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  1. I have a navigation question that I have been thinking and tried for so long time, but can not figuered out how I handle this. No GPS, no autopilot. I fly straight out for example RWY 32 heading 312 until reaching 800ft the turn left to intercept waypoint NU700 and the intercept radial 155 to waypoint Dedit. This is Sid Dedit1l at UME (ESNU) VOR 114.25 airport. How do I reach waypoint NU700 and Waypoint Dedit without GPS. That will say hands on. Like Pilots did in the old days. https://www.aro.lfv.se/Editorial/View/5120/ES_AD_2_ESNU_4-19_en
  2. Shame on me!!!!!! The Beta version was incl by mistake. I thought that I have change the option to not have the beta installer. Sorry for taking your time, but thansk anyway
  3. It never come so far that it installs in any modules folder I have done a fresh installer without the beta version. When install it only long for 1 sek then it terminate the installation. Regards Bjorn
  4. Hello, here is Another one who have problems install the FSUIPC in Microsoft Flight FSX-Steam . The installation shows on just around 1 sec and then disappers, and no installation. Where can I find the log of this installation. I have uninstall it 4 times in steam and then reinstalled it after cleaning the registry with CCleaner. But it is still the same problem. Regards Bjolrn
  5. Thanks Pete, you have been in this Simworld for a long time and I look forward to your fantastic work and efforts for us simmers. But really, the P3D team have to rise up and show some respect for you. You worth it Pete, have a nice week. With Best Regards Bjorn
  6. I downloaded the 1.4 just after the release. I try to install the FSUIPC 4.85 but it failed. I then installed my BlackboxSimulation Airbus ver 0.54. With the installer of this program is FSUIPC 4.84 and you know what..... it works. But ver 4.85 fails, at least for me. Regards Bjorn
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