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  1. Just upgraded from P3Dv4.2 to 4.3 which came with the C-130 aircraft, and I also just purchased the new DC-4 from Flight Replicas. These are the first 4 engine planes I have tried to use. I have successfully used FSUIPC various versions for years with my 1 and 2 engine planes with no problems. I have a registered version FSUIPC v 5.123 installed. I can't seem to get my CH Products Throttle Quadrant to work correctly with these planes and am wondering if I am doing something wrong. I am trying to use throttle #1 to control engines 1 and 2, and trying to do the same for the prop control and mixture control. I setup the CH throttle # 1 and calibrate it and tick the box to map it to engine #2 and do likewise for the prop controls and the mixtures. I then setup throttle # 2 for engine 3 and map it to engine #4 and do the same with the prop and mixture controls. I move the first CH engine throttle stick which now should control engine # 1 and 2 and it works those throttles in the sim and I can see them move in the view on my monitor. . But when I move the second engine throttle stick which should control engines 3 and 4, it also moves engine number 2"s throttle in the sim and the view on my monitor. The same thing happens with the prop and mixture controls. The CH Throttle Quadrant is about 2 years old. I have never tried to use it with 4 engine planes before. I am not sure if it is defective or if there is something wrong with FSUIPC. Is anyone else seeing this problem with P3D v4.3 and FSUIPC 5.132? Thanks Howard
  2. Hi Volker, Thanks for your reply. I have resolved the problem. It was being caused by the latest version of FSUIPC meant for P3Dv4.2. I noticed some other small problems with P3D with that program installed. I removed it and everything ran fine. I have reverted back to FSUIPC v5.124 and now FS Commander works fine. Thanks for your help. Howard
  3. Hi Volker, Thanks for your quick reply. In answer to your questions, I submit the following information to help with my problem. In answer to your questions, I submit the following information to help with my problem. Prepar 3D V4.2 FSUIPC version 9.7 just downloaded. I do NOT use FSC in a network FSC and Database Manager version 9.75 downloaded today Provider of AIRAC not known as Database Manager is not running properly Version 9,7 downloaded from Simmarket.com Operating system is Windows 10 Home I use two (2) monitors Thanks, Howard
  4. I am running P3Dv4.2 and am trying to upgrade from a registered FSC 9.6 to 9.7. I downloaded the 9.7 version and had to delete my 9.6 before I could install 9.7. I try to run the Data Base Manager and I select the proper locations in both boxes and click on run the db and it flashes for an instant and then the window says it is finished. I exit and start FSC, but I get an error window that says "You have to run the Database Manager first!! File country.fsc missing or zero bytes! Check FSC_info.log for details." I can not find FSC_info.log and can't figure out what is wrong. Thanks Howard
  5. I had to do a complete new install of my P3Dv4.1 and now have an error on shutting down. It was not there until I installed FSUIPC. Here it is> Windows 10 64 b Home version10.0.15063 build 15063 Graphics Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 with driver version 385.14 P3Dv4 Academic Fsuipc5.122 The program now starts and runs fine, except that I get one error message every time I shut it down. It says "Content Error and I go to C\users\(my name)\Documents\Prepar3Dv4 Files\Contenterrors.txt". I open that file and see: [error.0] error=Payload station indexes should be between 1 - Number of Stations and it continues down the page repeating the message except changing the error number on each line, up to [error.999] error=Payload station indexes should be between 1 - Number of Stations The program seems to be working well and I do not know what this error means. Any suggestions? Thanks, Howard
  6. I am using P3Dv4 and FSC9.7. Everything was fine until a couple of weeks ago when during multi player flights with my VA, after about a half hour of the flight, the GPS radar view stops showing the other planes in the flight. Someone has suggested that maybe my install is not registered. I cant remember if I registered it or not, but now I cant seem to find out if it is, and if it is not, how to go about registering it. Can anyone help? Thanks, Howard
  7. I am running P3D v2.5.12945 and I had a registered FSUIPC version 4.939n installed. I thought I would update the FSUIPC to the 4.953 version but cant seem to be able to register it. A non registered version has installed into my P3D, but when I try to register it keeps looking for FSXSE, which I do not have. I cant figure out how to get registederd again. Can you helpme? Thanks. Howard
  8. How can I change the weight in the aircraft window from kg to lb. I am in the US and I don't want to have to convert this item everytime I make a flight plan. Thanks.
  9. Hi Pete, Sorry, my typo mistake. I have version 4.929. I got it sorted out. The message I was getting was when I clicked on the install button in the download. It said it was already installed in FSX. It did not give me anyway to direct the install to P3D. I started the Migration tool and installed it through that program. Everything is working now. Thanks for getting back to me. Howard
  10. I have both FSX and P3D V2.1 installed in C: Program Files/X86. My original registered FSUIPC version 4.928 install was into FSX some time ago. I just added P3D on the same drive. I can't get my original download FSUIPC version 4.928 to install into P3D. I get the message that says it is already installed in FSX. Do I have to buy another copy of FSUIPC to get it to work in P3D? Thanks. Howard
  11. OK. I took your suggestion and did a copy/paste and that worked. I am not going to try and figure out what was wrong. Thanks for your help. Howard
  12. Hi Pete, This morning I purchased a registered copy of FSUIPC4 and paid for it by credit card and received the registration key. I have installed it into FSX but can not get the registration key to work. It keeps telling me that it is not a good 12 number key. How long does it take from payment to being able to use the registration key? There is also the possibility that I am mis interpreting what might be the number 0 and the letter o, and the number 1 and the letter i or l, but I have tried all the combinations I can think of and nothing works. I do not want to post the key here for obvious reasons. Thanks, Howard
  13. Hi Pete, I set up a flight on our server 2 and ran the log during the flight. The control problem was there. I then shut everything down and looked at the log file. It was all Greek to me. I then did another flight , off line, the problem was NOT there. I shut down and tried to find the log file for the two flights to compare them, but only the second log was there. I guess I should have saved the first one with a name, as it appears that only the last one gets saved and gets overwritten with the next flight, so I don't have anything to send you to compare. I then re read the manual, and also got into the advanced users manual and discovered that I could completely cut off all weather from FSUIPC. On page 2 of the advanced users manual, under General Weather Options/Weather Read Factor, third paragraph, it says if you want to stop all weather activities in FSUIPC4 you can change the Weather Read Factor value from 2 to 0 in the FSUIPC4 cfg file. I did this. I have now flown five flights on our number two server with it's own weather and have not experienced any of the old problem. One of these flights was for two hours, and one was for three hours. One was our regular Tuesday MP flight and there were five of us on line for two hours with several take offs and landings. Everything was fine. I am not saying that FSUIPC was causing the problem. It could be coming from FSX in combination with FSInn, our own server, the VATSIM weather, or some combination of these. And again, it only affects users with FSX running on computers with Windows 7. There are so many variables it is hard to isolate anything here. At least for now, everything is back to normal after I made the above change. The other members of our VA having the same problem are going to also try this fix. I will continue to fly on line and I will let you know if the problem comes back, or if it does not fix the other members problem. Thanks for your help, Howard
  14. Pete, I am not very computer knowledgeable, but will try and figure out how to run the weather log today on our MP flight. I am not sure how to figure out how to tell how the weather is being applied locally to my FSX. We use FSInn to fly MP sessions. The member who supplies the server is away a lot, and I have not heard back from him yet, but another member told me he thinks the weather being supplied is from VATSIM, not FSMeteo. I know it is not Active Sky, as I have tested that by clicking on the CAVOK button on the FSInn panel, then starting Active Sky. The weather I then get is different from what the server supplies, and the plane then flies normally. The only thing we are certain of is that only FSX running on Windows 7 seems to be affected, and if we uninstall FSUIPC, the problem goes away. I will try and do the weather log thing today and post the results. Thanks, Howard
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