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  1. Hello. Just to be sure one subscrisption (EUR 6.19 incl. VAT) is valid for how long? Thanks
  2. Thanks again. It is very big list and unhappily I can't copy paste the content. Should I make print screens of everything? I have no ideea about programming so I don't know what to look for. I'll pm you some shots, i don't want to load this topic
  3. Hi. I have downoaded the program and get an error. It won't run. I have installed the latest Net Framework but I get this error. I have Win XP Thanks
  4. Thanks for the support, Pete. What I meant about the controls being too sensitive was that with a Boeing for ex, it rolls and pitches too violently with a small amount of yoke input, making it behavior like an acrobatic plane. I will check your suggestions. As for the fog, I understood from the manual that FSUIPC can generate a fake fog layer: On FS2004, the upper altitude of restricted visibility can be set by FSUIPC, for global and local weather injected by external programs. This allows you to limit the thickness of the fog or mist layer so that when you climb out of it you get blue skies (or fancy clouds) above and around you, but still see the mist below. It’s a really nice feature of FS2004. Indeed AS has an option to add a cloud layer but it is not that good.
  5. Hi I have 2 questions regarding registered FSUIPC in FS9 1. How can I make the aircraft control less sensitive? In my understanding of the manual the slope should be responsible for this. However while trying several settings, the controls are still too sensitive. 2. About smooth visibility changes, I can't see the fog below when I climb above the layer. I use Active Sky. Thanks.
  6. Hello I have registered :) I have noticed with FSUIPC that elevators values vary a lot even when yoke is in neutral and that there are some variation with CH throttle even if I had disabled the axis in FS menu.
  7. Thanks. I did. But nothing works for me.
  8. Oh, I was misunderstood, I haven't bought it yet. That was the point of my thread.
  9. Thanks for the comprehensive answer! Thanks, LOL I thought it was a bit old. I will check what you suggested. Well there is an entire debate on the iFly licensed forum about this. Indeed their autopilot is far too sensitive. I have tried using ths slider in FS... no help It turns off and on the voice of the pilot. I use the default ATC and fly offline. Sometimes I wish to talk myself to ATC (obviously no one listens :))and then I don't want to hear the pilot voice (when I am PNF), sometimes I like to hear it (when I am PF). Yes, I know, I'm crazy :)) Regards
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