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  1. I purchased both toper 777 and fs decelerate 2 yrs ago .I re installed them today but the installer from simmarket is old. Where can I download the updates from ? thx
  2. my traffic live

    I'm getting the email not registered msg myself today.
  3. I can't connect to mytrafficlive I get this error: Anyway to fix it ? My sub is current .
  4. very little traffic around the fsx world

    Burkhard, yes today all is fine. Btw, I have just noticed something strange. At about 3.15pm european time not uk time an easyet a320 landed ( at luton) like a brick...it came down like a brick literally, bounced twice and took off right away .
  5. very little traffic around the fsx world

    Burkhard, early this morning around 7-9 am european time there were again only 3 airplanes in LIMC.
  6. very little traffic around the fsx world

    [ I noticed the same big drop of traffic also in essa and ebbr.Almost zero planes.. Edit: I installed the 2012 schedules and all airports are full !
  7. Hi, I have mytraffic 5.4 with fstraffic live and yet all of a sudden i see little traffic around. LIMC with only 5 "planes" during peak hours is strange.I have simgiants limc btw. Is there anything I can do to find out what causes this "drop" in traffic ? Thanks
  8. sorry, error 3 detected

    Yes It happens all the time. I sent you a pm.
  9. sorry, error 3 detected

    What does this error mean when downloading fslive traffic ? Thanks
  10. My traffic Live : error 1 no download possible

    I have user rights to write the file.The disk is not full (not even 50% full).I have internet connection. I have sent you a pm with the contents of myemai.txt
  11. I just tried downloading a new traffic live file and I got the above error message. I'm including a picture V
  12. MyTrafficX beta bug ?/problem

    Will email you.Thanks.
  13. I open Mytraffic Communicator and I click on downloads and then on Mytraffic Live. I click on Download now to get the traffic file and I get a white popup that has my password that is used to connect to the traffic server on it. After a few secs, the popup goes away and the download starts.. the download size is 16466305 and it takes for ever to complete. Btw, After the traffic download is finished and I get the black dos window and it asks me what to do I always enter A. is that correct ? Thanks
  14. my traffic live renewal price

    Yep. you're right. I was looking for the wrong title. I entered mytraffic live and it's still on sale.
  15. my traffic live renewal price

    Sounds good. I checked simmarket and they don't have the $19 offer anymore.Now the 6 months sub cost eur90+ something !! Let us know when you have more info. Thanks