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    ctd crash !!!

    I have been chasing down the root cause of a CTD that I've been plagued with since I built a brand new flight sim PC. Like those who have posted before me, I was getting the CTD pointing to ntdll.dll. I was about to format and rebuild my system as I was convinced the issue was related to something that went wrong with the Win 7 install/configuration. However, I found the Avsim CTD guide yesterday and that gave me the clue I needed which pointed me to MyTrafficX 5.4c being suspect. The strange thing is I've used MTX 5.4c on my other machine without any issue for over a year (perhaps longer as I can't remember when "C" was released). In any event, on the new machine I can't seem to fly with any level of success with MTX enabled. I applied the patch and deleted the folders as Burkhard had described. I was optimistic that would solve my issue, but unfortunately it didn't. I'm not really bothered if my traffic is following a 2013 schedule or a 2012 schedule. But I do have a few questions which perhaps Burkhard or others who have experienced these CTD's can assist with. First, this morning I went into the MyTrafficX Configuration utility and selected the 2012 Schedules. A DOS window launched. My Question is how do I know if FSX and MTX will now be using the 2012 schedule? Is there any way other than having faith that the batch process worked to change the schedule behind the scenes? Second, I did not remove the 5.4c update from Control Panel/Programs and Features. Should I uninstall that? Or is simply doing the step I mentioned above all I need to do to ensure my system is using 2012 schedules? I'm also running P3D v2.4 on another drive. P3D isn't getting much attention right now from me as I really enjoy flying PMDG aircraft. But I did install MTX for P3D and am pretty sure I've had the same CTD issues. Did the process I mentioned earlier also setup P3D for 2012 schedules? Or do I need to do something else to make sure P3D is running on 2012 schedules? I'm currently conducting a test flight which has been very reliable in producing the CTD events. I'll know within 45-60 minutes if it happens again. It is my opinion that the MyTrafficX program is the best AI program available on the market. I truly hope that Burkhard and his team can and will keep this product moving forward. As I said, I'm really not bothered by using a 2012 schedule if it works. I wish I knew why I never had the problem on the other system, but that is water under the bridge. The new system is running fine and is 5+ years new in hardware spec than my old one and I'm not going back. Burkhard, Please...Please...Please continue to develop MTX. From what I've been reading on these forums, you have a lot of loyal customers. This is a good thing. Thank you Jerry
  2. JTaylor801

    MyTraffic X installation not working - checklist

    Hi Burkhard, Before I got around to checking if you had replied to my forum post, I decided to rebuild the traffic one more time. While I had done this a few times following all the steps you outlined before it never worked. But running it this morning it did finally work. I honestly didn't do anything different than I had done 3-4 times prior. But the great news is it's working and I see the AI traffic as it is supposed to be. I've been using your product for many years and truly love it. I hope you continue to enhance and release updates to MTX. Your work and your support is very much appreciated in the flight sim community. Thank you. Jerry
  3. JTaylor801

    MyTraffic X installation not working - checklist

    Hi Burkhard, I've read through this thread a few times and have followed all the guidance suggested multiple times. At the end of each attempt, I'm right back where I started with no MTX AI traffic showing. MTX had worked before for many years. However, I rebuilt my system and now am having the issue. For your info, the system specs have not changed. They are Win 7 pro 64bit, FSX with Acceleration. In your checklist I can pick Military parking without issue. Also, when I remove the .passive from the trafficAircraft.bgl, my Soar and Landmark AI traffic return and I can see them. I followed your steps suggesting the possibiity of a bad sector in the drive by renaming the folder and reinstalling. I'm still unable to view MTX AI Traffic. I'm running MTX version pro 54b with the patch to c installed. Also, yes...my FSX.cfg file is correct as it should be. Any ideas?

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