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  1. Good morning Sascha of VolkerHeine, Sorry about Cameron who wants to be son of Thatcher when everyone knows that Angela is the new Iron Lady. I'm. Running FSX + accelerator on Server. FSUIPC Version 4.70b + WideFS FS Commander Version 8.6 (build 021209) Download version Server and Client running Windows 7 / 64bit Data base manager indicates the correct path has been established and scenery.cfg (11 Kb) has been copied to scenerycfg.fsc (15 Kb) But when trying to run the database I get a very brief red line that then vanishes. Error Message states " You have to run the Database Manager first. File country.fsc is missing or zero bytes. Check FSC_Info.log for details. Log states :- FSC · Version 8.6 · Build:200210 - 12/12/2011 10:02:06 Application path: C:\FSC ReadIni successful (True) SetFSVersion successful (True) SetCurrentFSPath successful (True) SetFlightplanFolders successful (True) DecryptIvaoPWord successful (True) ReadRegister successful (True) Registered for SANDY FEATHER AIRAC-0911 Rev.1 - OCT22-NOV18/09 ReadAirac successful (True) ReadAircraft successful (True) Initializing counters successful (True) Opening MagVar file successful (True) C:\FSC\database\FS10 Please can you help me with the missing country.fsc file. I'm sure it wasn't really anything to do with last weeks Euro meetings!! Can't fly anywhere without your wonderful program. Sandy Feather
  2. By the way, for anyone else reading this page, I do have two registered versions of FSCommander. People who write brilliant software should be propely respected and rewarded for their efforts. Sandy Feather
  3. Good afternoon Volker, Thank you for your reply which now eliminates FSC from the list of suspects. I'll keep looking for a solution. Just out of interest and for your information, I happened to switch on the computer that my grandson uses occasionally. It has FlightSim installed along with Windows 7 and FSC. I wanted to look at FSC (It is the best addon and well worth making flight plans and learing navigation even if you are not intending to fly) I suddenly noticed that it had connected to my main FS computer and when I started to fly FSC was active all along the route. Even pinging when we came to the end of a segment. I had forgotten that FSC did that. I seem to recall that this happened to me once before back in the FS9 days. A network problem was overcome when FSC was installed on a computer with Ms FlightSim already installed. Having flown on the older system I am now more determined than ever to get it up and running on the new system Many thanks for you patience You will surely qualify for Sainthood one day. Sandy Feather
  4. Good afternoon colleagues, I am over message error 2 and adjusted my files in accord with Project Magenta etc including the WideFSClient.ini file, but now receive Error Message 14 when I try to connect through the GPS button. I appreciate that it may NOT be an FSC fault but can you let me know what error 14 is. {Bearing in mind I seem to have cofronted every problem that exists including registration etc} how many more error messages are left for me to find? Hope you had a good weekend. I England we just had tennis! Sandy Feather
  5. Thank you for the information Volker. I'll look again into the FSUIPC and WideFS arrangements. Sandy Feather
  6. []Good afternoon Sascha and Volker, and thank you for all you do for flight simulation. I am endeavouring to run FSX and FSC on a network. The network is functioning properly My details are as follows:- 1. FSX 2. FSUIPC/WideFS Version 4.70b 3. FS Commander version 8.6 build 200210 4. Order number 624994 upgrade Saturday 29 May 2010 5. Windows7 64 with Sp1 and .net framework 4 on both computers I am approaching despair with my favourite add-on program. Commander was re-loaded as Administrator as per your (VolkerHeine) Advisory 26th October 2010 for Windows and Vista users. It is located on C drive viz C:\FSC. The computer only has 1 drive and this is used almost solely by FSC. The UAC is set for all users – to read, write and execute. Similarly FSX is also set for all users in C:\ program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator. The program was also loaded as Administrator. On the Client computer, Flight Simulator X files are mounted as drive Y, and are all visible including one SimConnect and various VFR flights etc. Similarly on the Client, FSX files are mounted as drive Z and includes all the Microsoft Flight Simulator files. I deactivated the option to supress file extensions and made my copy of scenerycfg.fsc and can connect my database manager in FSC and have updated the airports (3 times now) and can confirm this connection is ok. Following your(Sascha) Advisory dated 09 November 2010 I have also been able to solve the Registration Failure problem. But I am still unable to get past “Unable to connect to Flight Simulator Msg#2 FS not running or cannot link to FSUIPC or WideFS”. In the meantime my PilatusPC12 is sitting on the tarmac with the message “ Microsoft Flight Simulator X with WideServer: waiting for clients” at the top of my screen. I really lose all enjoyment of FlightSim without Commander. Yours is a superb program. Incidentally in the list of improvements in your version 9 you do not claim it will connect with FSX right out of the box! Please help Sandy Feather
  7. Thanks for that Ian. I will now go ahead (but keeping my fingers crosed) Sandy Feather
  8. I am upgrading my FSUIPC and WideFs from version 4.2 to version 4.70b and WideFS version 6.86 to WideFS7. I have all the iformation for loading and registering my software but do I need to uninstall the previous version before installing the new software or will the new simply overwrite the old versions. The previous time I upgraded I also insalled a new version of FS. Sorry to trouble you with this one but I need to get it right. Thanks. Sandy Feather
  9. Many thanks for that. I'll try and find the little exe file where you have suggested and if not will spend Friday 13th hoping for some good luck and searching for the right scenery.cfg file. I have now finished reading the manual from cover to cover. Commander is a super program and I want to start using all it's new features. Congratulatios to everyone involved with it's developement. Sandy Feather
  10. Thank Volker, I have done all that. The heading tells you its Windows 7 and FSX. The question relates to the latest version of FSC and all the network has been completed as per the Appendix. I have worked through page 12 but failed to find the correct scenery.cfg. So page 13 says there is a Network Scenery Configuration tool to insert on the server computer. Where do I find the Tool? Is it downloaded separately or is it embedded in the software? Please explain where I should look for it. Sandy Feather
  11. I have been trying to follow the instructions for Updating the Airports on page 12 and 13 of the manual. I cannot seem to be able to find the correct scenery.cfg folder and the option of the Network Scenery Configuration arrangements is now looking to be the most inviting solution. Please where can I find it?
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