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  1. Hi Rene - I have had a similar problem re: registering the permanent FSC 9.5 - I get that it is on the Simmarket website but where is the "About" menu option? Many thanks for any help. Shaun
  2. Pete - may I request through your forum some personal assistance should anyone be willing & are based in the UK. I no longer have the time to resolve the issues related to the above topics & I have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to resolve these issues & not actually doing any flying! Forums can be very helpful - my issues have been compounded by my apparent lack of knowledge of the computer & the interface with flight sim & the add ons - I am just not able to enjoy the hobby we all feel so passionate about. Many thanks -a grateful Shaun.
  3. Dear Pete, Many thanks for the very prompt reply and advice. The "Really?" part - really - cannot remember the exact wording but the latest version of FSUIPC was acquired with the download. I see you are based around Stoke-on-Trent. Let me know if you ever consider individual tuition for which I am to happy to pay: - on the role and use of the FSUIPC (Registered and Unregistered). Regards, Shaun
  4. Hi - any advice or help would be much appreciated: Specs: Win7 64 bit: i7CPU; 12288 MBRAM; Direct x11;AMD Radeon HD6900 use REX2 & Ezdok; FsCommander; FSx Have acquired the unregistered FSUIPC 4.742 of FSUIPC4.dll - this was downloaded 'automatically' with the PMDG 737NGX. I have now developed the problem of significant changes (spikes) in altitude and air speed (can be either increases or decreases)associated with changes in direction of wind and wind speed - this occurrs intermittently but more than the old Flight sim problem. Also experience exteme winds - over 100knts when crossing the Atlantic. Even the skeleton of the aircraft has appeared when shifting fom VC to external view & not returned to the origonal state. I have read Pete Dowson's comments about the unregistered version not 'talking,' as were, to Fsx - my experience is they are arguing & its not helpful. If I click on 'all weather off' -all weather disappears. I have unticked winds aloft, unticked weather in the FSUIPC - cleared weather; uninstalled Rex. I have no problem with purchasing & registering the FSUIPC if I thought this would help. I have no keys to register - how are these obtained if the unregistered version comes with the download as it were - I assume that the key will be released if I purchase the product? Many thanks Shaun
  5. Volker - Thanks for the reply. I have and as I say there is no problem with the PMDG 747's. I am not doing anything different - once I have saved the flight plan or opened one - I get the message in the FMS of the MD 11 "not in the data base". I am trying a number of combinations but this has got me puzzled - all the Navigraph data is being saved in the correct files for PMDG - they are all in the same folder. Thanks. Shaun
  6. I am using FSC 8.6 with no problem with saving flights and the transfer to Co Route of flight plans with the PMDG 747's. Unfortunately this is not the case with PMDG MD11 for some reason. All the PMDG products are updated with Navigraph aswell as FSC. I would be grateful for any help or advice. Shaun Keegan
  7. Patrick thanks for the response. I have a problem importing saved flights into any add on aircraft that has a reasonably sophisticated functioning FMC. Any add on aircraft will follow a saved flight plan. However, the saved flight plan will not automatically load into any of the add on aircraft with a FMC. This is despite following the flight sim commander manual. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Shaun
  8. I have saved flight plans in FS Commander and have saved them in Flight Simulator X Files successfully. Is it correct that these plans cannot be automatically loaded into the FMC and will always have to be loaded manually? If not, how can this be done? Many thanks for any advice or help. Shaun
  9. Dear Pete During the installation process I get the message: FSUIPC4.DLL version 4.3 dwnloaded successfully - I have checked in the add ons and it is there. I was wondering if you could advise about running as Administrator - I have not heard of that before. I downloaded FS Commander in C\FSC\. Many thanks for your help.
  10. I thought I had downloaded FS Commander 8.6 successfully. I am running FS x in Windows 7 However - I get the message: " Unable to connect to flight simulator Msg# (no process response) when trying to link the GPS after the flight plan has been set. What does this mean an how can it be resolved? Many thanks.
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