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  1. Very nice...we need more GA!! Helos? :D
  2. Oh course we need more GA's....some RV's and Cirrus would nice too.
  3. So to change an aircrafts max altitude you adjust that setting under ther SERIES area?
  4. So I was wondering how you can stop the GA aircraft, mainly the smaller props like the Cessna 172SP from flying with flight plans above 20,000ft? I went into the series section of MT and changed the maximum altitude to 15,000 but I am still seeing some of these aircraft at 20K and above…I think MT does some post processing that corrects/changes the altitude of some flights…suggestions?
  5. Thanks this worked out great! :)
  6. Is there a fast way to create a string of registration numbers with the same properties but with numbers that just increase by one besides do it hand by hand or using the OK and More button?
  7. joshieca

    Good INI settings

    LOL - i keep answering my own questions....I think I got it, but tell me if I am wrong... So when you play with the traffic density % the flights do not actually get removed, but rather MT just increases the AI density % so that if you have yours set to say 50% in FSX for example it would make more or less flights at below or above the 50% level depending on the numbers you enter in the % area. From what I can tell that you DO need to set these numbers each time you tell MT to create a files and traffic, otherwise it will overwrite them with the default numbers of “0”.
  8. joshieca

    Good INI settings

    Got, thats good info to know, thanks... Once last thing about the density %, do I need to set this EACH time I make a change and do another "create all files and traffic" or by setting it in the "schedule files and traffic" and running that once will it make the adjustments?
  9. joshieca

    Good INI settings

    I think I figured out the second part...if I want to see a reduction in Military traffic I should change the traffic density %. So if my Ai Density slider in FSX is at 40% and I want to see 20% of the Military flights, I should enter in "25" into the traffic density %, correct?
  10. joshieca

    Good INI settings

    Ok, so the higher the delay minutes causes more aircraft to be parked. Likewise lower in the delay minutes causes more aircraft to be in the air....but do any of these change the amount of air traffic an airport gets? For example, if I change the delay time to 5 mintues, will MT say "hey, I have lots of empty parking/gates I need to fill now" and cause the program to schedule more air traffic. Second question...whats the quickest way to reduce the amount of military air traffic in the system? tks. :D
  11. joshieca

    Good INI settings

    LOL -- I’ve tweaked the DB for MT5.3 so much now, I don't know where the orig one starts and mine ends... :roll: :? :roll: So I was wondering what are the default settings for the INI file and what are the recommended settings to get good traffic, but not overwhelming.... My INI file settings
  12. So now that MT is using these aircraft....when I make a DB change, like add a flight, do I need to keep using the "schedule" to compile the flights or can I use the quicker "create" one and will MT keep using those vintage aircraft in the autogen?
  13. ok, I’ll be back to you on this....i am doing some experimenting with the database this weekend. :D Solved....ok, so basically what I did was first was to work off a backup of the database. I then went in and added made changes etc. to aircraft that I would like to see fly with me...regardless of the year...things like a Pan Am 747, an Air France Concorde, a TWA L1011, etc. So once I made sure that there were at least five registration numbers good for each aircraft until 2020 and made sure their aircraft type properties was set to last year 2020, I then saved the backup DB and went to the Info/Maintenance Dialog box and checked "Delete all autogen flights" and "all random flights". After that I went to the Create/Schedule, Files and Traffic and choose "Create all forks", "Create Auto Schedule" and "Create random global schedule" and let it go...about 45mins to an hour it finished and MT added the flights that I wanted and asked it to. 8)
  14. I went through the aircraft DB in MT5.3 to get a better understanding of how things get listed. I have noticed several aircraft listed as "available" in MT 5.3 but can't seem to locate them in the aircraft folder or the aircraft installers. Most are GA aircraft, here is that list... TYPE KEY.................TITLE IN FSX Arro-GA(xx)..............Piper Arrow II MyPaint(xx) Beech99-GA(xx).........Beech 99 MyPaint(xx) BJ400-GA(xx)............BJ400-MyPaint(xx) C141-USAF(x)............C141 MPaint(xx) C402-GA(xx).............Cessna 402 MyPaint(xx) C550-GA(xx).............Cit560-MyPaint(xx) C750-GA1................CitX-MyPaint00 Dauphin-FN35............Dauphin MyPaint(xx) DR400-GA(xx)............DR400 MyPaint(xx) Duke-GA(xx)..............Duke-B60 My Paint(xx) Simona-GA(xx)...........Simona_MyPaint(xx) SQ2000-GA(xx)...........SQ2000 MyPaint(xx) -- for clarification, the (xx) is used for the number of the aircraft or paint theme. Also........I noticed several aircraft folders using a "sim.cfg" file instead of an "aircraft.cfg" file...if I change them from the sim.cfg to the aircraft.cfg does this have any bearing on them being used or not in the program? The reason for asking is I am using a program that add's AI contrails to the aircraft.cfg file, but if the file is named sim.cfg it wont do it....so I would like to know if I can rename these files with them giving MT hicups. Thanks... :) :wink:
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