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  1. Ok half way there... Just in case anyone else needs this info. I had to delete the program from Saitek that would have allowed me to test the FSUIPC application. This was blocking my ability to download SP1 & 2 & messing up a bunch of other apps more than likely. Once I had that out of the way, I was able to install both service packs easily. I then went in and deleted the drivers installed for all my peripheral gear. Re-booted the computer and plugged in all my Saitek gear. FSUIPC started working on it's own (miracle) as did the radio panel, switch panel etc. My 4 multi-panels are on but not syncing up with FS X so that's what I'm trying to fix now. It has been a grueling couple of days trying everything until it all works again. Microsoft via a call center in Mumbai India were helpful but unable to help solve the issues with 3 party add ons etc. Now back on to the peeps at Saitek for this last issue... soon be flying again!
  2. Ok thanks again Pete I will eventually figure it all out. MS is so sad, that's why I bought a Mac desk top & laptop. I only use this pc for the flight sim actually. I may just start from scratch & re-install windows as I having issues with SP1. When I try to download it, the window appears & then disappears. Take care...
  3. ps I did have problems re-installing the prog on my pc the 2nd time. I had to copy all the files off the cd's to a folder on the hdd & install from there... I got error message 1335 D2feat~9.cab
  4. Hi Pete thanks for your quick reply. I have tried installing your fsuipc4. I get this message your FSX install is incorrect. The ver of simconnect installed will not run fsuipc4. Repair installation When I open FSX, I get an error message where fsuipc tries to connect but can't. My radio panel flashes & then quits. I can't get any of the multi panels to work either even though I know all of them work using the Saitek test program. I could not install FS X deluxe over the standard. The prog requests that you uninstall standard if I remember correctly. What is the fsuipc prog and is it needed at all? I did a search on my hdd but nothing comes up for it at all making it hard to delete it. I can not find a modules folder either... Saitek have no support on fsuipc. I spent an hour on the phone with Microsoft and they are supposed to be researching and calling me back. I am about to uninstall Deluxe & go back to standard. I was after the glass cockpit planes to practice on more than anything thanks again
  5. Ok I'm about going cross eyed on this. I installed MS Flight Sim X standard plus several Saitek controllers. Got it all to work great. Added some new aircraft from a website (don't remember which but all ok) Then upgraded to FS X Deluxe by uninstalling previous programs. Now I can't get half the Saitek gear to work. I get the error can't connect to fsuipc. If I hit continue, my radio panel etc flash on & then won't work when the program is run. I am running Windows XP home etc etc. I can't even find the fsuipc files to delete. I tried downloading FSUIPC to re-install but message tells me it won't work on my system. Flight yoke, pedals & throttle all work ok. Multi panels, radio stack etc don't. What is the fsuipc file for & why am I being asked to connect to it when I never installed anything to do with it in the 1st place? I'm stumped on all of this... Please help if possible before I tear my hair out. Thanks
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