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  1. Thank you Pete for your quick answer. I apologize for the wrong position of my post. I'm lucky that you 've read it. Great ! I tried your solution and it worked ! Many thanks. Have a nice sunday.
  2. Hello, Since some weeks, since I changed my old configuration and got new PC materials such as motherboard, graphic card and Windows 7 (64 bits), each time when I'm launching my FS2004 (fs9.1) I get the advice "There are duplicate copies of FSUIPC installed ! Please remove older copies ! etc..". When I 'm clicking on "OK", my FS2004 is shuting down. I have the "version 3. 9. 8. 0" installed and when I'm looking into the "Modules" folder, in fact there is really only one "FSUIPC.DLL". My "Modules" folder contains following items : FSUIPC Install FSUIPC. DLL (version 3. 9. 8. 0) FSUIPC (configuration parameters) FSUIPC (register inscription) FSUIPC (document text) After 1) suppressing these items and 2) restarting my PC, after 3) having reinstall the downloaded FSUIPC v.3.98, my FS does start normally again. Nevertheless after 2 or 3 times, a week or 2 weeks later, I get the same advice again while trying to open FS. I'm using a registered FSUIPC for more than 10 years. I never got this problem, neither with Windows Millenium nor with Win XP SP3. Could you please help me to solve this problem. Thank you. Sincerely yours.
  3. Hello, I changed my configuration last week (motherboard, graphic card, HD) and got the Win 7 (64bits) OS. So I had to reinstall my whole FS2004 (fs9.1) from an external HD. Everything is now OK except for FSUIPC as the PMDG aircrafts need this "dll" to be installed in the "modules" directory . I had the paid version 3.85 with my activation code but after having installed FSUIPC in the right place, each time I tried to click on the device (top of my FS screen), I got a black screen and had to close FS and restart it. Then I thought I had to change the version, perhaps too old or incompatible with Win7 (64). So I decided to download the 3.98 version. I removed first the former FSUIPC and installed the new one. Surprisingly I get the advice "you have several versions of fsuipc.dll in your modules directory. Remove them before continuying". I checked the whole content of the directory but it really contains the sole last FSUIPC (3.98) installed! I don't understand what is happening! Please, help! Best regards.
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