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  1. No problems Nikola, more than happy to help. Very excited by the prospect of updates to TOPER, I will help spread the word when it's done! (P.S you might want to update your Simmarket product page for 777 as it clearly states "Assumed Calculations" only, plus a review from someone stating no de-rates, this might put people in the know off this product.) Kind regards Mark
  2. Thanks Nikola, I'd be more than happy to help, I don't get too much free time but I'd do my best. Unless I'm missiing something, Toper doesn't provide fixed derate calculation at all, with or without assumed temperature. Many many airlines use them when they can and this would be a nice and important addition. I'd be happy to volunteer help here too if needed. Kind regards Mark
  3. Excellent news! The PMDG 700/800 NGX's would get my vote, but I assume you use boeing data? On a slightly different topic, the only disappointment with your excellent toper products is a lack of fixed de-rate calculations, any plans to add these in the future to your 737/777 products. You could hold the market in is what otherwise a relatively untouched area of simming, so many people like to do things "real"! I love the genuine Boeing interface too, excellent realism! I understand the price may have to go up but I'm sure that wouldn't hurt anyone and I sure it's hard work collecting
  4. Hi Nikola. any plans for 737 decelerate products in the near future? Kind regards Mark
  5. Morning Pete, I have a homemade 737 TQ. I have managed to get everything calibrated in FS so all the axis' work. However, I have separate axis' for the reverse thrust and I have no idea how to get them working, there is no way to assign them as an axis direct in FS as there is no "reverse thrust" setting. I'm sure there is a way to do it using FSUIPC (I have the latest). Please could you enlighten me how to do this? Kind regards Mark
  6. Disregard All, got it going! Thanks Can I ask, does STB v3 use the same method of interaction over a network? Kind regards Mark
  7. I suppose you spotted the obvious mistake! I know I have now! Still no luck in getting flight times with UT2 in FSX. STB-DS has the correct PC name, I press CTL+SHIFT+S in FSX, hear the beep, but no change in STB on the client, both laptops. I've also noticed exactly the same behaviour on with STB when on the same PC as FSX, no flight times. Suppose I could try reinstalling STB-DS? Kind regards Mark
  8. Hi Simon, since starting this post I have bought a new laptop to be used as my client, I still have my old one and unfortunately the file you sent me in the last post did not work, STB wouldn't even start. Anyway, on to the main reason for the post. I have a new laptop and i'm unable to connect to FSX over the network, I just get the "couldn't connect to flight simulator" message. I have reinstalled SDKsp2 so many times on both systems i've lost count, ive tried different ports too. I have the correct addresses for the pc's, im running the latest Simconnect client on my laptop (612
  9. Oops, sorry Simon, I tried putting it in C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\FlyingWSimulation\SuperTrafficBoard, it is using SP1 but it made no difference to the problem i'm having. I've attached the requested file. Thanks for your help with this. Kind regards Mark TrafficBoardFrontEnd.rar
  10. Thanks Simon, tried what you suggested with using SP1, put IGNORE_SP2.cfg as a txt document in C:\Program Files (x86)\FlyingWSimulation\SuperTrafficBoard V2.3 and started it but it still says it's using v10.0.61259.0 so dont know whats wrong there. No problem in sending you the exception error, it happens every time! Thanks for your help. Kind regards Mark See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box. ************** Exception Text ************** System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: No such host is known at System.Net.Dns.
  11. I've noticed the same thing that keeps happening on the initial try to connect (after this, it hangs at 'connecting to FS' untill I restart everything). On the initial set after pressing ctrl+s on fsx PC, within one minute on the client laptop I get an unhandled exception error (something like that!), it mentions the .net framework. Also the words 'dropped UT2 data as the last process did not finish updating in time' appear every minute the STB messages window. Kind regards Mark
  12. Thanks Simon, I have SDK SP2 installed on both my machines, the client version on my 'client' laptop is v10.0.61259.0. Still having trouble connecting sometimes, no problems with everything on the same machine though. Kind regards Mark
  13. Hi Simon, finally got it working on my client laptop. I added the words PC to the end of the computer name in STB-DS computer name box and in the main program under FSX computer name box (i.e Mark7-PC) and it seems to be working. However, i'm still noticing some problems, if I shut STB down on my client laptop and then restart it later (even seconds later) it won't connect to FSX at all (it just hangs at 'connecting to flight simulator, please wait') the only way I can get it to work again is by shutting down FSX then restarting as per the UT2 quick start guide. Is this normal a
  14. Thanks Simon, i've tried that aleady, both the computer name and ip address with no luck, if you let me know what to fill in manually i'll play around with that. Regards Mark
  15. Sorry for the delay Simon, been a little busy! The file you sent me worked like a charm, however i'm having no luck over the network, still the same ????'s. I noticed when I was trying to configure using stb-ds it would change the utservices config file you sent me, so i tried replacing it again with the one you sent me, but no luck. My laptop (client) is running XP sp2 (not sp3) but the network is fully configured, it is showing in stb as fsx computer 'null' still. Dont suppose you could send me a config that would work with m
  16. Thanks Simon, never thought of that! UT2Services.exe.rar
  17. Hi Simon, im using W7 ultimate 64 bit. I use my pcs over a network so file sharing is on, firewall is off and security is low. UAC is certainly off. When i treid to set this up over a network using STB-DS everything went ok according to the instructions until I got to 'b. Click the “Deployment” tab and check the computer name or IP addresses listed in “FSX Computer Name” in UT2 settings group is correct; I couldn't do this as it was greyed out and just said null. My FSX is not in the default location, I chose a different one at setup away from the program files folder, dont
  18. Thanks Simon, here's what i'm seeing. I've no idea what it should show. Ive attached it as an image. Kind regards Mark
  19. Forgot to mention, I have installed the 'stb23_update2' and it's still the same. Mark
  20. Hi Simon, having absolutely no luck at all in getting your software to work i'm afraid. I know simconnect is working fine as STB connects to FSX but I never get any flight times, it's just like V2.2. :( I've installed everything according to the quick start and it's all on the same computer. One thing I do notice is that I never get the 'Ultimate traffic 2 is configured for use with super traffic board' message as the manual says I should. I have tried everything several times and still no luck. I am unwilling to reinstall UT2 or FSX as I have just got them perfect so before
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