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  1. Hello Pete Am I correct in thinking the higher values in the centre boxes offer the best option for good control? Thank you Regards Alan W
  2. Hello Pete I wonder if I could have your advice on the following please? I'm trying to achieve smooth movements on the control column. I have noticed on the elevator position display (might not be quite the right terminology) when I move the column forward in order to descend, the amount of movement of the column is not proportionate to the amount of movement on the display and as a result it is not easy to maintain the smoothness I am looking for. It's ok when pulling back on the column so I was wondering is there a setting where I can adjust only the forward movement in FSUIPC or is it possible I need a new pot? I hope that makes sense. Thank you Regards Alan W
  3. Thanks Pete I've just discovered the new instructor station has been released and contains all weights and the information for the CG. Alan
  4. Hello Pete I've been looking around the forums regarding what CG to enter into the FMC and came across a post which you answered by stating go to logging tab enter 2EFS as the offset and FLT64 as the type followed by checking the AdvDisplay tick box. I attempted to type in the four digits 2EFS but it would allow only three. I'm using FS9,Prosim and Jetstream aircraft. Can you help please? Thank you Regards Alan W
  5. Hi Pete Been working through it and getting some good results but one question with regard to the aileron (could apply to other controls)- turning left produces a smooth turn but turning right produces a 'bitty' movement. I have tried several settings but nothing seems to help. Is this a calibration issue? If it is fair enough I'll keep going with it. Thank you Regards Alan W
  6. Thanks Pete I understand what I want to achieve and I do understand about calibration. When something goes wrong it is better to ask is it not? I take your point re reading the manual which I will do tonight. Thanks for your reply. Regards Alan W
  7. Hello Pete I don't quite know what's going on in my sim with the axis assignments. I'm trying to calibrate the Elevator, Aileron and steering tiller. All three are connected to a brand new BU0836X board and are connected firmly in the correct connector on the board. I have the latest version of FSUIPC-z5. In the windows calibration window the cursor for the elevator and aileron are fluid in their movement and then moving onto the tiller the blue (not sure of the correct terminology) band is not fluid in as much when the tiller is moved this 'blue band' ' jumps' from one side to the other. Other times the tiller calibration is ok but then the other two axis suffer from this lack of smooth movement. I can't seem to get all three axis calibrated together. In FSUIPC the values show -16384 to 16384 but upon moving the aileron or elevator to their extremes there is very little value change. For example starting at -16384 I move the elevator the complete travel of it's axis and the values will change to 16384 (essentially nothing in between). I'm not sure if I'm supposed to calibrate one axis at time, save and apply or do all three at the same time and save and apply? Would you mind letting me know what the 512 values are in the centre boxes please? I have read the manual but can't seem to get my head around it. Thank you for your time. Regards Alan W
  8. Thank you Pete Appreciated Regards Alan
  9. Hello Pete Hope you don't mind-one more question-differential brakes/brakes this time-when depressing the toe brakes the aircraft has a tendency to veer one way or the other, I understand that more pressure can be applied by the left or right leg but I find myself constantly compensating the 'veer' off by manipulating the steering tiller. Have you any 'tips or tricks' that may alleviate this? Thank you Regards Alan W
  10. Thanks Pete Much appreciated. I'll experiment a bit. Regards Alan
  11. Hello again Pete Forgot to ask and forgive me if I'm being ignorant but you mention sensitivities, I've read the manual-correct me if I'm wrong-it mentions setting the sensitivities in FS, I tried this but each time I go back to check they are never set as I left them. Does the slope option in FSUIPC act as the sensitivity here? Might sound a silly question but if I don't ask I won't know. Regards Alan
  12. Thanks Pete I'll look at my flying skills first. Appreciate your response so quickly and on a Saturday! Regards Alan W
  13. Hello all Can someone enlighten me please? I'm in the most happy with the calibration of my home made control column/yoke but have one question. The dead zone on the elevator differs from when I take off to approach. Example: At VR I have to pull back the column quite some distance before lift off yet on approach I am finding there is virtually no dead zone so it is difficult to control the descent smoothly. Any ideas/suggestions welcome. Thank you Alan W
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