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  1. Volker, did all that. Google Earth opens and goes to my last place I screened in GE. So doesnt show my actual position. Anything else I need to do. Also there is not location specified in the TEMP Folder or anywhere else. Have it not running on a Networked config. All on the same machine. Win7 Fs2004 Latest FSUIPC registered Uli
  2. uluetz

    GPS window not available

    Hi Arthur, I wrote the following solution. : http://forum.simflig...post__p__417840 Uli
  3. uluetz

    GPS WIndow always on Top

    Hi, I found the mystery solution and it all drives me back to an already known issue back from 8.6. Sometimes the position of the GPS Window gets massed up. Don't know why and never been told but the solution found in the old forum Section for 8.6 guides us to the fsc.ini. There you find the section [map]. below [map] you will find the following 2 entries: GPSWINX=15600 GPSWINY=225 I had some really freaky values there. Like GPSWINX=35600 GPSWINY=35250 What these values do is to position the GPS Window in your screen. Obviously with values as high as I had the Window is out of range and will not be visibel. So to correct just edit fsc.ini and adjust to a lower value. Like: GPSWINX=550 GPSWINY=550 start FSC and see where youre Window is. From now on it will save the actual position. Uli
  4. Hello, I just would like to verify if the GPS Window can stay on Top on the FS Commander Window. When I activate it it is always hidden by the main program. Thanks Uli
  5. Waiting for FS Commander v9.0 license issue to be fixed....

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      me too, most ennoying



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