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  1. Dear Pete, I attach separate zip folders for each of PMDG B737v1.2, B747v3.0 and B777v1.1, with the simulator restarted each time, and running FSUIPC 4.975a. Please note that I did not connect the Arduino-based MCP/EFIS/DSP hardware each time, so the log files may contain the LUA error: bad COM handle, which can be ignored. Please let me know if I can provide any further information. Chakko. B737v1.2.zip B747v3.0.zip B777v1.1.zip
  2. Dear Pete, I started FSX and loaded the PMDG 737v1.2, waited for it to complete initializing systems, then after about a minute loaded the PMDG 747-400v3.0. A PMDG popup immediately warned that it is not a good idea to load a second PMDG aircraft in succession, but I went on nevertheless, and the 747v3 completed loading. Again, after a minute or so, I tried loading the PMDG 777v1.1, and again ignored the PMDG warning ..... but the 777 did not load completely, i.e. all panels were not displayed, and the menu options stopped working. So I had to shut down FSX. I tried a second time with si
  3. Dear Pete, First, thank you very much for looking into this. I shall be loading FSUIPC 4.975a and test-logging with the PMDG 737, 747 and 777, as I have all three, and will provide you with the zipped files, soon. I am not sure why you have provided the FSUIPC 4.974b (dll), as I already have that, and I have mentioned in this thread that the problem does not occur with that version. The problem is only with FSUIPC 4.975a, and simply replacing that DLL with FSUIPC 4.974b clears the issue. Also, as mentioned in the other thread concerning the B777 at : https://forum.simflight
  4. @AirPanther Hi, I can confirm that my PMDG 777-200LR v.1.10 suffers from the same lack of access to FSUIPC offsets as my PMDG 747-400 v.3.00 in FSX SP2 and FSUIPC 4.975a and Win7x64. The Event ID's for controls (on the input side) seem to work, but many of the "PMDG specific" FSUIPC offsets (for displays and annunciators on the output side) are clearly not being read/accessed. The problem disappears immediately when I replace FSUIPC 4.975a with FSUIPC 4.974b (which is the last one I had downloaded prior to 4.975a). I should mention that I also have the PMDG 737-800 NGX v.1.20 in
  5. @AirPanther : I wonder whether your issue is related to a similar one I am facing with the PMDG 747v3 (offsets) in FSX SP2 and FSUIPC 4.975a that I reported at: https://forum.simflight.com/topic/89157-fsuipc-pmdg747v3-missing-offsets/?do=findComment&comment=544470 I shall try using FSUIPC 4.975a with my own PMDG 777 and get back to you. Chakko.
  6. I have created Voice-Interactive Checklists (using Windows Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech facilities) for a variety of airplanes in FSX, though not by using this LUA script, but using a third party freeware: VoiceMacro. For details please visit: https://voicemacro.net/ and then proceed to my post in the VoiceMacro forums at: https://voicemacro.net/ForumVM/discussion/405/flight-simulator-co-pilot-for-cockpit-checklists-fsx-and-windows-7-x64#latest Checklists and Profiles I have already created for some common aircraft are referenced here: PMDG B747-400: https://forum.pmdg.com/f
  7. Dear Pete, Apart from this problem with the PMDG B747-400 v3, FSUIPC 4.975a appeared to be functioning normally, but then that is only after a few days of testing, and not with all the aircraft that I fly. I need to do more extensive testing with all the other airplanes I fly before I can be certain. So, I shall stick with FSUIPC 4.974b for the time being, but will sometime soon re-test 4.975a and supply you with Install and Run-Time Logs for you to check. But I will open a separate thread for that. Thanks and Regards, Chakko.
  8. Dear Pete and John, I operate the PMDG B747-400 QOTS II v3 on FSX-SP2 and Win 7 x64 with registered FSUIPC4. The B744v3 from PMDG does not come with 2-D panels so I constructed my own working 2-D panel sets with my own XML gauge code and FSUIPC4-LUA scripts. I also built a hardware MCP+EFIS+DSP unit using Arduino Megas and FSUIPC4-LUA. Of course Pete's documentation for the FSUIPC offsets and the PMDG 747 SDK for Control Event ID's are the backbone of this implementation. You can see the system in operation here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saFJ_xGBDTs Anyway, all was going well
  9. Interesting! But isn't Ram Air Pressure (or Total Pressure) = Static Pressure (or Ambient Pressure) + Dynamic Pressure ? So if you needed Ram Air Pressure to feed your hardware with, you would need to add the values as above. Also wouldn't Static Pressure (or Ambient Pressure) be a value which doesn't change very rapidly with time ........ unless, of course, you are travelling very fast indeed (vertically through altitude layers or horizontally across isobars) within the atmosphere? Just my two cents. Chakko.
  10. For a Client running FSX on Windows 10 x64 , keystrokes sent by WideClient were not being intercepted by the LUA. The problem and its solution are described in this thread: https://forum.simflight.com/topic/85961-wideclient-not-transmitting-keystrokes-to-local-fsx-on-networked-client-running-on-windows-10/
  11. I tried this out too...... Extract from WideClient.ini [7.148]: [User] PostKeys=Yes KeySend1=RunKey1 KeySend2=39,8,FS98MAIN KeySend3=37,8,FS98MAIN KeySend4=36,8,FS98MAIN KeySend5=38,8,FS98MAIN KeySend6=40,8,FS98MAIN Extract from FSUIPC.ini at Client: [Auto] 1=Lua networkrotation [LuaFiles] 1=networkrotation [Keys] 12=39,8,x010066C0,x01 -{Right: Press=offset byte set, offset 66C0 }- 13=37,8,x010066C1,x01 -{Left: Press=offset byte set, offset 66C1 }- 14=36,8,x010066C4,x01 -{Home: Press=offset byte set, offset 66C4 }- 15=38,8,x010066C3,x01 -{Up: Press=offset byte set, offs
  12. Hi Pete, I seem to have found a workaround or a temporary solution to the problem I am facing. Realizing that the essential problem in my setup is that Postkeys=Yes allows WideFS to communicate stably and consistently with FSX/FSUIPC through the medium of FSUIPC Controls, rather than KeyPresses, I surmised that the reason that my networkrotation.LUA was not working consistently in intercepting and acting on the KeyPresses must be that event.key() suffers from some inability to trap the WideClient-sent Keypresses consistently in a Win 10 environment. So I tried event.control() instead
  13. Dear Pete, As a matter of fact, I am using neither the default FSX assignments nor the FSUIPC assignments for view-panning. As recounted in the original thread at: https://forum.simflight.com/topic/81979-wideview-fsx-network-panning-using-fsuipc4-and-widefs/ we did try those out initially, but found that as the Panning command is a time-based command, it resulted in view-mismatches across the 7 networked Clients I have on my system. So we switched to using the SimConnect_CameraSetRelative6DOF function instead, actioned by a LUA entitled networkrotation at the Client FSUIPC. This netw
  14. Dear Pete, I thank you very very much for going into the details of my situation and spending so much of your time to help me. Some personal commitments away from the sim will prevent me from spending much time with it over the next few days, so please forgive me for my slowness in testing the new version of WideClient that you have created solely to help me solve my problem.......but I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can. Thank you for all that you do for me/us. Chakko
  15. Hi Pete, With WideClient 7.15 (Postkeys=Yes and Log = KeySend) and FSUIPC4.974b (with button/key and event logging enabled), I applied around 10 key-presses via WideClient (only the first few elicited a response, and then FSX stopped responding, as before), then around 10 key-presses from the Keyboard (surprisingly, this time the response was sporadic, not all keypresses yielding a response) and then again around 10 via WideClient (only responsive on the first few, as before): ********* WideClient Log [version 7.15] Class=FS98MAIN01 ********* Date (dmy): 12/09/18, Time 17:37:52.176: C
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