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  1. For my own home-built hardware EFIS+MCP for the PMDG B737 NGX (SP1c) I use a FSUIPC mouse macro for this and it works: Capt EFIS Ctr=RX19770*X8bcc I don't remember if I tried the control and reverted to using a mouse macro because it didn't work.
  2. Dear Pete, After a couple of flights on the Level-D B767 with my hardware MCP running with the old and new lua's alternately, I can also confirm that the new version does not suffer from the same 'bug' (i.e. short press also acting with long press). I will therefore be using the newer version from now on. I look forward to seeing a commented version of this new lua. Thanks and regards, Chakko.
  3. Hi Pete and Pizman, I seem to have encountered the same issue, while using TripleUse.lua in my Level-D B767 MCP, as reported in this post: in which I have stated: I decided to live with the problem, at the time, and it has been a while since I have flown the LD-B767. But I will now be taking out the MCP and making a few tests with your new lua to see whether it solves the problem. Thanks, Chakko.
  4. Did you mean to use ipc.readFLT(0x6C34) ?
  5. (1) For ADF1: -- adf1 (active) display adf1f_main = ipc.readUW(0x034C) adf1f_frac = ipc.readUB(0x0356) adf1f_upper = ipc.readUB(0x0357) and: -- adf1 (active) selector ipc.control(65666,1) ipc.control(65648,1) ipc.control(65667,1) ipc.control(65649,1) ipc.control(65668,1) ipc.control(65650,1) ipc.control(66453,1) ipc.control(66454,1) I think you would plan to write to the offsets, rather than use the FSX (incremental) controls that I have. I could not access ADF1 SBY nor indeed ADF2 ACT or ADF2 SBY, and PMDG has not provided any information about these. (2) For COURSE: -- course display 0x6520, "UW", "MCP_Course1" 0x6522, "UW", "MCP_Course2" -- course 1 selector ipc.control(70008,8192) ipc.control(70008,16384) -- course 2 selector ipc.control(70041,8192) ipc.control(70041,16384) I do not know whether it is possible to write to the COURSE offsets, as they might be read-only. As you can see I used the incremental controls supplied. Regards, Chakko.
  6. Dear Holger, I fly the PMDG B738 NGX and have constructed my own hardware MCP+EFIS for it. I recently also constructed my own hardware Universal Radio Panel and am able to use it with the NGX without any modification. My hardware is based on Arduino Megas. Here is a screenshot of the B738 NGX radio panels in flight: And here is my radio panel which I am using to emulate it: As far as the NGX is concerned, absolutely no modification was necessary to my hardware/software to manipulate the COM and NAV frequencies, ACTIVE and STANDBY. As Pete surmised, all the default radio controls do in fact work with this airplane, and I was able to manage the frequencies entirely with the standard FSX/FSUIPC offsets and controls. (There is a problem with ADF2 and both ADF STANDBY frequencies, however, in that I have not been able to find where PMDG stores those.) From my screenshot, this does not appear to be so. Each radio has its own control knobs. Again, from the NGX panel screenshot, you will see that you do in fact need to turn knobs to increment/decrement the COM and NAV frequencies, and do not set specific frequencies directly through a common keypad. Finally, if your only requirement is to set the frequencies (values) directly through a keypad-like device (though that is not how the PMDG version works), you would need to write to the standard FSUIPC offsets: 0x034E, "UW", com1_freq 0x311A, "UW", com1_sby 0x3118, "UW", com2_freq 0x311C, "UW", com2_sby 0x0350, "UW", nav1_freq 0x311E, "UW", nav1_sby 0x0352, "UW", nav2_freq 0x3120, "UW", nav2_sby Regards, Chakko.
  7. ckovoor

    WideView and FSUIPC KeySend

    Hello David, It's nice to know of people still using WidevieW with networked scenery clients. I operate a WidevieW+WideTraffic-based network of 11 pc's (all Win7x64 + FSX-SP2), of which the Server generates 2-D cockpit panels only, 7 Client pc's generate the out-of-cockpit-window scenery views, 1 Client pc generates an external spot view, and 2 more remote Client pc's are used as Instructor Stations. I have used FSUIPC-WideFS, FSUIPC-LUA, Input Director, AutoHotkey and Autoit to address the tasks of communicating with Client PC's in the WidevieW network. To send Ctrl+J to Clients and Server to toggle jetway operation there: (1) Although one could use FSUIPC-WideFS to achieve this, I prefer to use Input Director for this task, because Input Director has a keyboard-macro feature which can be set up to send such keystrokes to the Clients (individually or collectively) as well as the Server (as you also need to do, because your Server also displays scenery). I would recommend that you consider this option, because Input Director is primarily a solution for using the Server's keyboard and mouse across your entire network, which is anyway a great help in a WidevieW-based network. (2) While Pete has explained what you need to do to get this working using WideFS, these are the specifics of how one might realize it: On the Server FSUIPC4.ini: [Keys] 1=74,10,1006,1 2=74,10,66695,1 Use TOGGLE_JETWAY = 66695 from the List of FSX and P3D controls, in order to toggle jetway locally (as an alternative to sending Ctrl+J to local FS). I have not tested this, so please let me know if this works. At the Client PC WideClient.ini: [Config] ServerName=SERVER ClassInstance=1 [User] KeySend1=74,10,FS98MAIN I hope this helps. Chakko.
  8. ckovoor

    PMDG NGX baro setting

    You could try ipc.control(69997, -2147483648) or ipc.control(69997, 2147483648) to increase, and ipc.control(69997, 536870912) to decrease.
  9. ckovoor

    Lua Files to call

    From the Lua Library documentation: it would appear that you would write: ipc.macro("Lua B777PowerUp") without an intervening colon when executing other Lua plug-ins, though I am not sure that this is the cause of your problem.
  10. Lua also has a feature called Coercion, but that does not work with comparison operators, and that is probably why you saw the error you reported. From http://lua-users.org/wiki/NumbersTutorial:
  11. Lua 5.1 has a tonumber() function which might do what you are seeking. Please see: http://www.lua.org/manual/5.1/manual.html#pdf-tonumber for example: > = tonumber("123") + 25 148 > x = tonumber("123.456e5") > print(x) 12345600 > y = "234" > z = tonumber(y) > print(z+10) 244
  12. ckovoor

    Lua Files to call

    I would suggest that you post all of the relevant code so that it could be checked for any other lacunae.
  13. ckovoor

    Lua Files to call

    I would imagine (though I have not used this function myself) that you would use: ipc.set( "KiloPoundFaktor", KiloPoundFaktor) to set it, and KiloPoundFaktor = ipc.get( "KiloPoundFaktor") to retrieve it.
  14. ckovoor

    Lua Files to call

    I have not myself worked with setting and accessing global variables across separate LUA threads, so I hope someone better qualified will step in here to advise you, but you might find something useful in this thread: http://forum.simflight.com/topic/81176-lua-ipcset-and-ipcset/#comment-489713

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