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  1. I downloaded the new version for a trial before buying. a few seconds after opening the program for the first time I got a "TRIAL PERIOD OVER......" message. I installed it on two other PCs and got the same message. On Feb 2nd I downloaded your first version but never did try it out (see my post above). After my experience over the past two weeks with a product very much like yours (more expensive and still will not install completely) I am not going to buy independent software without trying it first. If you can arrange to get me a working trial version I will probably buy it. Regards Neal H
  2. Thank you Pete. I was expecting something like this to be the case. There are several of us who have tried numerous combinations and permutations trying to get this portion of that program to work (naturally it's the main reason we bought the thing). Using WideFS, it provides lots of info/controls that FSUIPC already manages ok.. The "missing" part is to provide Complete airport info on the fly. After a series of 19 emails with their support, and still no clear directions re. installing, I have surrendered and am writing the program off until someone figures it out. Regards Neal H
  3. Using version 4.41 and then 4.43 the same message: Failed to make RunwaysCSV Files Failed to make FStarRC RWS File These messages are at the conclusion of the normal process of reading Airports, etc. I do not use the FStar RC program (at least I believe I do not :smile: ) This is occurring while running makerwys.exe from one PC to another using my home network. This is the process required by the FSPS program "Flight Simulator Manager" or I certainly would not be doing it this way. Is there some way to correct it or is the goof tied to the FSPS procedure? Thanks for help Neal H
  4. After lots f install/reinstall I finally have #2 PC back. WideFS works perfectly as before so there is no problem. However, now it is described as "FS98Eliminator" when loaded. Has that always been there and I just didn't see it? As far as I know, this is the most recent version (, downloaded it yesterday from update site), Just curious.
  5. Check your FSX/MODULES folder to make certain it is actually there. It sounds as if it did not take the correct path to install.
  6. I dislike posts that are unpleasant in the main and would prefer using PM instead of a forum reply but as you do not accept PMs: Pete, you obviously did not read the full description of my topic. My query is referring to : Cockpit Status Multifunction Utility For Any Aircraft which is a utility provided by forstmeier in the User Contributions section of this forum. Nowhere do I mention installing fsuipc. My request is for help using it. Then you seem to think I am unable to install fsuipc when I refer to documentations and the use of fsuipc. I have had fsuipc for several years and, yes, it is registered. My skill with using it is, unfortunately, not good so I come here for help. finally you say
  7. I have downloaded this utility but do not know how to install it. The instructions say to "create a desktop connection using fsuipc" How do I do that? I have read and reread all the fsuipc documentations without success. The answer is probably there but it always seems to elude me when I want to try something. EDITED for Clarity. I downloaded the Cockpit Status Multifunction Utiliy that formeister has linked in the User Contributions section of this forum. It looks like a very useful utility. However the installation instructions are a bit lacking. After unzipping the file the next (and last)install instruction says to "create a desktop connection using fsuipc". I have a registered version of fsuipc installed (updated yesterday) and working as it should. I have the unzipped Cockpit status.........utility in a folder but can put it on the desktop if necessary. I do not know how to link up/connect/program/or whatever to use fsuipc to operate/load/show the panels provided by this utility. I hope this revised post is adequate to explain what help I need. Your help appreciated. Every time I read one of the posts about writing .DLLs, Lua scripts, etc. I am truly envious. Once I was a whiz with machine language (CDC-1604), FORTRAN, and BASIC so that makes me "an old codger" and slow to learn. Regards to all; Neal Howard
  8. Please pardon my ignorance but my knowledge of FSUIPC is very limited. Your progran looks great but I don't have the slightest idea about how to "Installation ================ - Create a Desktop Connection - using FSUIPC" The most I have done is to use LUA scripts and calibrate controls. My FSUIPC IS a registered version. Will someone help me out here? Thanks and best regards to all. Neal Howard
  9. You really want to do that? Taxiing is part of the challenge, especially at those airports with multiple taxiways. Max taxi speed will definitely get you in trouble at some of them. Anyhow: If you work it out, please, please don't get behind me :unsure: :shock:
  10. Thanks for the helpful post HB. I will give the macro a second look. I was using the Saitek panel when I started this thread but sold it and switched to the Vrinsight M-Panel. It is a vast improvement over the Saitek and does most of what I want. The Combo panel is really appealing but seemed a bit too large for my crowded"cockpit". Sure would be nice to actually see, touch, or try out some of these add-ons instead of ordering sight unseen. I went to your web page for a look...very nice and added to my bookmarks.
  11. Thanks for all the input Paul. I am especially pleased that you included the start routine for the A2A B-377. I flew a KC-97 for about 1500 hours and naturally bought the A2A sim. Unfortunately, I am not much of a flight engineer and start-ups and I didn't mesh well (translation; too many fires). I will give your script a try. Btw...Our flight engineer NEVER had any problems starting up regardless of the outside air temps so maybe A2A overdid it a bit. Regards Neal
  12. I have always used the programming software from Saitek primarily because of the three modes capability. However,with FSX I don't often use modes 2 or 3. With my registered version of FSUIPC can I get the same kind of control settings that the Saitek software provides? If I change over do I remove the drivers as well as the programming software? The system consists of a Pro Yoke, Pro Rudder Pedals, and a second Pro Throttle quadrant. Help and advice appreciated. Please keep it simple... I'm an old flyboy that isn't as quick as he used to be. Regards Neal
  13. I don't want to hijack this topic but Pete's reply concerning Saitek using 3rd party software illegally caught my attention.
  14. Thanks Pete for such a fast response. Yes, you are correct about the PMDG JS 41 not being a standard control type. That is what makes it such a pain in the youknowwhat :rolleyes: I really jumped in before considering the other alternatives such as LUA scripts or perhaps M-Panels own mapping. Anyhow, once I clean up the mess I have made I will start over by trying some of the things others have shared here. Regards Neal H
  15. I believe everything is properly installed using the various documents. M-Panel loads correctly, FSUIPC "sees" it and I can define some button/key assignments for the JS 41. Unfortunately, they are not the assignments I want. Background: Turn the Heading select or altitude select knobs on the JS 41 instrument panel and the M-Panel HDG or ALT readouts follow the settings exactly. I cannot reverse the process and get the M-Panel to set things.. Each click of the HDG knob of the M-Panel is a different numbered JS assignment. So I used just one click, assigned it to INCR HDG BUG with repeat while held. Release command assigned to SET HDG (I believe). Save and test: HDG bug does not move but Auto-pilot HDG light comes on. Several different commands tried. Most of them made something happen in JS 41 but I cannot figure out the pattern. Is it even possible to get the M-Panel knobs to work as knobs using FSUIPC and VPSE? UPDATE: Experimented more this morning without success. In fact, something I did now prevents both throttles to advance together! Either one will go full throttle but the other only half way. Switching to a different JS 41 livery and everything works properly. I can manage without these enhancements but (1) I have spent a lot for these devices and want to use all their features and ( 2) It really bothers me when I cannot master the techniques that some refer to as "simple". Specs: FSX w/SP2 Win7-64 Bit FSUIPC 4.633
  16. Gray screen is all I see as well. The important thing is to be connected. Now open FSCommander on your laptop and, on the upper menu click on "Connect to FS9" (or something like that). FSC will center on your plane's location. It will be blue. You will also see other planes in the area. You can also click on the GPS button on FSC and get a small windo with readouts.
  17. I have made my comments here: To recap: A VERY POOR business practice....I will not be sending any more money your way Mr Felix unless you make a reasonable adjustment for those of us who have barely had time to learn how to use the program. Your announcement ,wherever it was, came out just weeks after I bought the program.
  18. Well, you are probably correct Andy but they had better discuss it or lose a lot of us. Like Steve and Gary I bought it without knowing that a new version was almost ready. I could have managed without v8.6. Now, IF I actually get a discount ( I bought mine at the Flight Sim Pilot Shop) I will still have invested about $80 US. Pretty expensive flight planner, no? And to keep it current even more money for Navigraph updates. At this point I am thinking to start all over buy the "Other guys" product .As I understand it...it has free updates for the DB.
  19. I feel exactly the same. I purchased version 8.6 in July and have been using it for barely four months. Now to upgrade the "discount" still means at least another $30 US after I already paid $41.95 for it.. Frankly $72 US seems a bit rich for my wallet. On top of that, I bought mine from the Flight Sim Pilot Shop and they don't (as yet) have Version 9. So, If I decide to upgrade will I even get a discount?? All in all, rather shabby treatment Sir.
  20. Thanks Jim: I did know about ASE, dunno why I listed it. I did not know about the others though. How about Its Your Plane, FS2Crew (with J41), and Radar Contact? I completely forgot them and they are used a lot.. Any suggestions about using WideSF will be appreciated. It is really nice to be able to track a flight on FSCommander or Plan g using a separate PC. Regards Neal H
  21. At present I have only FSCommander on the WideFS PC. On the FSX PC I have REX, GEX, ASE, FEX, Ultimate Traffic and Terrain, and a few others. Would it improve FSX performance to move some of these programs over to the WideFS computer? WideFS has been in use for only a month and really like the way it works with FSCommander.
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