files related to SimConnect (above)- seems that when you make such a change and delete the file, the OS remembers when that file is ever attempted to be re-installed). Then installed FSX RTM (which is where I was previously trying to establish the SC connection to my GoFlight module), then installed SP1 and SP2 to FSX, the tried my GoFlight module, which worked perfectly. Either I had randomly good luck in a good SC base install IRTM), or the module is looking for either the SP1 or 2 versions of SC- for which it seems to need a base version to work correctly. Thanks, Bruce.
  2. Thanks Ian. Unfortunately I don't have a second PC to work with (with FSX installed), and although I saved some files from my prior FSX install, I didn't save this one (only saved flights, EZDoC exported views, etc.). If I ever get this working (and of course a re-install of Win 7 doesn't guarantee that, not good odds from my experience :) ), I will save this file / folder for a future re-install. Thanks for the idea. Bruce.
  3. Hi Pete, Thanks- I think a Win 7 re-install may be in order, at least to have a RTM version of SC (even if it doesn't work properly). Thanks again, good to know that at least FSUIPC works with SP1 and SP2..... Thanks, Bruce.
  4. I have just reinstalled Windows 7 (64) and FSX, following a motherboard change. Regarding FSX, I have just installed the "out of the box" version (Deluxe Edition), and wanting to make sure I install everything back correctly I decided to check SimConnect by installing FSUIPC prior to adding SP1 and SP2. I have had trouble with a correct SimConnect install before, both in FSUIPC (registered version) and some hardware from GoFlight that also seems to need a good install of SimConnect. I got an error installing FSUIPC, and also noted that the hardware didn't run. Referring to this link: http://forum.ivao.aero/index.php?topic=95115.0 Knowing that Win7 has security on system files, I went into Folder Options when navigated to the x_86microsoft.flightsimulator.simconnect_67c........ folder, and using the Security/Advanced tab changed the owner to my account, and then went back into Folder Options and gave myself permission to delete the file. So far, so good. I then confirmed that folder and files had been deleted, then did a "Repair" in FSX. However, the Repair did not reinstalled the SimConnect folder. I then uninstalled FSX and re-installed, and once again have noted that the SimConnect folder has not been installed. I don't know if this is because I took over the folder ownership (from SYSTEM), and so applications will not reinstall it, or whether it's just a bad case of install issues that miss the installation of the folder. Do you have any advice, if this is a folder ownership issue, how to resolve the issue? (Of course the folder is no longer there to change ownership / permissions back to SYSTEM). I guess the other question is how important is this specific version of SimConnect, given the SP1 and SP2 will both install their own versions of SimConnect? I see reference in the above linked article that FSUIPC requires this base version of SimConnect for correct functionality. And I guess the extended question is how important is the base version of SimConnect to add-ons in general (beyond the scope of FSUIPC, I know). Any help most appreciated. I wish that, given that I can get my FSUIPC installed again, that add-ons into FSX gave us the option of SimConnect or FSUIPC as a conduit to the FS application. :) Finally, a reinstall of Win7 is a possibility if required, I have as yet not activated anything and have very little else installed yet, either to the OS or FSX. However, what are the odds of a repeat bad install of SimConnect, and if so, is there a better way to go than what I did? Thanks, Bruce.
  5. Thanks Andy- it was the Flight One FSXML application that I was using, but it may be user error at my end here! Thanks again, its great to have FSX back- how do we get so addicted to this sim? !! Bruce.
  6. And it works perfectly so far, thanks again Andy and Pete. Bruce.
  7. Thanks so much for all your help, Andy. Were you able to determine what caused the file corruption? I will install this one and try it- it was built with FSXML after importing all of the sections of the original file. Thanks again, Bruce.
  8. Thank Andy and Pete, I've got to say- on a topic that is only marginally related to FSUIPC, this has the be the most responsive customer service I have seen, thanks guys. I have attached the file that will not work, it's the result of importing the sections from the original file. if you need me to upload the actual original file (which FSXMS renamed), let me know. Thanks again. By the way, the addon that caused this I believe was MadDog MD2006, when I opened the setup manager to change some sound levels. That's all I did since I last used FSX. Thanks again, Bruce. DLL.zip
  9. Tonight I opened a load manager for an add-on aircraft I had and it appears that my XML file is now corrupted. None of my add-ons are showing other than the ezdoc camera, including FSUIPC. I noted on the Level D forum instructions and downloaded and ran FSXML,exe from Flight One. I can create a new XML file and I do get FSUIPC and the Level D airplane, however when trying to extract from my backed up XML file both FSUIPC and Level D do not work or show in the FSx add-on menu, even if they are the only items added back from the saved XML file. Obviously I can start off with the newly created file with only FSUIPC and Level D, I know that works. Should I proceed to uninstall and reinstall all of my other add-ons that use the addon menu in FSX? What causes this corruption in the XML file anyway? Thanks, Bruce.
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