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  1. Many thanks Pete. Added the extra two button presses in FSUIPC and changed the second KeySend1 & keySend2 to 3 & 4 and Teamspeak voice activation works.woo hoo! Haven't tried SB yet but if it doesn't work I'm sure I can figure it out. Thanks once again. Dave
  2. Hi Pete, I currently have a joystick button assigned as PTT for SB using the 'PTT Transmit On'control, SB is on a second PC with widefs. I also have Teamspeak 3 installed on that second PC and wish to use the same button as the SB one to activate TS voice. Using the 'PTT Transmit..' control does not activate Teamspeak voice but works OK for SB. Teamspeak, like SB, allows you to assign a keypress to activate voice so, does the 'PTT Transmit' control send a keypress to widefs and if so what keypress? That way I could assign that key to Teamspeak. Alternately can I assign 'keypress' to my jo
  3. AFAIK the filter was designed to filter out spikes primarily for the 767PIC aircraft. It acts on rudder, aileron, and elevator (each are selected individually) but it is not designed to filter out an incorrect axis. I have no idea how it works but suspect it acts more like a 'cut' filter rather than averaging the values. What would happen on the PIC767 was that the rudder would flick from side to side and sometimes go hard over to one side, the filter reduced or eliminated that movement. I assume you have asked this question in Pete's forum? Regards
  4. Before worrying about widefs have you checked that the two computers can 'talk' with each other over their network connection?
  5. Thanks Jim, Both links now work, must have been a timing issue as the new files were uploaded.
  6. Anyone else having problems accessing the above links from Pete's recent uploads? I get 'server not found'.
  7. Thanks for the second reply. The StartImmediately=Yes parameter did not cure the problem, however moving FSUIPC from the top of dll.xml to the bottom has cured the problem and both V4064 & 4065 now install and FSX runs. No exe.xml file was found. What would be useful to send to tell_fs@microsoft.com, the dll.xml file,a log file or just an explanation of what was happening and the work-around cure? Regards
  8. Hi Pete, I can't be sure I installed 4.061-3 but thought I had installed each of the updates. The one that does work is dated 25/11/2006 4064 & 4065 cause FSX to quit after the splash screen, i.e FSX does not run. I will email you the simconnect log, dll.xml and FSUIPC install log files for each of the 3 installs, hope yo can make sense of them :) Incidentally the simconnect log file did not increase its number each time I ran FSX, it just overwrote 'simconnect0.log'. I did not change anything in the fsuipc.ini file during the updates. Regards Dave
  9. Hi Pete, Installation of the above version of FSUIPC seems to have caused me problems. I have only just tried FSX since installing V4.0.6.4 and all I get is the FSX splash screen then FSX quits. After some head scratching I decided to remove the DDL from modules and reinstall V4.0.6.0, now FSX runs OK. All the previous FSUIPC version updates have not caused a problem. Any thoughts? Regards
  10. Hi Henk, I have been running Squawkbox on a second PC for years without a problem but it is quite a while since I installed it, however I will try to help. When you install SB asks if you are installing it on one computer or 2. In your case you select 2 computers. You need to install SB on both computers but for each install you need to tell SB if that computer is running FS or not. If you follow the install prompts you should have no problem, also the manual is available from the Sb web site http://www.squawkbox.ca/. To use SB both computers must be networked correctly so they can talk
  11. Hi Pete, Just to add grist to the mill I think I have just fallen foul of this Simconnect bug. For a few days I have been trying to install FSRecorder into FSX but each time the FSX security panel came up it was totally inactive, I could not click on either button nor the 'how do I....' link. I had FSUIPC 4 4011 installed and also FSCopilot. Today I removed FSUIPC.dll from the modules folder, removed its entry in dll.xml and commented out its trusted status in fsx.cfg. I was then able to install FSrecorder and 'tell' the FSX security panel to run the file. I then got the application erro
  12. Hi Denver, AVG has a large user base, probably because it is free :D , so I don't think you need worry about its effectiveness. I have used it for years and not had a problem although I do watch what kind of web sites I visit. Bear in mind that the effects on FSUIPC you are seeing from your AV software may also imply it is impacting on the performance of flight sim.
  13. This thread over at http://www.avsim.com may help explain possible problems with just switching off McAfee; look at the post by Neslesman. http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=656&page=4 I remember Norton Security gave a lot of people problems and the only way to test it was Norton was to uninstall it, switching it off still left some processes running. If you do ditch McAfee Alen+1 consider using AVG, many have used it with no, or minimal impact on their system. Good luck in your quest.
  14. Although this advice is a little late for you Tito it may be of use later on. There was no need for you to uninstall FS2002 if there was an extra copy of fsuipc.dll on your system. Just do a search for fsuipc.dll and if the results come up with more than one entry delete all those which are not in fs2002\modules folder.
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